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One of the oldest forms of therapy which can bring back your freshness and your physical as well as emotional wellbeing is massage therapy. It is the best technique for relaxation that one can get after working all day long or try to add it into their professional life while on break. Furthermore, it helps to treat common pains, aches and reenergize your body. Studies have shown that getting a good and effective massage has many positive effects on your body and overall health. It can help release stress, anxiety, and tension for your body and mind.

Our feet are the most used body part than any other. We can’t give rest to our feet all day long, neither it is possible, nor it is good for health. Using your feet makes them tired and painful, and you fiercely need something which not only relaxes you but can treat your foot tiredness at the same time.

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A proper foot massage relaxes your whole body and improves your mood as well as blood circulation. Going to a massage parlor each day is not possible for people nowadays as doing so takes time and costs a lot of money. That is why investing in a foot massager is the best solution for enabling your body to feel relaxed. The HoMedics Shiatsu foot massager is one of the most efficient massagers you can have.

HoMedics shiatsu foot massager

HoMedics has been working since 1987 for manufacturing products that help people in maintaining good health. They produce a large variety of high quality products with a reliable warranty which has led people to trust their products for experiencing a healthy lifestyle.

The HoMedics Shiatsu foot massager is a very popular and trusted foot massager you can invest in, currently available in the market. It provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage.

The Shiatsu massage has been practiced widely around the world since many years. It is one of the best massage technique which focuses on the blocked and suffering acupuncture points by applying pressure on them.

This amazing massager gives you a shiatsu massage with or without heat that relaxes your feet. It’s an innovative counter-rotating massager which is not only very durable but also simple and easy to use.

What makes HoMedics shiatsu foot massager stand out?

This shiatsu massager consists of two sets of counter-rotating balls, each set has three balls on it, and those are steel spinning balls that massage by kneading the muscles in your feet. The kneading balls are extremely relaxing for your feet and you can place the aching part of your feet on them to enjoy a pain-relieving massage.

The spinning balls are not overly powered, and it only gives you the right amount of pressure that your feet require. They give a calming shiatsu massage by applying pressure on all the right places. If you need a deeper massage, you can put some pressure on these balls to do so, and you can adjust your feet on them where you exactly want the massager to focus.

The utmost quality of this massager which makes it stand out is the heat option it provides you. The soothing heat greatly helps your feet to relax. The heat is not too intense to handle and is really comfortable with the pressure being applied. It’s up to you if you want the massager to provide your feet with heat or not.

To control this massager there is only one button which takes all the responsibility. You just have to push it once to start the device and if you want warming heat just push it once more for the heat feature to be applied. You can control this massager only by your toe; there is no need to get down again and again for controlling the device while enjoying a relaxing massage.

This massager is able to take a lot of pressure from you. If you’re feeling frustrated with the pain in your body and you push down harder with your feet to gain a relaxing effect on your painful areas, the balls will keep spinning and giving you a relaxing massage and to help you get rid of unwanted pain.

One must think that there will be a complicated thermal wiring or separate heating element in the massager through which it is able to provide heat with the massage, but it’s not true. The soothing heat is generated by small bulbs that start giving heat in 5 to 10 minutes.

The LED lights, which this massager contains, enable you to know the unit’s exact setting so you can change it how you prefer.

This device is not only simple and easy to use with only a single power button, but it is also a very light weighted massager with it only weighing 4.2 pounds.

This massager is ideal for people who stand all day long, and at the end of the day, they feel pain and aches in their feet. This is a great device to use while sitting on a sofa watching your favorite show while your feet relax on this machine by getting a massage with heat. You will feel no pain after a tiring day, and you can relax conveniently after coming home from a long day with this device.

How to use HoMedics shiatsu foot massager?

This massager is easy to use. The following steps will guide you in using this massager in a perfect manner and without facing any inconvenience.

  • This electrical massager plugs into a 120V outlet so that it can be used anywhere in the world.
  • You can use the massager without socks, but it’s recommended to use it with socks. However, do not use it with the shoes on.
  • Once you have plugged in the device place it on the floor, in front of your chair, sofa or where ever you will be sitting.
  • Now when you are ready to take the massage just switch on the power button, as soon as you switch it you’ll notice a blue light.
  • It’s your choice how much of hard massage you want. Applying more pressure will give you a more sensational and strong massage. You can change the feel of massage between either strong or light by applying pressure on it with your feet.
  • Now if you need to add soothing heat with your massage, just press the button once more, it will make the illuminator light turn red which will make sure that the massager will start giving you warmth in few moments.
  • When you have finished your massage session just press the power button only once and the device will turn off.
  • Note that the first press will turn on the device while the second will start up the heat action and the last, that is third press, will turn it off.
  • You don’t have to go bend down each time to press the button. Your toe can do all the work.


Before operating this massager you must know about these precautions:

  • This massager is not a substitute for any medication nor is it intended for medical use. But it does provide you with a relaxing massage to help you get rid of pain and tiredness.
  • This is not recommended for diabetics.


  • The steel rotating ball gives you a deep pleasuring massage which will help you reduce the pain and aches in your feet.
  • It is a light weighted and small sized massager; you can easily carry it from one place to another without any discomfort.
  • The soothing heat feature gives you an exceptional massage. Not all massagers have this feature to make your feet warm while massaging them at the same time.
  • This massager doesn’t make the kind of noise that’ll cause a disturbance.
  • The heat is not a result of typical wiring, but it comes from small bulbs.
  • LED lights help you do the setting you want.
  • You can adjust the pressure of massager by your feet, by applying more pressure you can get a strong massage.
  • You can use your toe to use the power button.
  • The shiatsu massage technique makes the massager focus on the nerves in your feet, by kneading them and applying the appropriate amount of pressure on them.
  • You can adjust your feet on the rotating balls in such a manner that the pained area of your feet gets the required amount of kneading.
  • Both your feet get the same kind of treatment as the massaging head rotate opposite to each other.


  • The massager only has one speed. It doesn’t have a variety of options so people with sensitive foot might find the spinning balls too intense.
  • Some users might not appreciate the amount of time the massager takes to heat up the device.

Final Verdict

The HoMedics FMS-150H Shiatsu Massager is one of the best portable electronic massagers that you can invest in. This foot massager is great in every sense. It will surely help you feel relaxed and stress-free when you are tired from working the entire way. Turn it on whenever you feel tired, place your feet on the device, and allow your body to relax.

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