Review of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

Feet are one of the most important body parts which usually face prominent ignorance whenever it comes to taking care of them. Most of us do not take care of feet and make the conditions worse for the feet skin, preventing it from being nourished healthily. Hence the bad consequences of always been ignored, usually make things difficult for feet to recover the freshness of the skin once lost.

Over the years the advancement in technology and research has yielded marvelous products that are easy to implement and are affordable. This advancement in the technology and research has also enabled people to understand the importance of taking care of their feet.

It is observed that people who always feel at comfort even after abandoning the care to their feet are now curious about taking proper and good care of them. And yes, that said comfort isn’t going to last long considering you aren’t doing anything to prevent your feet from drying up and forming scales.

Why is there a need of taking care of your feet?

This is because any bad effect on any part of your body usually forces it to encounter severe consequences due to ignorance which indirectly leads you to suffer from the aftermaths. And yes, these consequences are going to take time for you to treat them properly.

Like all the other parts of the body, your feet also need care and a lot of attention in order to maintain the freshness of the skin present there. You need a reliable and effective foot cream to take care of your body. Take note that not all skin creams are for all body parts. Foot creams are specifically made for taking care of your feet and using a hand cream isn’t going to have the same result.

Your feet are responsible for not only helping you to move around but also to bear the pressure of your body. You might have read or heard about acupuncture. According to this theory, your feet have a whole network of nerves that are connected to the rest of your body. Applying the right pressure on a certain nerve can have beneficial effects on certain organs.

In the same manner, applying bad pressure on a certain nerve ends up having a diverse effect on an organ and leads to a lot of stress and fatigue. There is a reason that people go for foot massages. Stimulating the blood flow in your feet helps to relieve stress and fatigue from your body. And yes, making use of a good foot cream leads to a better massage experience.

What happens when you ignore the good care of your feet?

There are numerous risk factors that pop up whenever there is a deficiency when it comes to giving proper care to your feet. This deficiency usually catalyzes the process in which the health and freshness of your feet start diminishing. If you don’t have the money to go on weekly spa appointments, you are probably going to end up neglecting your feet.

The following are the side effects you’ll face due to not taking care of your feet:  

1.  Back pain

Most of the people do not understand the hidden causes that usually lead their body to suffer from back pain. One of the important and the most ignored factor is not taking under consideration the comfort of your feet which catalyzes the occurrence of back pain.

Whenever your feet are subjected to uncomfortable and irritating footwear they end up leading to a pain in the upper part of your body. Having an uncomfortable base under your feet gives rise to vertebral pain.

So, physical care becomes the prime demand of your feet and its ignorance can lead you to undergo a proper medical checkup and painful treatment if the condition continues.

2. Blisters

Blisters are one of the most hated and painful outcomes of continuously ignoring the proper care of your feet. There are abundant causes that usually give rise to the formation of blisters on your feet.

Either uncomfortable footwear has damaged your skin or you happen to walk around barefoot (most of time) and not washing your feet properly.

3. Health issues

Some health issues end up getting exaggerated due to poor foot care. Diabetic people experience a lot of foot problems. One of the biggest problems is poor blood circulation in the feet leading to numbness and pain. Feet that are dry or have scales enhance the pain and make walking difficult.

4. Infection

There are high chances of getting infected by different diseases whenever your feet are subjected to some contaminated surroundings. It is quite possible that any open wound when subjected to contaminated conditions end up harming bodily functions, especially the digestive system. And yes, feet that aren’t being taken care of have cuts and sores that allow bacteria and other microorganisms to enter your body.

How to take care of your feet?

Wondering about how to take of your feet without the help of a professional? All you need to do is follow a few tips and realize that there effective products out there that you can use. You need to take care of your feet to help you go through the day without experiencing discomfort and pain.

Some tips that you can make use of:

  • Wash your feet regularly
  • Dry them properly
  • Moisturize them
  • You need to change the socks regularly
  • Don’t let blister untreated for a long time

As for the kind of products you should use, you need to invest in a good foot cream that is able to provide your feet with the kind of care you’re looking for.

Foot creams- an easy solution to keep the freshness of your feet alive

There are abundant productive and high-quality foot creams that are available in the market for interested users. These creams serve the basic purpose of keeping the freshness of your foot skin alive for a longer period.

The nourishment which these creams usually offer is second to none and usually, plays an important role in removing the possible chances of ending up with a foot disease. Moreover assuring the presence of moisturizing properties that your feet require is one of the most important features of foot creams.

If you’re interested in a foot cream recommendation then you should go for the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula cream. This product has a lot to offer and can help individuals who want to ensure that their feet look soft and young.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream Rough Review

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream is one of the affordable and the most demanded foot care creams that are currently available. The cream is made of natural and organic ingredients. There are no side effects. You can have your feet feeling soft and looking clean feet in no time once you start using this product. It also heals cracks in your heels too.

A lot of times people don’t want to go for products that aren’t natural. This makes sense because you shouldn’t apply products on your skin unless you are completely sure about what’s in them. With this cream from Neutrogena you have the assurance that it is safe.

Neutrogena is a company that is known around the globe. This should also be enough for you to understand that you’re using a product that delivers on its promise.

Features of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

This Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream is suitable for people who are interested in getting one of best and risk-free foot care creams out there. There are a lot of features that this foot cream comes with. So, let’s go over them.

  • This foot care cream comes in beautiful packing.
  • It weighs 2-ounces and comes in an easy-to-use pack
  • This foot care cream is best for moisturizing your feet. It assures softness.
  • If your feet have a lot of dry skin then this cream is a good way to treat the dryness.
  • This cream is best for rough feet.
  • This glycerin-rich foot care cream is also risk-free.
  • It can keep your feet moisturized for not less than 17 hours.
  • It gives good value for the money.

This best foot care cream smoothens your feet when you apply it regularly. Reverting the rough skin of your feet to a fresh and soft one is not just a daydream now. This is because the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream delivers efficient relief from dry and rough feet due to the natural ingredients that have been used to make it.

Making the user feel comfort by providing them the best nourishment is the prime goal of this cream. And yes, this foot care cream has successfully achieved its goal. This dermatologist-tested cream is capable of softening your feet’s skin without any side effects. You will get the results you need through regular use.


  • Easy to use.
  • Quick acting.
  • Acts as a moisturizer.
  • Portable packaging.
  • Treats dry skin and scales on feet.


  • The odor might not be suitable for everyone.

Final Verdict

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula cream for rough skin is one of the best products you can go for due to its impressive natural formula. With regular use not only will you make your feet look and feel soft, you will also get rid of the dry scales. It doesn’t come with any side effects and is a good option to use for foot care.

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