The Best Foot Circulation Machines Reviewed

A large number of people, nowadays, lead a sedentary lifestyle. They spend a lot of time sitting at their desks, working on their computers or laptops. This makes it tougher for the blood to flow from their legs to their feet freely and in a healthy manner.

Blood starts to pool around the ankles leading to a number of health problems. Bad circulation of blood in feet can also be an indicator of an existing health issue, for example, diabetes. An increase in the circulation of blood to feet can take care of some of these problems.

Benefits of foot circulation machines

There are a number of advantages of foot circulation devices. They help to increase the flow of blood to the feet alleviating the pain in legs and reducing the amount of swelling in the ankles making it possible to move around easily.

If you have spent the whole day standing or running around doing errands, then using a foot massager at the end of the day helps to reduce discomfort and pain and increase muscle strength. The massaging action of the blood circulation booster increasesthe flow of blood to your feet and ankles improving leg health. Using a blood circulation machine also decreases tension and stress leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Having a foot circulation machine at home also helps to save money because you do not have to pay a masseuse for a massage. You can have a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home while reading a book or watching television. You do not have to book a massage in advance at some expensive establishment, thus saving time and money. Here are the two best foot circulation machines you should go for:

#1 Revitive V3 Circulation Booster

The legs in our body are made up of one-way valves and muscle driven pumps. They pump the blood back up our bodies working as a ‘second heart.’ If the legs are not healthy, it means that the second heart is not healthy. The blood circulation booster stimulates the muscles in our feet with mild electric currents activating the second heart. Blood is pumped immediately through the legs resulting in less fluid retention in the ankles and improved blood flow.

The Revitive V3 Circulation Booster is a top of the line, clinically certified therapeutic machine that helps increase blood circulation to your lower extremities, reduce swelling in the ankles and feet and provides comfort to aching and tired legs. Using it every day for 30-minutes brings about a significant improvement in a very short time.

The Revitive V3 is a simple, lightweight and an easy to use device with a large LED display. It has a number of features such as 99 intensity settings, timer, and rubber foot pads that are specially designed to fit all sizes.

How does a Revitive V3 Circulation Booster work?

The Revitive V3 Circulation Booster uses electrical impulses to trigger the nerve endings in your feet. This increases the blood flow in your feet and relaxes the muscles in the legs bringing quick relief to them. You can use it easily anywhere in your home. Just place it near your favorite sofa, place your feet on the specified place on the machine, turn it on (choosing the intensity level that you feel comfortable with) and relax for 30-minutes letting it work on your feet.

Features of Revitive V3 Circulation Booster

The Revitive V3 Circulation Booster has many useful and important features such as:

A wide range of intensity levels

The Revitive V3 Circulation Booster offers 99 different power levels so that you can choose the level which suits you the best. The ideal way is to start at a low level and gradually increase according to your comfort level.

These different levels of intensity make this machine perfect for everyone. If you suffer from deep pains and aches, you can choose a high-intensity level, or if you just want a gentle massage, you can choose a low-intensity level.

Wide Pulse Technology

Revitive V3 is superior to all the other blood circulation machines because of its unique feature of Wide Pulse Technology. It increases the circulation in the legs by about 53% making the legs feel more energized and reducing the pain and aches in the ankles and legs.

A number of waveforms to choose from

You can choose from 15 waveforms so that your legs do not get used to one type of motion. It is similar to doing an exercise where if you do the same exercise every day your legs become complacent but if you changed the pattern regularly your muscles contract more efficiently. This broad range of waveforms ensures that your legs receive maximum circulation of blood in every use.

Isorocker System

The powerful Isorocker System works on both your ankles and feet at the same time. This device uses the gentle rocking motion to slightly tense the calf muscle at first and then to relax it. This helps in strengthening your ankles and also giving a boost to the blood flow. This fantastic unit not only increases the blood circulation in the feet but also works other parts of the leg at the same time.

The Revitive V3 as powerful as it’s easy to use. You can operate it easily with a remote control, or you can manually set the machine. It has ten pads and their replacements. The revolutionary wide pulse waveforms technology make this machine the best there is to increase blood circulation to your feet.

Revitive V3 is the top name in circulation booster although it is a bit expensive than other machines available in the market. The ten pads make this device very comfortable, but they tend to wear out quickly and need replacing every few months.

This machine should not be used by women who are pregnant or by people who have a pacemaker fitted. This booster is also not suitable for children who are younger than 16 years or people suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis.


  • Recommended by doctors and physicians.
  • Boosts proper healthy flow of blood.
  • Helps relax legs.
  • Reduces swelling.


  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Not recommended for people with a pacemaker.

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#2 Revitive-RCX-CX-circulation booster

Another incredible foot circulation machine from the same manufacturer is the Revitive-RCX-CX circulation booster. If you are suffering from pain in your legs or if you have any kind of swellings in your ankles then this device will help to increase circulation in your ankles and provide quick relief to those aching muscles. You will no longer feel poor circulation affecting your mobility because the regular use of Revitive-RCX-CX will reduce swelling in your ankles and legs, improve blood circulation in your legs, warm the feet, and provide comfort from the pains and aches.

Using Revitive-RCX-CX daily for fast relief

Sitting or standing for extended periods of time or advanced age usually causes poor circulation of blood in legs which result in swollen ankles and tired legs. Using this machine for 30-minutes every day helps to maintain healthy blood circulation in legs and provides relief from pain in the legs. This is a remote control operated device so can just sit back in your most comfortable chair let the machine do all the work. For 30-minutes you can relax and enjoy your favorite show or simply read a book.

A number of leading health universities have tested the Revitive- RCX-CX circulation booster and found it very compelling. They asked a group of people to sit in one place for 40-minutes which resulted in swelling of their legs, but after using Revitive circulation booster for just 10 minutes, they felt an improvement in their condition. The swelling in their ankles was visibly reduced, and the pain in their legs was alleviated.

Another amazing feature of this device is that it’s not noisy. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with using portable massagers because of the noise they make. However, with the Revitive Circulation Booster you won’t have to worry about that at all. The sound that this device makes won’t disturb you at all and you can feel completely relaxed.


  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Improves flow of blood to legs.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Offers EMS therapy.
  • Offers infrared therapy


  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Not appropriate for people who are fitted with a pacemaker.

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Final Verdict

If you suffer from swollen feet and pain in your lower legs, then Revitive-RCX-CX is the perfect device for you. It is medically approved and is available without a prescription. You can benefit from both EMS therapy and infrared light when you use this device. The pumping action of this machine increases the circulation of blood to the legs effectively decreasing the pain, inflammation, and swelling. It increases the temperature of the feet by keeping them warm. It can also be used by healthy people to enhance the supply of oxygenated blood to their lower legs and feet. This will reduce cramps in their legs increase mobility.

Features like angled incline, digital display, 99 intensity levels, and remote control make it very easy to use.

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