Gold Bond Softening Cream Count Review – A Real Must

Why do you need to take care of your foot skin? Well, maintenanceof your natural beauty is important. Whether it’s your face, feet or hands, you need to take care of them not just to keep them looking clean and fresh but also to ward of diseases.

All it takes is a little effort from your side to look for the best tips and work try to apply them on your body. Who doesn’t want beauty? Let’s remind you that beauty is not only on the face.

• Good skin, matters!

Well to be honest people who have fresh face skin and barely alive hands or feet don’t look good. So, you need to take care of skin on other parts of the body and make sure that it stays clean and moisturized.

Only when the skin is in perfect condition do you look better because your skin is the first impression that you leave. That is why people are always working hard to make sure their skin is clean and glowing.

• Do not just focus on feet; you have skin on all over your body!

Whether it is the skin of the face, the hands or the feet, caring for all parts of the body enhances beauty and health. Focusing solely on the face is not the solution for a healthy body. In today’s world where life is so tough and you are on the run, you really need to make a special effort and pay equal attention to all parts of the body, be it your hair, nails or skin.

• Stress and its effect on your

Many people do not realize how all the stress and fatigue gets to them. The body acts in different ways to stress and while some might only feel a backache for the day, others will show signs of tiredness through their eyes.

Some people show their fatigue through their mood and expressions. And yes, they can make interactions with other people difficult. Hard and unclean skin might not be a result of stress but it can be the sign of you not being able to dedicate enough time to taking care of the skin as required due to anxiety or stress.

• Work load and hard heels!

Working all day not only makes you feel tired but also influences your muscles and your skin. Those who have a lot to do with their hands will agree that they need to take care of their hands to maintain cleanliness and good skin.

People who work a lot (while moving around) have hard heels. Reason behind this is that the heel is under continuous use. It is where the whole weight of the body is placed when one is walking or standing.

For long hours when you have to walk around in the office doing work and wearing shoes that have a strong heel under them, the foot heel is bound to take effect. Mostly this effect is in the shape of a hardened skin which doesn’t hurt but it is something that many do not like to have.

Taking care of your feet

People try different ways to take care of their heels.

  • Soaking: Some like to soak their feet in warm water and rub the heels until they are soft.
  • Rubbing with pumice stone: Then they rub the heels with a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. It is effective however you cannot expect it to be perfect.
  • Use of feet creams: There are many different products on the market for the heels. They claim to have different ingredients that can provide your heel with the nutrients it lacks and moisturize it so that it becomes soft.

The Benefits of Foot Creams

Heels are important parts of your feet. They must be maintained in good health because they have a rough job of bearing the body’s weight. It is only fair that you spend a little to make sure the skin on the heels remains soft because not only does it look bad to have rough and cracked heels, it is just not normal to let the skin remain in a poor condition when you can really do something about it.

Dry skin can be removed by not working too hard on the heels. All that is needed for you is to choose the right product of the shelf in the market and you are half done.

It is easy to maintain the skin on your heels and repair cracks by choosing the product that suits your skin the best. The markets are full of such products that are made to help people with the skin problems whether it is hard skin on the heels or some other skin related problem. Studies conducted on skin and their problems have allowed all these products to be successful at the role that they were produced to perform.

Using the Gold Bond Softening Foot cream

The best thing that about this softening foot cream is the soft scent it has. One of the best products for your heels is Gold Bond softening foot cream. It is like all other creams that try to provide moisture to the skin but is far better at it. This cream makes your skin soft and gives it the natural softness that many are after.

This product is able to go deep into the skin and show its magic. It is able to penetrate the layers of your skin. The ingredients help to heal your feet from the inside, getting rid of the hardest skin as well.

It is not only the hard skin that this softening foot cream can be used for but also for the cracked heels to which this cream provides a layer of moisture. Wouldn’t you want a product that would just help you get rid of the cracks in your heels and give you ease? Of course, you do!

The cracks in your heel don’t look good. Furthermore, they also become painful. The sooner you get rid of them the better. And that is where the Gold Bond Softening Foot Cream comes in.

Your body goes through a lot in a day and needs to be taken care of through different treatments. Use massages and creams to try and get rid of the dry skin and the dirt that accumulates on the skin during the busy hours of the day.

What causes cracked heels?

Skin requires a certain amount of moisture to remain in good health. However, when this moisture is lost and the heels dry up, painful cracks can form on the heels. They are also called fissures.

Apart from being painful, these cracks may also lead to infections in the heels by allowing bacteria and fungus to enter the body. The cracks may also bleed sometimes.

Reasons of Dry Skin

Reasons for dryness of your heels’ skin include cold dry weather, dehydration, lack of care, diabetes and frequent hot baths.  It is therefore very important that people keep their feet moisturized in one way or the other so that they do not develop the risk of getting an infection or virus that leads to more pain.

Gold Bond softening foot cream is therefore even more important now that you know of the consequences of not treating dry and cracked heel skin.

Frequent use of this cream will allow you to avoid the risk of catching medical problems because of bacteria entering the body through the cracks. The cracks will also not form and the pain will go away once you start using this cream frequently.

Once the moisture content of the heel is back to normal, you will see that your heels’ skin will get back the softness that it once had before everything went wrong.

What makes it worth it?

  • An advantage of the cream is that unlike most other creams it does not cause itchiness nor is it greasy to added to the annoyance caused by dry and cracked heels.
  • The cream is tested by dermatologists to ensure that it does have a positive effect on your heels.
  • The cream works by penetrating the skin and it does so quickly and maintains the skin’s moisturizer throughout the day.
  • You won’t be able to stop feeling the clean and recovered skin once you have seen that the softening foot cream has worked.
  • The feeling of soft skin is really something different after you have experienced hard and dried skin.
  • One of the ingredients of the cream is shay butter that only complements the role of the cream.
  • The cream contains vitamin A, C and E along with some other essential ingredients that are only going to help the skin recover from its poor state.
  • Applying the cream twice will only speed up the healing process started by the cream on the hard skin.
  • The environment, the sun exposure and the dirt do affect the skin adversely and stress is not the only thing that you have to worry about so you must be doing enough to let your skin be clean and healthy.

Make sure the product is out of the reach of children. The cream is for external use only. Try to avoid contact with eyes. Get immediate medical help in case of this cream being swallowed.


  • Contains vitamin A, C and E.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Treats cracked heels.
  • Acts as a moisturizer.


  • The scent might not be for everyone.

Final Verdict

If you want soft feet and are looking for a good cream then the Gold Brand Softening Foot Cream is definitely one you should opt for. Not only does it get rid of hard skin, it also treats cracks and ensures that the skin remains moisturized.

About the Author Amy Williams

Amy is a foot massage therapist that has worked with doctors specializing in podiatry while helping numerous clients through various foot conditions. She has reviewed 100s of related foot health products for plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus and more.

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