Detailed Review of Moji 360 Foot Massager

Since 2007, Moji (pronounced [mo-G]) has created products with one goal in mind: Keep people living active lives free of aches and pains. The addition of the Moji 360 Pro Foot massager to this line is no mistake. The creator of Moji, Victor Viner, is a lifelong competitive athlete and entrepreneur who established a company whose vision of creating best-in-class recovery and pain relief products still continues to this day.

Many of us are active in our daily lives, whether we work long hours on our feet or we’re outdoor enthusiasts who have put in decades of biking, hiking, and other sport, the need for proper warmup and recovery is a necessity to our lives. Especially as we age and the body takes longer to adjust.

The Moji 360 Pro

Moji has always been a company that excels in forward-thinking advances. They have made a name for themselves as a brand, being known as an innovate industry when it comes to the wellness and self-care markets. By combining the best in technology, operations, and manufacturing, Moji has created a product that is environmentally friendly as well as provides healing to our body, minds, and souls.

The Moji 360 Pro is an ingenious device that seems small but packs a wealth of options into your healing routine. The free rotating stainless steel massage spears are embedded into a slip resistant base that makes it easy to use as well as easy to clean while delivering unparalleled results.

Backed by a one year warranty, this product brings relief without the need for worry. You won’t need to think about the harmful side effects of some pain-relief medicine, or long drawn out recovery from sometimes unnecessary surgery.

The size and weight of the product make it so you can take it just about anywhere. This portability extends from home to the office, on vacation, visiting relatives or friends or even if you simply want to move from the bedroom to the living room or sit outside on the porch. Therapy can be delivered standing or sitting so comfort is never a worry.

Getting Rid of Chronic Pain is Important

Pain can be a daunting thing. Chronic Pain that includes arthritis, back pain, and recurring migraines can have profound and lasting effects on the way we live our daily lives. Sometimes life’s surprises can cause us to put our pain management on the backburner, but a pain-free body is the paragon of good mental health.

In the long run, we do more damage to ourselves by not treating the issues. Those who have had to deal with ongoing or long-term pain can often become more easily irritated, short-tempered or lose patience quickly, and the reasoning behind this is sound and one can’t fault it. Constant pain causes us to focus on the pain rather than basic functioning.

The nagging need to rid ourselves of the pain becomes a type of stress or tension that only exacerbates the problem. For some, something small as stubbing your toe while walking can cause them greater frustration compared to reaction someone who isn’t dealing with chronic pain might have.

After a while the pain can wear you down and drain your energy, even going so far as to test your motivation or desire to get through the day. It’s common for pain sufferers to withdraw into themselves as a way to reduce the stress around them and be able to conserve the amount of energy they have to spend reacting to the type of surroundings they happen to be in.  Many pain-sufferers can even slip into depression or commonly experience depression-like symptoms such as chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating while doing simple tasks and even staying away from human interaction.

How the Moji 360 Foot Pro Helps With Pain

The Moji 360 Foot Pro seeks to make your lingering foot pain a thing of the past. The 360 Foot Pro is a strong tool that stimulates your feet while improving circulation. The 6 stainless steel balls allow you to control the manipulation of various parts of your foot to provide relief if you suffer from things like fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis pain or simply sore feet. They are also used in reflexology treatments for more holistic healing.

The feet are the epicenter of good health but still, a lot of people ignore them. Your feet happen to have more than fifty bones, along with sixty joints, and 200 muscles, tendons and numerous ligaments that work together to hold your leg and help you move.

Just the act of walking can put tons of force on your feet, and that’s not including those who engage in such exercises as running, other forms of cardio or dancing. As your feet are the furthest away from your heart, it’s easy for blood circulation issues to arise and lead to various health problems.

Your heart pumps blood to your feet through your arteries. You can have common medical conditions such as peripheral arterial disease and the like which reduces that blood flow due to a blockage of plaque within the blood vessels. If this occurs your feet and lower legs may not get the oxygen-rich blood, they require for proper functioning.

One of the most common human health conditions around the globe is diabetes. It affects nearly 24 million people in America alone. It can also lead to reduced blood flow causing bad circulation and necrosis of the foot and surrounding tissues.  In severe cases, if not treated well, this could lead to amputation.

There are also things (medical conditions) to consider like athlete’s foot and neuromas which are painful (but thankfully benign growths on a nerve).  Plantar Fasciitis is another foot related ailment that can cause problems.

For those of you who might not be aware, the sole of the foot is referred to as the plantar area. Now, plantar fasciitis is a chronic local inflammation of the “bowstring-like” ligament that happens to be stretching underneath your sole, also referred to as the plantar fascia that then attaches to the heel.

It’s caused mostly by repetitive strain injury to the plantar fascia. Such an injury can be the effect of excessive running or walking; wearing inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear and even injury that one gets from dancing or while exercising.

In extreme cases, the treatment of plantar fasciitis can lead you to spend on expensive and invasive surgery. This can be various procedures where they cut and stretch the ligament or even remove the heel spur entirely. The recovery time after such a surgery is significant, and the results are not guaranteed. So many foot issues can still exist even after the ordeal. That’s why having a cost effective and efficient option like the Moji 360 Foot Pro is the best option for holistic and all natural treatment of foot pain.

How it Works

You can even place the Moji 360 Foot Pro in the freezer for an ice massage! It truly feels great and more importantly, the unit is designed so you can curate your own therapy treatments. You have complete control over the intensity and areas of interest.

It’s a soul lifting thing to be able to have direct control of your pain and the power to eliminate it can fit right in the palm of your hand. The spheres dig deep into your muscle and tissue to relieve pain and can even break up scar tissue for a more loose and relaxed feeling in tight and stressed out muscles.  This is great for things like fallen arches and hammer toe.

You can use it barefoot, but the preferred method is with socks, especially if you freeze it. It is recommended to use with a thick pair of socks to begin with, and then once you become more comfortable with the unit, you can make adjustments based on your pain therapy needs. Again, the control belongs completely to you.

There are two sets of balls separated into two “zones.”  Zone One is for the heel cup and delivers a lower intensity overall comforting foot massage. Zone 2 is the higher of the intensities and is for deep tissue massage.

Normal massage helps by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, which in turn decreases the level of muscle toxins and improves flexibility and circulation all while easing tension. Deep tissue method is similar, but a deeper pressure is applied to remove chronic muscle pain and stress. The focus in deep tissue massage should be on the deepest layers of your muscle tissue, your tendons and even the fascia which is the protective layer that surrounds our muscles, joints, and bones.

The small but durable stainless steel balls help you accomplish this without injuring yourself. You can use it on any foot size, and it can also be used by individuals who are pregnant or deal with ailments like arthritis and diabetes.

There are a lot of things you’ll like about the Moji 360 Foot Pro. The slip resistant material allows it to stay in place during the massage. This enables you to apply various amounts of pressure to the unit with the peace of mind that it will stay in place and not cause additional injury during your pain-relieving session.


  • Easy to use.
  • Requires no power sources.
  • Non-slip design.
  • Durable.
  • Portable.


  • Some user might not like its simplicity and non-automotive design.

Final Verdict

If you suffer from painful Plantar Fasciitis, the Moji 360 Pro will relieve pain more than anything else you’ve tried. It’s small enough to store under the table or out of sight when not in use. It’s durable and well made to last through a number of different situations. Each rolling ball is a different size so you can manipulate parts of your feet in different ways and with variable pressure along the edges. The Moji 360 Pro feels just like a foot massage in the hands of an expert, but in this case, the expert is you.

About the Author John Campbell

As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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