MedMassager MMF06 Foot Massager For Diabetes and Neuropathy

Life can get hectic, with the workload and other responsibilities taking up too much of our time. While one of the best ways to relieve stress is through an amazing massage not all of us can take out the time to go to a masseuse or pay for one.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience an incredible foot massage in the comfort of your own home whenever you want? Well, that’s where the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager comes in.

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It’s an exceptionally high-quality device that allows you to relax when you want to. Furthermore, it’s useful for promoting healthy blood flow and alleviating pain in diabetic and neuropathic patients. Whether it’s a delicate massage or a more intense one, this device is more than capable of meeting your needs.

It’s easy to operate, doesn’t take up much space, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping away from you while you enjoy the soothing vibrations.

Let’s go over everything the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager has to offer, and if you should consider making it a part of your lifestyle.

The MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

The MedMassager MMF06 is a foot massager from 2013 and is an upgraded version of the previous model. This foot massager comes with numerous features and provides you with various benefits.

In this in-depth review, you’ll get to know about all the specifications of this machine, how it can improve your health, and whether it’s the massager that fits your needs.

Features of the MMF06

As mentioned above, this foot massager from MedMassager is feature rich. A few of these numerous features include:

  • Variable speed

When investing in a massager you should make sure it can offer you speeds you want. The great thing about this machine is that it comes with 11 different speed options.

You can easily adjust the rotations that the device makes per minute to experience the type of relaxing massage you desire. In fact, you can increase the speed to more than 3,500 rotations if you prefer!

The choice is yours to make. You can keep the speed down for a low-impact soothing experience or increase it a few levels for deeper relaxation. Due to offering speed variations, this device falls under the category of being one of the most powerful electric massagers currently available in the market.

  • Oscillating pad

The foot pad featured in this device is an oscillating one with a surface that targets the right pressure points to help alleviate pain in the legs or feet. You can press not only your feet but also your calves to this machine and sit back while it works wonders in promoting good mental and physical health through proper blood circulation.

  • Alleviated foot pad

A lot of available foot massagers feature rounded rollers for providing comfort to the user. However, when it comes to the MMF06, this isn’t the case. This massager instead comes with only a single foot pad which is placed at an optimum angle. As a result, you can experience optimum blood circulation and comfort.

Furthermore, the way in which this massager has been designed makes it ergonomically friendly which allows you to put your feet on the pad of the massager even while sitting on a chair. This device is perfect for promoting healthy circulation in your legs and feet even while you’re sitting on a sofa watching T.V or reading a book.

  • Arch bar

At the top part of the massager pad, there is an arch bar. This is particularly for focusing on your toes and heels; making them vibrate to get rid of any discomfort you might be feeling in the area.

The textured and rubberized surface of this massager is quite roomy. More surface area means that you can use both of your feet on the pad at the same time.

Let’s break down the pros of the MedMassage MMF06 Foot Massager.


  • The variable speed of this device allows the user to adjust the oscillation’s intensity which is quite advantageous for patients diagnosed with diabetes because their sensation varies from extreme sensitivity to extreme numbness. Moreover, people that spend a big chunk of their day standing can also enjoy the vigorous massage speeds to get rid of any pain.
  • Secondly, the build quality of this massager is excellent which provides you with a lot of value for the current price tag.
  • The plate of the massager is rubberized, so your feet won’t slip off the platform because of the vibration. You can use this massager on a linoleum or wood floor and even on a carpet without it slipping away and ruining the soothing experience.
  • The MMF06 comes with a one-year warranty which ensures that your device will be replaced in case of any failure or defects. Another option is also available for buyers; unlimited replacement for a lifetime. While it comes with an extra fee it’s completely worth it to ensure that you can keep using this massager for a long time.
  • The MMF06 doesn’t possess any option for heat. However, since the massager increases the circulation of blood to your feet with the help of steady oscillations, it feels as if your feet are being treated with heat.
  • The packed and powerful oscillations that this massager generates create an effect experts call a ripple effect. This means that the vibrating pulse goes from your feet and then through your legs to reach your knees! By tilting it forward, you can easily get your calves massaged as well. In short, the machine is quite effective in improving blood circulation for a healthier and pain-free life.
  • You can use this massager with and without wearing shoes. It works both ways.
  • The MMF06 measures 16 x 12 x 9.5-inches in dimensions. This means that you can easily fit it anywhere, like below a desk and people won’t be able to notice it at all. Experiencing a massage while on a lunchbreak in your office does sound nice doesn’t it?


While the things mentioned below aren’t necessarily cons they can be a bit annoying for someone people.

  • Some people might not like the noise that this massager makes. However, after a few tries, you will get used to the noise, created through the device’s vibrations, and learn to ignore them.
  • As mentioned above, this foot massager doesn’t come with a heating option and thus, makes use of its oscillating mechanism of to target all the pressure points present under your feet.
  • Furthermore, the design might feel too big for some people. But considering that it allows you to place both feet simultaneously, I think one can overlook the device’s bulky design.
  • This foot massager doesn’t come with a remote control. So, you’ll need to bend down to change the setting or ask someone else to do it for you. Just make sure to read the accompanying manual to ensure that things proceed smoothly while experiencing a soothing massage.

Medical benefits of the MMF06

The MMF06 foot massager helps in the stimulation of blood circulation throughout your body. Moreover, it lessens any pain that users might experience in their joints. Also, the oscillating foot pad of the massager helps to alleviate the tension from the muscles which makes your legs and the feet relax.

Note that vibration and oscillation are technically two different things although the two are often used interchangeably. Having good blood circulation will allow you to experience a healthier life. Relaxing your mind and body play a crucial role in making you more productive.

As for people with diabetes or neuropathy, this foot massager can help ensure that blood flow isn’t restricted.

Should you buy it?

The MMF06 massager has a powerful motor that comes with variable speeds. Users are provided with 11 different control settings, and they can adjust the rate from 1000 rotations per minute to even 3,700 rotations per minute! The US-based manufacturer of the machine claims that it is one of the most powerful massagers available in the market. It also happens to be a FDA-approved device for therapeutic purposes, and a CSA approved massager for its durability, leading it to be highly recommended by experts.

It is perhaps, the best electric massager that has been designed particularly for people that are suffering from foot-related ailments. Therapists, as well as doctors from all over the globe, recommend this massager to help patients deal with discomforts such as swellings, foot pain, and cramps.

A majority of the patients that have bought this massager have loved the machine and have experienced no issues with it apart from it being a bit noisy for some users. Patients report feeling and seeing incredible improvements in pains, aches, relaxation, circulation of blood, and the overall health of their feet.

Regardless of you suffering from some medical ailment, if you feel that you want a foot massager to help you relax then the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is worth a look.

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It’s highly beneficial for people suffering from leg pain as well as individuals who carry a lot of stress and want to get rid of it all.

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