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Review of Foot Massager with Heat Kneading Shiatsu Rolling 3-D Air Pressure Massage Personal Health Studio

Foot pain can significantly decrease your mobility and interfere with your everyday chores and duties. It can make a simple walk in the park feel like a major hurdle. It can adversely affect your performance at work and can make housework difficult too.

Severe foot pain can stop you from going to the mall with your friends or could prevent you from enjoying a picnic with your children on a beautiful day. There are a number of reasons for these aches and pains in your feet such as poor circulation of blood, diabetes, from standing on your feet for an entire day at your job or planter fasciitis. A good foot massage can help your aching feet and help relieve the tension in your muscles.

It is not possible always to go to the masseuse for a regular massage. It is much better to have a massager in your home to help you relax your feet and aching muscles. Having a massager at home is less expensive, and you can have a massage anywhere in your home – either in front of the television while sitting in your favorite chair on in your bedroom while listening to some soothing music. You can improve your foot health with a massager that can help relieve tension in your ankles, toes, legs, and feet.

The Kendal Foot Massager with Heat Kneading Shiatsu

There are a variety of foot massagers available in the market, but the foot massager with heat kneading shiatsu rolling 3-D air pressure from Kendal is one of the best massagers you can go for. It is the motto of the company to improve the lifestyle and health of its customers by producing massagers that are made by working closely with professionals in the medical community.

The shiatsu rolling massager comes with a one-year warranty. This company has been the forerunner in massage production for a number of years, and this has given them the edge to produce massagers that understand the needs of its customers and provides relief to their strained muscle and tendons.

The Features

This massager has multiple features that make it the top of the line. It offers kneading massage, shiatsu massage, 3D massage, 360 all over massage; all rolled into one massager. It has a heating function which provides warmth to the feet. It also has the unique Ozone function and UV sterilization making it the best massager to buy.

This massager has been ergonomically designed to give you a professional massage at home. It massages the different acupuncture points of your feet helping to relax your feet and relieving all the pain in the ankles and legs.

The massager automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes, but you can increase the time to thirty minutes. Furthermore, this massager has an LCD screen display which shows the remaining time of the massage.

This amazing massager offers two different mode settings and two different strengths so that you can choose a setting you feel comfortable with. You can choose a high-frequency massage to improve blood circulation and metabolism with the help of infrared physical therapy. The control panel on the massager has eight different buttons for time setting, mode choice, intensity setting, UV, heating, air bag press, Ozone, and on/off switch.

This massager uses a rolling motion with air-pressure massage on the soles of the feet to offer a 360 degree 3D massage. The Ozone function of the massager refreshes the air while UV function sterilizes it. It is a very safe machine to use as it has a built-in overheating breaker.

The fabric foot covers are easily detachable which makes their cleaning very simple and easy thus increasing this products life. This massager can be used by all the people even those who have big feet as it can accommodate all foot sizes.

You do not need to assemble it. You can take it home and enjoy a relaxing massage immediately. It is very easy to use and transport. This massager comes with a one year warranty so you can exchange it, in the case of damage, without any additional cost.

Benefits of the Kendal Shiatsu Massager

The feature that makes this massager ideal for everyone suffering from aches and pains in their feet and ankles is that it has been designed in consultation with professionals from the medical community. It ensures that your whole foot is massaged providing maximum comfort making it the best personal massager. It not only kneads the tendons and muscles in your feet but also improves the nerve system by providing relief to your lower back and calves.

The heat kneading shiatsu rolling 3-D air pressure massager offers four different automatic massage settings so that you can choose from various rolling or kneading motions. Another amazing feature of this massager is that it has three custom settings so that you can target the part of the foot which is in pain. You can set the massager to target the forefront of your feet, the arches of your feet or the sole depending on the point of the pain. You can also massage two points of the feet simultaneously by setting the adjustable kneading rollers to massage in two separate directions.

A majority of people suffer from poor blood circulation in their feet due to some health issues such as diabetes. This medical wonder has pressure nodes that help to improve circulation to legs, ankles, and feet. It comes with a remote control, and you can also control it easily from the touch pad. The fabric covering the foot rest is also machine-washable making its maintenance very simple and easy.

The massager comes with a manual that shows how you can adjust the massager to relieve the pain from different symptoms and diseases. The manual has pictures explaining how reflexology therapy works for simple ailments such as insomnia, fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, cold, stomachache, and a sore shoulder.

This heat kneading shiatsu rolling 3-D air pressure massager has been designed with the help of experts in the medical community that is why it is an incredible massager that can access all the pivotal pressure point on your entire feet. It is ideal for people who suffer from diabetes and can help in the treatment of pains and aches due to plantar fasciitis and high arches.

It is a very simple device and due to the remote control provided you do not need to move the feet during your massage. The different settings and speeds allow your entire feet to be treated. The massager is very durable and can support high weights up to 280 pounds. The foot rest is large enough and can be easily used by people with bigger feet.

Although this massager is slightly expensive than other massagers, it is a far superior model. It eliminates the need for a masseuse or a trip to a spa thus saving you a lot of money. If you have extremely sensitive feet and feel that the massage is much more intense than what you are comfortable with you can stop it anytime.

This massager combines a number of motions such as kneading, rolling, and air pressure. These features make this massager a unique device to help reduce stress, improve metabolism, and promote relaxation similar to the typical mechanical foot massager. The air pressure component relaxes the feet with the help of foot reflexology and heating. They become softer and relaxed. The massage rollers relieve the tension in the soles of your feet while keeping the feet refreshed. The kneading motion penetrates the muscles and improves circulation. You can choose from the different intensities deciding on one that is most suitable for you.

You can buy this product for yourself, or you can buy this as a gift for someone you love and cannot see them in pain. It is a perfect gift for your mother, or your spouse who you know would appreciate foot massages with this incredible massager. Although it may not have the human touch, it will bring relief and comfort by releasing the chronic knots in the calf muscles and will help to keep the leg muscles relaxed. It massages deeply releasing the tension in the calves and feet. The massager changes the direction continuously during the massage, hitting all those pain points and relaxing the muscles in your legs and feet.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Not noisy.
  • Portable.
  • Durable.


  • Finding the proper settings might be tough for some users.
  • The Shiatsu might too painful for users with sensitive feet.

Final Verdict

The Heat Kneading Shiatsu Rolling 3-D Air Pressure Massager is an ergonomically designed extraordinary machine that activates the joints of your feet to release tension and maximize relaxation by stimulating the nerves. This massager reaches for new levels of massage functionality by mimicking massage action and reflexology therapies. It emulates the massage techniques used by massage therapists and chiropractors. You can enjoy a professional quality foot massage with the help of this massager in the comfort of your home every day. The bottom line is that this massager is a must-have if you love massages and are in dire need of one quite frequently.

About the Author Amanda Powell

Amanda has struggled with plantar fasciitis for many years until she gathered enough knowledge to manage the symptoms and rid herself of all the problems. As there are too few sources for foot health issues, she has decided to help others with her knowledge about this and other foot conditions.

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