All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager MS0810M Review – A Great Product

It is a major need for a human to get a good and relaxing therapy for their feet to feel relaxed and stress-free. That is why it is imperative for us to take care of ourselves and even do what we can to pamper ourselves on a daily basis. We all need a good foot spa bath massager to feel relaxed and good about ourselves.

In our daily lives, we are too busy that we often forget to take out time and get an appointment for a foot massage, even if it’s on the phone. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good bath foot spa massage at your home, so you can use it whenever you want?

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It is very confusing to choose the right brand from the variety of brands available in the market. You need to make sure that you are going for a product that is able to give you value for your money. That is why it is important for all buyers, even you included, that you do choose the right brand against all that are available in the market.

What makes a good brand? Well, to keep it simple, a good brand is always one that offers quality, is reliable and gives the best experience of all when it comes to the service it is supposed to offer. Coming to food massagers, Kendal brings in one of the best all-in-one foot massager that you can go for.

All-in-one foot spa bath massager:

All-in-one foot spa bath massager provides the best experience and is one of the finest healers of tired feet. If you are feeling tired and aching all over your body, then this is one of the best solutions to your problems. It offers heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage, and a high-frequency vibration massage.

All-in-one foot spa bath massager effectively promotes blood circulation, improves the metabolism, relieves fatigue and surely makes a person feel fresh and relaxed.

It has been made in the USA with one year of warranty. Kendal believes in providing full customer care in order to treat pain through holistic therapies and professionals highly recommend the all-in-one foot massager. So, you can see that you won't go wrong if you decide to go for this product.

What are the premium features of the all-in-one foot massager?

Like every reliable product, the all-in-one foot massager also has some features that stand out amongst all. It has the dimensions of 17 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds. Which means that it is light in weight and could be carried anywhere easily. It uses PTC healing semiconductor which is used for speed heating to maintain the constant temperature. It also has a secure multi-insulation protection which is very useful and could be used safely without any fear of getting harmed.

Before buying it, you should know all the relevant features of the all-in-one foot massager. It comes with four functions: heat, bubbles, vibration and infrared. Many other features make this product unique from others that are available in the market. It is used for more than just being a foot basin for foot soaking.

There are three pre-set programs available. For instance, it has a setting for vibration and light without any heat and bubbles. You can also use the option of setting it to heat and bubbles without the vibration feature. The third one happens to be the most valuable one though. Through it, you can use all the functions at the same time for a very intense experience.

The best thing about this product is that it is made of a high-quality plastic which makes it high temperature and aging resistant. It is very beautiful and elegant, and it is mostly used for personal use and could be given as a gift to friends and family. It is UL listed, and it can easily be used by men that have a foot size of 14.

Things to consider when using All-in-one foot massager:

  • First of all, the foot massaging device is equipped with heat to keep it warm so that you can enjoy your experience. You, take note, don't have to keep adding hot water. This is because the featured heater is pretty strong and will take care of ensuring that the poured water remains at the temperature you want it to. Also, take note that this unit can be used without heat too if you prefer it that way.
  • There are three degrees of settings which help relieve the fatigue you might be feeling and relax your sore, painful foot muscles.
  • You can select the vibration and a light option to keep the heater off.
  • There are rollers available at the end of the base which can be removed or to be added back anytime according to your convenience.
  • This product has been known for the healing effects. It has been observed that the thermal effects of the warm water coupled with bubbles can promote blood circulation and could ease fatigue. The vibration option could easily relieve pain from all over your body.
  • It takes around 110V, 60HZ,380 watts of energy.
  • It is not at all noisy, so it won't disturb you.
  • It is important to consider these factors before choosing the foot bath massager: bubbles and jets, the ability to heat water and keep it heated, effective kneading massage, Ozone, rolling massage, vibrating options, remote control or manual. The all-in-one foot massager fulfills all the major needs.

How does the all-in-one foot bath massager work?

First of all, water is to be filled in the bath massager and heated by the machine which will massage your feet, and you will feel relaxed due to its action. It uses electricity to heat up the water and also has rollers beneath which can be added or can be removed according to your need and the kind of massage you want. You can adjust the settings and set the heating option to customize the experience.

The All-in-one bath massager can be used both with the heating option turned on and without heat. It can hold up to 2 gallons of water. The maximum level is7 inches so all of your feet and ankles would be covered.


  • It relaxes your painful muscles
  • It improves your health and makes you feel mentally and physically good.
  • It is light in weight and could be carried around anywhere.
  • There are many options for adjusting the speed.
  • It relaxes fatigued muscles.
  • Improves the blood circulation and eases the foot pain.
  • You can also get the benefit of getting a deep kneading foot massage by having two rollers which have been included in this bath massager.
  • It's durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to fill and drain.
  • It is able to maintain the water temperature during the massage session.
  • An insulation option helps to protect your feet from heating elements which also offers protection from overheating. It meets all the safety requirements of using this product.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • Its body is made of high quality plastic, and it can easily control high temperatures.
  • It relieves the arthritis pain, insomnia, and acid reflux. You can also add some seaweed to feel more relaxed and refreshed.
  • It can also reduce heartburn and acid indigestion because it stimulates nerve endings in your feet.


  • Rollers of the all-in-one foot bath massager might not be comfortable for sensitive feet.
  • One of the major drawbacks of this massaging machine is that you cannot put your entire foot flat on the bottom.
  • Another issue with the machine is that the bubbles can stop working and the surface of the machine might be too rough for some users.

Final Verdict

The all-in-one foot massager is used both professionally and as well as for household use. It happens to give one of the best massages to people and makes them fully relaxed. One of the top health benefits which it brings is that the featured massaging technique results in a positive effect all over your body and mind's well-being.

This is very important because the overall well-being of the mind does affect the physical health of a person. It makes your skin smooth and glowy and you don't need to go to a spa for getting such special treatment. You can just get this treatment at home by using the all-in-one foot bath massager.

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There are many options available in this machine such as “vibration +light”,”heat+ bubbles” or the full package of “heat+bubbles+vibration +light”. You just have to choose the right option according to your mood and flexibility. It also has the massaging nodules, and you can use it if you like strong pressure but for some, it could be a little painful. This lightweight massaging foot bath massager with a year warranty is ideal for anyone who constantly suffers from fatigue and foot pain.

This all-in-one foot massager has indeed proved itself as a good massager and has pleased many customers. So, if you want to get a good foot bath massager and you are too lazy to go to a spa, then this one is definitely for you.

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