North American Healthcare Foot Rocker Review – Is it Effective?

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A lot of people suffer from chronic pains in their lower leg. Such pains, ankle strain and other lower leg and ankle conditions can cause one quite a lot of discomfort. This is true especially if you happen to be someone who needs to use their legs all day long.

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Your leg muscles are vulnerable to getting tired and sore if you use them too much. That's why leg and foot pain problems are common among athletes as well as people who happen to travel a lot by foot due to work. Even standing all day long in front of the cashier machine can give rise to such problems.

These chronic pains and ankle conditions can worsen over the time if not treated. They are likely to cause one extreme discomfort and stiffness which will make it had for you to function properly. You might even have to let go of a job.

That's why it's important that you make use of available treatment methods for such sort of pain as soon as possible. For those of you who might not know, a great way to reduce such types of ankle and leg pain is through stretching.

However, you need to understand that if you don't follow the right instructions for stretching your leg, you could end up damaging your tissues, which could lead to even more pain.

So, what is the right solution for you?

The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker is definitely a highly recommended solution. This specific equipment was designed to provide the wearer the correct foot positioning, which will relieve one from any discomfort or pain they might be experiencing in their heels, toes or feet.

Sports professionals primarily designed this Foot Rocker as a way of boosting your ankle and leg movement and health by simply providing safer stretching techniques.

According to the research that has been carried out, stretching can actually assist in reducing and healing various chronic pains. By using some effective stretching techniques, you can treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pains and other chronic conditions as well.

When you buy this product, you'll get two of these foot rockers to help you with effective stretching that you can do on your own without damaging your tissues. With these foot rockers, you can make your heel, leg and even your back a lot more flexible.

This foot rocker by North American Healthcare will not only promote flexibility but will also help get rid of ankle, heel, or overall foot pain you might be experiencing.

Design and Durability

This foot rocker has been made using a hard-molded resin. It happens to be quite sturdy and can easily handle different weights as it has been designed bearing in mind that it will be used by different people having various weights.

The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker also includes a foot rest which is slightly raised in the front. In the back, there is a heel lip that prevents your foot from slipping out. You can be assured that the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker won’t break, no matter what your weight may be.

It is solid and quite sturdy, and you can easily step on it without trying to put as less weight as possible. The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker is made to fit all feet sizes that are up to 11-inches. However, people with a shoe size that is over 11-inches will face some issues since this foot rocker will not fit them properly.

This impressive product also includes rubber strips under the foot rocker. Furthermore, these strips can easily be taken off if you prefer. One thing that you should take note of is that you will have to be extremely careful on slippery surfaces when making use of this product or else you might trip and injure yourself.

Is it easy to use?

Well, the answer is yes! You can wear your favorite pair of sneakers or Vans that you like to use this product. All you have to do to properly use this product is to step onto the foot rocker and start stretching. You are to place your foot on the top of the device and then rock your foot back and forth.

The best workout that you can do for your foot is by doing three 30-seconds stretches. These 30-second stretches will provide you with instant relief in your foot and your calf.

The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker comes with a pamphlet that you should read. The pamphlet includes all the instructions that you must follow to be able to use it. Also, you'll even find some exercises that you can follow.

The information includes various exercises for your legs, ankle, and the quadriceps as well. Stretching the foot with the foot rocker might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but once you've used it for a couple of sessions, it will become comfortable to use as time passes.

Also, you can use it whenever you like, whether you're at work, or at home watching TV, etc. This foot rocker is a great way of making your leg and ankle flexible by reducing any sort of stiffness and getting rid of the pain.

Better than Going to Massage Parlors?

The foot rocker will loosen up your muscles. Once you start using it on a daily basis, you'll notice how much more flexible your feet are. It will also get rid of all the chronic pain and strain as well. Not only this, but you'll immediately notice an instant relief in your calf or foot after using the foot rocker for just a few minutes only.

The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker is believed to be the best solution for all kinds of foot pains and ailments.

Usually, people suffering from such chronic conditions opt for massage parlors to help in reducing the pain but that can be troublesome. You have to take out time to make an appointment and then leave your work early or take a day leave for you to go to the massage parlor.

Commonly, after getting a massage one might feel the need to take a nap. However, you might not be able to enjoy a nap in the parlor and would need to get back home. The whole ordeal can be annoying!

However, with the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker, you don't have to go anywhere. You can stay within the comforts of your house, or you can use it at your office as well to easily get your feet stretched. It doesn't matter what you're doing, reading a newspaper or watching TV; you can still use this foot rocker.

This product also makes for a great investment instead of making trips to a massage parlor and wasting time. With this product, you can watch your favorite show while allowing your feet to relax and do away any pain you might be experiencing.

Pros of the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker:

  • It eliminates foot pains and ailments.
  • It is quite sturdy so it can easily bear your weight.
  • This product has a durable design, and it is bound to last.
  • It is quite cheap when compared to getting regular massages.
  • Extremely easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Portable due to being light in weight.

Cons of the National American Healthcare Foot Rocker

  • Does not fit people who happen to have a shoe size that is over 11-inches.
  • Might take some time to get used to.
  • Not recommended for use on slippery surfaces.

Is the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker effective or not?

The North American Healthcare Foot Rocker is the perfect solution for all of your leg problems. You must understand that leg issues can lead to severe pains and disorders and can even harm your back and spinal cord.

Hurting your back can further immobilize you. Hence it is extremely crucial for you to immediately treat any sort of foot or leg pain or ailment that one might be suffering from.

With the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker, you won't have to do much to get treatment. This device was designed specifically for sports professionals and thus, works great. You can get rid of your lower body pain by using the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker to stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments present in your feet.

This Foot Rocker happens to be quite a simple device that is incredibly easy to get the hang of. It doesn't require any special setup. You can start using it right out the package to help get rid of any foot or leg pain you might be suffering from. Just make sure that you have a foot size that this product is recommended for.

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So, if you are experiencing any foot or leg pain and want to get relieve it, then the North American Health Foot Rocker is a produce you should look into purchasing. It’ll enable you to provide your feet and legs with the proper medically beneficial stretch to fight lower limb ailments.

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