Detailed Review of Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager

Due to the busy lives that we live, walking or running around because of our profession or even household work, our feet suffer a lot. Most people don’t take care of their feet and that gives rise to a lot of problems in the long run. According to medicine, our feet have numerous pressure points that link to other organs inside our body. The pressure that the feet have to endure can thus have a negative impact on how our body functions. That’s why allowing out feet to relax can help keep certain diseases at bay as well as help elevate our mood.

Not everyone has the time or money to go and visit a professional massage therapist to rid the body of all negative stress. That's why a lot of companies have created foot massagers that enable people to relax at home.

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As there are a lot of foot massagers being sold in the market that work pretty well, it might get really difficult for you to get your hands on the best one out of them. There are models that offer a lot of features but they can be difficult to use as one might not understand how to operate it properly. In the same way such massagers require an electrical source for it to function properly which might give rise to a fire hazard and increased electricity bills. One option that you should get to know about is the Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager, which is one of the best massagers you can opt for in the market.

As the name states, the Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager consists of wooden balls that move individually when pressure is applied to them. These wooden balls are designed to massage and reach all the pressure points that are present under your foot. This useful device can also be used by people who are suffering from foot aches because it can help relieve the pain they’re feeling and enable them to live a relaxed life.

Furthermore, this unique and reliable foot massager works in such a way that you get to experience the numerous benefits of reflexology therapy while staying at home.

The Key Features

  • Specially designed for those suffering from foot ailments.
  • It contains wooden spindle stubs , unlike others that offer ones made of plastic, so they penetrate your feet better to get to all the necessary acupuncture points present in your feet
  • It also has pads on the base to ensure that it stays in place while being used.
  • There is no prior installation. You can use it as soon as it’s out of the box.

Design and Durability

The great thing about the Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager is that it isn't complex to use as compared to other massagers out there. It works without electricity, and this means you don't have to worry about finding a power source and paying a higher electricity bill than before.

Most massagers are made of a plastic body. But unlike such massagers, the wooden spindle stubs featured in this device feel more natural on your foot. It is no different from the wood used by reflexology masseurs. Through this device, you can achieve the same soothing results and rid your feet of ache that might be hindering your normal lifestyle.

Due to its unique design, this massager does give rise to a squeaking sound when in use. While it the said sound isn't too loud it might be distracting for some users. So, it's recommended that you use this device while listening to music or watching TV to drown the squeaking. Having a conversation with a friend also helps. However, after a few sessions, you'll mind will automatically start to ignore the sound and you'll be able to experience a deeper massage.

The wooden make makes it reliable and long lasting. It can bear almost any weight or pressure you apply. While the base has pads so the massager remains in place during use it is still recommended that you use it on a carpet or any other surface covered in similar fabric for better positioning. Though you can use it on a floor made of marble or tiles, even with the pads this device might cause scratches.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, it doesn't involve any sort of installation or electricity sockets to plug it into which makes this massager very easy to use. All you have to do is apply pressure towards the ground with your feet over the massager and move your feet back and forth to allow the wooden balls to work on your feet. Just know about the main spots that need deep penetration to get the most effective results. If you’re new to foot massagers, you can easily consult the manual or foot chart that is provided with this device.

With some knowledge about acupuncture, you can easily give rise to positive effects throughout your body. Studies have shown that your feet have numerous pressure points, more than 70, which are linked to various parts of your body. The right kind of pressure applied on any one of these points will help stimulate the organ or gland it connects to. This also means that not only can you relieve tension and pain from a certain part of your body; you can also help to boost internal functions and give rise to a better overall mood.


This wooden foot massager is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits all foot arches. It is sturdy so you can apply whatever amount of pressure your foot requires to feel better and target the problem areas. The wooden balls’ curved surface move under your feet and apply a consistent pressure on all the pressure points for deep penetration.

Furthermore, this device is made of wood which is a natural material. Other massagers are made of plastic which tends not to form a natural link between your body and the device being used. Your body will be able to sense that it's using something natural and thus the benefits will be more.

People with diabetes complain about poor blood flow in their legs. They also aren’t comfortable with using massagers that come with a lot of buttons and settings. This is where the Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager can help such people. It doesn’t come with any settings that need to be customized before use nor is it made of plastic that might heat up and cause harm due to a built-in heating mechanized.

The entire make of this product is simple while makes it easy to use. It’s all natural and thus connects with your body at a natural level to give rise to a deeper and efficient massage.

How to Use?

For you to use the Soothera Wooden Ball Massager you only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Place the massager in the area you want to relax your body.
  2. Sit down on a comfortable chair.
  3. Place your foot on the massager.
  4. Apply the amount of pressure you prefer and move your foot forward and backward on the wooden balls.
  5. If you have sensitive feet then it’s recommended that you use this massager while wearing socks.
  6. The soft gripping pads will keep the massager in place so you can apply as much pressure as required.
  7. You can use this massager while standing, however, doing so isn’t entirely recommended as you might lose balance. If you decide to go ahead with this make sure you are able to maintain your balance.

As you cans see, there are no buttons or switches for you to worry about with this device. Also, it doesn’t need any sort of electrical power so you can go ahead and use it whenever and wherever you want.


  • It is made up of durable wood which makes it feel more natural on your feet.
  • It is sturdy so you can apply any amount of pressure or weight you feel is required.
  • Easy to use since no electricity or installation is required.
  • It is extremely portable due to its unique design.


  • Creates a squeaky sound that might be annoying to some users.
  • Not wide enough to be used for both feet simultaneously.

Final Verdict

While you can most definitely opt for an electric massager, having one that doesn't require any electricity to run, such as the Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager, can be a good investment as you can use it in an area where a power supply isn't available. Furthermore, the fact that it's made of wood allows you to feel a connection with it at a natural level. The surface of the balls is smooth, and thus you can use it without feeling any pain on your feet. You can apply as much pressure as you want while using this device and allow it to not only get rid of the pain in your feet but also to help your entire body relax.

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