Detailed Review of Fungus Stop Zane Hellas – An Excellent Choice

The best way to treat a tough, resilient fungal infection is by using a topical treatment. Fungus Stop, from Zane Hellas, promises to help you get rid of even the most stubborn fungal microorganisms. Its formula contains only natural ingredients, which have been proven to be effective through clinical trials. According to the manufacturers, this solution works against 99.9% of fungal infection cases.

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The star ingredient is oregano oil, which is well-known for its potent antifungal properties. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial effects, so that the benefits offered are extensive.

All other ingredients are 100% natural and organic, making the formula safe to use. These include oils of high-quality: almond, avocado, calendula, tea tree and extra virgin olive oil. Each and every ingredient will not only help you get rid of the fungal infection but they will also stimulate the nails to grow healthy.

Using such solutions, as instructed, your nails will become stronger; moreover, the risk of suffering from such infections in the future will be considerably reduced. The tea tree oil will offer added protection against the fungus, as it has potent antifungal properties as well.

We are talking about a product with a highly effective antifungal formula, which encourages the growth of healthy, strong nails. The ingredients are natural and pure, their efficiency being proven in clinical trials. Apart from that, there are no potentially harmful ingredients to worry about.

How to apply

Fungus Stop is easy to apply, as well as completely safe to use. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of the antifungal solution on the affected toenails. You have to be careful and avoid touching the surrounding skin.

It is recommended that you wait until the solution is completely absorbed into the nail, which can last for about 10-15 minutes. For the best results, you should clean and file the nails; this will allow the solution to better penetrate the nail and, thus, act more efficiently against the fungus.

Once the solution has dried, you can put on socks or shoes. For sanitary reasons, it is for the best to wash your hands after each application. Whereas the frequency of application is concerned, you should apply the solution two times per day (in the morning, immediately after you have woken up and again, at night, right before going to bed).


As it was already mentioned above, the formula contains only natural ingredients, which makes it completely safe to use. However, if you will notice the skin to become irritated, it is for the best to discontinue usage and visit your dermatologist (risk of allergy).

The topical solution is not recommended to be used by women who are pregnant or those who are breastfeeding. In case you have broken or cracked skin, you should refrain from using the solution.

Upon the solution coming in contact with the nails, you might experience a sensation of warmth. This is a normal reaction, so you do not need to worry about it.


This is one of the few antifungal topical solutions present on the market which contains only natural, organic ingredients. It is effective on almost all fungal infections, eliminating even the most resilient fungus. It can be used in combination with other antifungal treatments, such as the ones for athlete’s foot.

The application process is easy, requiring only a small period of time. The solution works quickly, the first results being noticeable within several weeks. Compared to other antifungal treatments, it has a genuinely affordable price.


Even though the first results are noticeable after several weeks, it might take a longer period of time for the infection to clear up completely (especially in case of resilient fungal microorganisms).

The fact that it has to be applied more than once per day can be seen as inconvenient by some people. The solution comes with specific application instructions, which have to be followed (reduce the risk of spreading).

The treatment cannot be followed by women who are pregnant or those who are breastfeeding, which is a disadvantage indeed. However, if you have noticed the presence of toenail fungus, you should contact your doctor and discuss potential treatment solutions.

What else should I know about the product?

Even though the antifungal solution from Zane Hellas comes in a small bottle, you do not have to be stressed about not being enough. You only have to apply a thin layer for the solution to work its magic, so one bottle will last a long time.

As already said, you can expect the first results to become noticeable within the first 4 weeks. However, if the infection is more severe and the fungus has proven out to be resilient to other treatments, you should expect for the solution to take longer to work.

The strength of the combined ingredients will make a difference in the appearance of your nails. However, once you have managed to completely eliminate the fungus, you should not discontinue usage. The solution can offer protection against re-infection, so you should continue using it for a while longer.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a topical antifungal solution that really works, Fungus Stop from Zane Hellas is an excellent choice. With an all-natural formula and the star ingredient oregano oil, this treatment will help you get rid of even the most resilient fungus, for once and for all.

Provided you follow the application instructions and integrate the antifungal solution into your daily routine, you will be able to see results within a couple of weeks. You will finally be able to get rid of discomforting symptoms, such as itchiness, yellowing and brittleness.

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Keep in mind that each person is different, responding in his/her own way to such a treatment. The more severe the fungal infection is, the longer it will take for the solution to eliminate the fungus. You have to be perseverant and use Fungus Stop until the infection is gone (and even after, as recommended).

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As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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