NonyX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel Review – Does It Work?

Antifungal topical treatments are often recommended to those who suffer from nail fungus, having a great number of advantages to offer. They are easy to apply, deliver noticeable results and do not cause discomforting side-effects. The NonyX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel promises to address the nail discoloration caused by the fungal infection, as well as clear out the keratin debris. Keep on reading and discover more information on this product.


The clarifying gel can help you get rid of the keratin debris, which in turn will prevent the fungus from thriving. It can be used for both toenails and fingernails, restoring their healthy appearance.

The application process is quite simple and the product is safe to use, including when you have pre-existent conditions (such as diabetes). It does not contain harmful ingredients, meaning preservatives or parabens.

As mentioned above, this is a clarifying solution, which works to remove the discoloration caused by the fungal infection. It improves the nail appearance and eliminates the keratin debris, allowing the nails to grow healthy again.

How to Apply

Using the applicator but avoiding direct contact, let a few drops reach the surface of the nails. It is also recommended to apply a little bit of the clarifying gel around the edges of the discolored nails.

For the best results, you are advised to use the gel two times per day, preferably after bathing or showering. Before the actual application, the nails and surrounding skin should be thoroughly cleaned. You can also file the nail and scrub it with a brush, as this will help the clarifying gel to penetrate the nail bed.

Once you have applied the gel, you should wait until it becomes completely dry. This can last for several minutes and you can test it, before you put on your socks or shoes.


The star ingredient of the NonyX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel is ethanoic acid, which is a concentrated vinegar formula. The acid works to break down the keratin debris, acting both on the surface and underneath the nail.

While its antifungal properties are not that potent, given the fact that it is presented in the form of a gel, it can penetrate the nail and work wonders (debris removal). Other ingredients include Xanthan gum, fragrance and deionized water. As previously stated, the product does not contain harmful ingredients, such as parabens, preservatives, etc.

How long should I wait to see results?

The first results are noticeable within 3-4 weeks, provided that the applications have been consistent. You will see that the keratin debris can be scraped effortlessly. It is recommended to scrape the softened skin on a weekly basis, making sure that your nails are always clean and well-trimmed. You can use special toenail trimmers, especially if your nails have become thicker.

Good results can be obtained between 5-9 months, with the healthy nail growing once again. If the clarifying gel is applied to nails smaller in size, the discoloration can improve in approximately 3 months.

Safety of use

The clarifying gel has been marketed as a safe topical treatment, being prescribed to those who suffer from diabetes and other pre-existent conditions as well. It has been tested by dermatology physicians and it is often recommended by podiatrists. It has not been tested on animals, the clinical trials for it being conducted on patient groups.


You should avoid touching the nail with the applicator, as this can contaminate the whole solution and prevent it from acting efficiently on the other nails.

The product is not recommended for children, especially since there is a higher risk of eye contact. In the situation of eye contact, it is advised to wash it with generous amounts of cold water. Ethanoic acid can irritate the eyes and other mucosa, so the product is only for external use.


The product is presented in the form of a thick gel, which can penetrate the nail bed and address the symptoms caused by the fungal infection (discoloration, keratin debris).

One single bottle can last for several months, even with consistent use. As previously mentioned, the topical treatment has received high praise from both dermatologists and podiatrists. It contains ingredients with active properties, which have been marketed as safe for the general use (including for those who suffer from diabetes).

The clarifying gel is quite easy to apply and it can be used several times per day, without having to worry about side-effects or allergic reactions. It softens the keratin debris, which can then be easily scraped away; thus, it restores the healthy appearance of the nails and it stimulates them to grow healthy once again.


As it contains ethanoic acid (concentrated vinegar), the product has quite a strong scent.

It is also worth mentioning that the antifungal properties of the gel are not that powerful. The focus of the product is rather on the keratin debris removal and nail discoloration.

Is the clarifying gel able to kill the fungus?

The answer is no. The NonyX clarifying gel has been formulated to address the symptoms caused by the fungal infection. It works to improve nail appearance and soften the nails, allowing for efficient keratin removal. Practically, it removes the conditions in which the fungus thrives. For the best results, it is recommended to combine it with other antifungal solutions (safe to use with other antifungal treatments).

Final Verdict

NonyX Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel is an excellent topical solution, one which can help you get rid of nail discoloration when suffering from a fungal infection. It works to soften thickened skin, making the removal of keratin debris easier. It has a strong formula, delivering results in several months. The product is easy to use, contains only beneficial ingredients and it has no reported side-effects. Moreover, it is recommended by medical specialists, including dermatologists and physicians. It can penetrate the nail bed, improving the appearance of both fingernails and toenails. Last, but not least, it can be used simultaneously with other antifungal treatments, which is a huge advantage.

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