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Preservatives and chemicals have long been a staple of the American diet. Whether it is in the food we eat, additives to the water we drink, or ingredients in the medicine that we use to heal our bodies, they are always present. As more and more side effects began to plague our bodies, those who seek healing are looking to more holistic and all natural methods. And Kinotakara is one such innovation.

What is Kinotakara? 

To understand what Kinotakara is, you must first understand the revolution that is wood vinegar. Wood vinegar (also called pyroligneous acid, or sometimes -more colloquially- ‘liquid smoke’ or mokusaku) is a liquid that’s produced through the natural act of carbonization. To be more succinct this is when different natural items (in this case wood from forest trees) are placed in heating chambers. The vapor or smoke that’s released turns into a liquid and that liquid (the wood vinegar) is then separated into three elements: tar, bio-oil, and vinegar.

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The vinegar itself contains more than 200 different natural runoffs and acids and is made up of about 80 – 90% water and 10 – 20& organic compounds, including a good amount of acetic acid.

It can be made from several tree and plant byproducts such as wood, bamboo, coconut shell and even prairie grass. Wood vinegar has been used for several things from bug repellents and feed supplements to soil additives and fertilizers.

Japanese scientists discovered this element in the 1950’s and since then have been applying the detoxifying properties to medical uses, specifically keeping within the practice of reflexology. As mentioned above, more and more people are seeking relief from holistic ventures with less damaging side effects. This is where reflexology really shines!

For some information, reflexology is a system of massage and other manipulations that are used to relieve tension and treat a number of illnesses. It happens to be based on the theory that all nerves that run through our bodies are connected and thus provide a detailed map that can be manipulated for various benefits.

When paired with the detoxifying and healing power of wood vinegar, reflexology can Kinotakara through Kinotakara wellness-pads. Developed by Dr. Kawase Itsuko, wellness-pads are little packets of wood vinegar and other natural elements that are created with the root system of mighty forest trees in mind. If trees can grow old and big and strong, then the human body should be able to follow suit using the same properties as the tree. This human growth fertilizer isn’t necessarily an additive, but the carbonization process makes the concoction ideal with leeching toxins and other unwanted humors from the body.

How do the Kinotakara patches leech sickness from the body?

Carbon is often used as a cleanser in water filters. Basically the tepid water flows, through carbon and other impurities, are held back and absorbed into the substance. Wood vinegar, which is created by natural carbonization, performs the same function, only amped up by acting as an actual sponge for your body’s waste. When the patches are applied to the reflex points in your foot, the wood vinegar withdraws the wastes and toxins, keeping your remaining humors in good balance. Through this process, the Kinotakara patches can improve your immune system, your circulation, metabolism, and even your overall mood.

Why should you use these on your feet?

Kinotakara wellness patches have many uses, but again, they are inspired by the study of reflexology. Take note that the body has over 360 reflexology points and more than 72 are found just on the soles of our feet. Practitioners of reflexology have linked each part of the foot to a part of the body it controls. The tips of your toes have connections to the sinuses; the ridge separating your first toe from your second can be linked to your thyroid. In many ways the feet can be considered the ‘second heart’ of the body. The connections are strong, and it follows that if massage and alignment of your feet can help other parts of your body, than making sure those parts are free of toxins is going to be a good thing.

How do you use the Kinotakara wellness patches and how do you know they’re working?

Kinotakara wellness patches come in a sealed white envelope containing a powdery substance of wood vinegar. They are for external use only and should never be taken internally.

  • First, you’ll want to wash the area with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly, ensuring the area is clean and dry. Never apply the patch to a fresh scar or open wound or anywhere near the eyes.
  • Next, determine how you’re going to use the pads.  If you’ll be using them while sitting down, a pair of socks goes a long way to keep the pads in place. If you are wearing them to bed, you might want to use a bit of medical tape to keep the pads in place.
  • You’ll remove them from the adhesive fixing sheet, and you'll stick the adhesive to the skin of the affected area, or the sole of your foot. They are placed primarily on the soles of your feet and are generally suggested to remain in place for 8 hours, but no more than 12 hours. Remember, that the white part of the pad should always be the part that rests against the skin.

You generally just need one pad per foot; multiple pads can be used depending on illness and fatigue levels. A grown man might be able to use 3 per foot while a small child would only need one. You’ll find a good process that works best for you through a little bit of trial and error, but since the pads are non-toxic, it never hurts to experiment.

As with all healing processes -especially natural ones- the initial benefits can be slow, but they are more than worth the wait when they come to fruition. Overtime, the color of the powder can become damp or moist and will start to turn a darker color. Sometimes you’ll even different colored spots or the pads will become squishy or slushy to the touch. Keep in mind that this is the vinegar leaching out the harmful waste from your body and hopefully easing the body of the pain and swelling.

It may take several uses for the pads to leach all of the toxins from your body. The goal is to try and get through the 8 – 12 hour recommended time duration many times and have the pads come back clean. Depending on your current health this could take a week or a month, but it is doable. Afterward, it's suggested to use a 10-pack care package to maintain your wellness against the daily onslaught of toxins we get just from everyday life. These pads really do a lot of work in keeping us in good health.

Additionally, the negative ions that are produced go a long way to neutralize the positive ions and stimulate your nerves keeping them agile and communicative with the rest of the body. This allows for greater circulation and a boosted metabolism resulting in more energy. You’ll literally feel the sickness and fatigue being drained from you. Imagine waking up in the morning with no pain and a body free of toxins. It would easily be considered money well spent.

Can you use the pads if taking daily medication?

Sometimes using non-holistic forms of wellness treatments is just a way of life. People with diabetes or thyroid conditions can receive relief, but still must adhere to a strict medicinal regimen. The good news is that these pads can still be used in conjunction with these medicines. Because the pads work with the lymph system (which is in control of removing waste from the blood), they only pull out what the body has already deemed as waste or toxins.  And this is done after the body has allocated your meds to the right places.

The only restrictions on using the Kinotakara wellness pads are they should not be used by women who are under six months pregnant and specifically during the first trimester. However, after six months, the mother is free to use the pads at her leisure.


  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Effective at leeching out toxins from the body.


  • Takes a lot of time to leech out toxins.

Final Verdict

Using Kinotakara wellness pads is a safe and effective way to naturally rid your body of toxins. I mentioned negative and positive ions earlier and to expand why this matters we need to quickly discuss the presence of free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals are molecules that have an electron missing. This makes the free radical unstable and overly reactive, causing it to bounce around until it finds an antioxidant to steal an electron from. This can usually be done with the introduction of supplements or changes in diets that introduce more antioxidant rich foods into our systems. However, if these antioxidants don’t exist, the free radical will pull an electron from our DNA. Naturally, as you can imagine, this can lead to all manner of maladies including low moods, cancer, and even heart problems.

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Free radicals are most readily produced when we have harmful metals and wastes in our body. By removing these elements from our bodies, we limit the production of free radicals, thus eliminating the threat of serious health issues all together. Basically, the simple act of using Kinotakara patches can save your life. Try some today and live to thank yourself tomorrow.

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