Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat Review

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The Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat model is designed to give you a deep-kneading massage with compression, rollers and air. You can regulate the setting according to your wish for example; you can choose the low or high power intensity while using this device. There are three different automatic modes which you can select: soothe, energy, or pulse for a beneficial and relaxing massage that you’re in need of.

Furthermore, you can have the same feelings of therapy from this massager as you’d get from professional therapists. You can set rollers to press deeply to reduce tightness, muscles ache and soreness. The energetic reflexology simulates fingers and hands on your feet exactly at the pressure points. With the help of this, your central nervous system will remain in balance by signaling the relaxation-inducing area in your brain.

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Furthermore, you will experience freshness and relaxation from the squeezing of the massager’s air compression. Also, it is because of the massager’s heat mode that your feet will be able to feel a beneficial healing warmth. The other benefits that this massager can give you includeimproving blood circulation, reducing fatigue, removing stress and stiffness from your body, aches and pain. You will feel less pressure on the area of your heel while more pressure on the ball of your feet. The arches will also feel the massage pressure too.

You can also unzip the lining to wash it. The wires are wrapped around the massager, and it also has a handle for easily moving and storing of this massager. The carrying handle is located at the top for increased portability. Keep in mind that the massager will fit a 12-1/2 men’s foot and a woman’s size 14.The dimensions of this device are 13-inches wide x 17-inches long x 9-inches tall. It weighs about 12.6 pounds for convenience.

Key features of theBrookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

  • Offers high and low massage intensities.
  • Comes with a built-in handle and is light in weight for easy storage.
  • A built-in cord wrap that helps organize wires, etc.
  • The massager has three auto-massage programs: Energize, pulse and soothe.
  • Deep kneading massage rollers and air compression provide a relaxing massage.
  • Selectable heat setting relaxes feet and makes them more receptive during the massage session.
  • Zip out linings enable easy cleaning.
  • Can be used by both men and women,

1. Kneading Massage: This massager offers a deep press which is good for tired feet. Both rollers and air compression will give your feet a very relaxing feeling that you will always remember. The rollers help knead into the muscle tissue of your feet and the air compression offers a relaxing grip.

2. Heat Mode: Heat is always good for tired and painful muscle. It is also important if you want to enjoy a really effective massage. The good thing about this massager is that it provides you with the ability to choose whether or not you require heat during a massage.

3. Three Massage Programs: There are three different auto massage programs, called; soothe, pulse, and energize. When you purchase the massager try all three programs one by one and explore which program best suits your needs. This massage is completely safe to use so even if you do end up using a program that doesn’t work for you there’s no need for you to worry as there aren’t any side affects you should feel stressed about.

4. High or Low Intensity: For your ease, this massager also features an option to swap between the high and low intensities this unit is able to offer. So, you can modify its intensity according to ache and tiredness of your feet. It is recommended that you start with the low intensity, make your body grow accustomed to it, and then move onto a higher intensity.

5. Portable: The massager’s size is very small and that makes it very easy to carry around. You can take it to any room you want to enjoy the massage in or you can take it to your workplace to relax during breaks. It doesn’t take too much space so you can take it on your trips too. The cord wraps up and stays out of the way. Furthermore, the lining unzips and comes out for easy cleaning.

How Can This Foot Massager Help You?

This Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is helpful for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, aching, flat feet, bunions, or any other conditions that affect their feet and cause pain. They will find a great feeling of relaxation and relief by using this massager. Shiatsu and heat are two of the most effective treatments for foot pain, and that is what this massager features. Not only that, you can customize the intensity of the massage you want from this device.

If you use this massager daily even for a few minutes, it can still help you in reducing any kind of feet pain and enable your entire body to relax. When you feel tired at the end of the day there’s no need for you to feel frustrated and ruin your mood. Investing in this massager means that you can go home and enjoy a few minutes of a relaxing massage that will help elevate your mood.

What makes theBrookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat different from other massagers?

Before buying anything, you should also do your research. No one should waste money on items that promise to help but don’t deliver. Brookstone is a reliable name, and thus, that instantly sets this massager apart from the rest in the market.

You will receive a wide variety of options if you happen to get this massager such astwo different intensity settings and three massage modes to operate this unit according to your needs.

Many massagers are designed in a way that they work good for one person and don’t work well for some other user. However, this massager contains different settings that enable it to be used by a variety of people. Whether you like a sensitive massage, an intense massage, or a session that also provides heat, this machine is able to give you what you’re looking for.

How to useBrookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat?

This Shiatsu foot massager is very simple to use and you can also press the button easily with your toes while you are relaxing. Here are some basic, easy-to-follow, instructions on how to use it:

1. Before using this unit make sure that the cable or any wire will not cause any unexpected event and the power supply is secure. Always put safety as your first priority. Make sure that the machine’s plug is secure in the socket for a continuous supply of power during a massage session.

2. Place your feet in the Shiatsu massager with your socks on or off. If you have sensitive feet then wearing socks is preferred.

3. Switch on the massager and select the program you prefer to begin the massage.

4. Sit back and relax the soothing sensation. Let the massager work and try to relax your mind as well as your body for a more complete experience.

5. Once the session is complete, always place the massager somewhere safe.

Medical Precautions

Anyone who has the following issues should use this massager carefully and with doctors’ advice because it can put you in harm’s way.

  • Pregnant women.
  • Person who has recently experienced heart attack.
  • Diabetic patients.
  • Individuals with sensory impairment.
  • Joint dysfunction.
  • Intense Inflammation.
  • Injuries
  • Weak bones.
  • Osteoporosis
  • High fever.
  • Abnormal or curved spine.
  • Individuals who have pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in their body.


  • Good array of settings and options.
  • Provides a deep kneading massage.
  • Works with air compression.
  • Can improve circulation.
  • Available with washable protective covering.
  • Heating option is available for additional relief.
  • Easy to store.
  • Built-in cord is retractable
  • Able to alleviate muscle pain around your feet.
  • Relieves fatigued feet and tension.
  • Compact design for portability.


  • Heat Function can be underwhelming for some users.
  • May not fit large feet.

Final Verdict

The Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is one of the most functional and efficient models compared to numerous other foot massagers in the market. It is very easy to use at home or at the workplace. It carries a handle and is lightweight, making it portable and easy to carry around.

Not only this, but youcan also carry it while you are traveling because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you have any problems linked to your feet, such as aches, swelling, pain, or more, then this massager is the most efficient ones you can go for. Another amazing thing about this massager is that it comes with the option to select the intensity levels you require. Not only that, but you can also decide whether or not you want this device to provide you with heat during a massage.

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You should know that looking after your feet is essential for a healthy physical and mental being and this massager can help you achieve a positive sense of wellbeing.

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