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Kendal Foot Massager w/ Heat Kneading Shiatsu Rolling 3D Air Pressure Massage 866 Review

Shining Image introduces an addition to its already exceptional line of products. The Kendal 866 Foot Massager with Heat continues Shining Image’s reputation of proffering quality products in the health and wellness markets. Weighing in at only 9lbs, the Kendal 866 is light and easily portable so you can seek relief from achy feet at home, in the comfort of your office or even on vacation, and visiting relatives.

The true gem of this massager is that it encloses the entire foot and offers a plethora of massage features such as six different types of massage and strength modes to create a truly customizable massage experience. Methods like Shiatsu, kneading and air pressure massage are just a few of the methods this innovative machine uses to bring you the maximum in comfort.

The Importance of Massage

For thousands of years and probably stretching back to the beginning of time, the art of massage has provided relief to poor souls who suffer from aching joints and tired muscles. The simple act of applying pressure and natural body heat to coax harmful toxins out of the body and make our muscles loose and limber was one of the first ways that we came up with to take care of ourselves.

These movements, when added with the advances in technology that have developed over time, make massage not only just a pampering luxury, but a need to maintain the wellness of our bodies and promote their care as we age.

In the last few decades of human history, the introduction of homeopathic and self-care remedies has exploded exponentially throughout our markets. More and more people want a remedy without the threat of harmful side effects or painful and invasive surgeries. They also want to have care on their say, when they want and where.

A need for a more flexible approach to wellness maintenance was needed and the answer was delivered in items that could delivery spa or therapy like results in the comfort of your own home.

The Kendal 866 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Ergonomically designed to access certain acupuncture points in the foot, the Kendal 866 yields soothing effects that use Reflexology to deliver a powerful and effective massage. Unlike other massagers, the Kendal works your foot gently ensuring a comfortable and pain free experience. There are many benefits to a good foot massage including improved metabolism, greater circulation and better posture. The act of foot massage is known to relieve migraines, headaches and muscle discomfort and pain. There’s also thought that it can reduce the side effects of serious illness.


The Kendal 866 offers 6 different types of relaxing massage: Shiatsu Massage, Kneading Massage, Rolling Massage, Air Pressure Massage, Heating Massage and 3D Press Massage.

There are programs available or you can customize your massage between two different vibration modes and two different strengths. There’s also an easy to use time features including a 15-minute auto-off (that can also be disabled if you use the self-timer which can go up to 30 minutes).

The machine uses infrared heat that can improve your metabolism as well as your blood circulation. There’s also a handy remote control and a well-lit, easy to read LCD screen so you can sit back and relax during the massage and let the machine do all of the work for you.

When you receive the machine it’ll come with the unit itself and detachable fabric foot covers that are easy to clean. There is a convenient cord and you can use the machine directly out of the box. Simply choose your settings, turn on the machine and be transported to a land of comfort and unparalleled relaxation.

As I mentioned before there is a total of six different types of massage. It helps to be familiar with them so you can use your machine safely and without any damage to yourself.

  • Shiatsu Massage

One way the Kendal 866 applies Reflexology to your massage routine is through the use of Shiatsu or “finger pressure.” Pressure is applied to areas in accordance with the meridian system to release blocked energy as well as to promote healthy energy flow.

Shiatsu allows you to boost your immune system and ensure flexibility, circulation, muscle relaxation as well as rid your body of harmful toxins. One of the fundamental concepts of Shiatsu has to do with the realignment of the Qi (pronounced “chee”) which has to do with the vital energy that underlies every function. Earlier I spoke of meridians which are the pathways our Qi flows in. What Shiatsu does is apply pressure to points along the medians called “vital points.” Good and effective Shiatsu will ensure that there is abundant Qi in the meridians and the flow remains unobstructed and in balance.

There are lots of acupressure points on the soles of the feet, and it’s a long-held belief that vital organs in the human body are directly related to specific spots in the base of the foot along the soles and toes. Shiatsu can help stimulate these spots which in turn stimulate the organs they correspond to.

  • Kneading

Kneading massage uses a circular motion that is similar to kneading dough for bread. By using simultaneous actions you can provide comfort by lifting, stretching and loosening tense muscles. The kneading action in the Kendal 866 manipulate the sole of your foot and can provide relief to aching arches, sore bunions or stubborn hammer toe. It can also help with Plantar Fasciitis, a serious nerve ailment. The intensity of the kneading massage is high so it’s best to work up to it if you’re not already familiar with such a massage process.

  • Rolling

Rolling massage is a unique technique that applies constant pressure, rolling up and down the foot along the sole and massaging the feels. This massage method is intended to warm and loosen the muscles which in turn prepare them for deeper more penetrative massage. It’s best to use the rolling feature before something like the deep kneading or Shiatsu massage to ensure you won’t injure yourself. Ease motion releases muscle tension and stretches your foot lending to its flexibility and strength. If you have a job where you’re constantly on your feet, this will help your posture and ability to withstand long hours of mobility that can add wear and tear on your feet.

  • Air Pressure

Air pressure massage is a more gentle form of massage that improves metabolism, reduces stress, increases circulation and promotes relaxation effectively. The tops of your feet are laced with nerves and those nerve bundles correspond to organ and muscle groups throughout your body. This is one of the main tenants of Reflexology that speaks to the connections and communications in your body between the nerves and muscles.

Combined with the heating feature this method can prove to be soft and soothing for your feet. While the massage rollers relieve tightness on the bottom of your feet, the air compression on top makes your feet feel refreshed. Compressed air massage will massage your skin and muscle. It provides great relief to more sensitive areas like the ankles, arches, sensitive insteps and the top of your feet.

  • Heating

The Kendal 866 uses infrared radiation to provide soothing heat filled sensation allowing your muscles to be relaxed. Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is part of the spectrum that most people encounter in everyday life (along with things like ultraviolet or UV rays, X-rays or microwaves). The light itself is invisible to the naked eye, but people feel the heat of the light intensely.

When focused, infrared heat can be used to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the physical body which in turn helps heal the mind. The invisible rays of energy have the ability to penetrate multiple layers even going so far as to insinuate itself into the tissue of your organs, as well as muscles and bone.

The infrared light in this massager very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry the blood. This allows for increased oxygenation and regeneration of the blood cells which in turn leads to the detoxification and improvement of your vital functioning organs. Using this machine, you’ll feel a boost to your immune system and overall mood. Additionally, the increase of your white blood cells makes for an easy promotion of healing, the reduction of tired and sore muscles, muscle spasms and even relieve from heel spurs and different types of arthritis.

  • 3D Press Massage

3D Press is a fairly new method of massage that’s designed to provide the best in deep tissue massage. This device’s massage nodules are able to extend and protrude deeply into your muscles and provide deep relief in spaces like hard heels and between your toes.


  • Has multi-functional massage features that can easily be controlled manually or automatically using a remote control.
  • Very easy to use with a clear easy to read LCD display.
  • Ultra-portable and able to be used at home or on the go.
  • Six different types of massage: Shiatsu, Heat, Rolling, Kneading, Air Pressure and 3D Press.
  • Has a built-in auto-shut off to prevent overheating.
  • Infrared heating provides comforting and soothing heat for relaxing and stretching the muscles.


  • Large feet can fit into the machine, but feet that are too large may be uncomfortable.
  • Should not be used on people with sensitivity in their feet.
  • Should not be used in consumers that wear a pacemaker.

Final Verdict

With a whole range of different massages and easy-to-use functions, the Kendal 866 Foot Massager with Heat Kneading Shiatsu Rolling 3D Air Pressure Massager 866 makes for a good investment that’ll ensure your feet and legs are getting the care they require.

About the Author Amanda Powell

Amanda has struggled with plantar fasciitis for many years until she gathered enough knowledge to manage the symptoms and rid herself of all the problems. As there are too few sources for foot health issues, she has decided to help others with her knowledge about this and other foot conditions.

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