Omiera Toenail Fungus Treatment Review – Does It Work?

Are you looking to treat toenail fungus from the comfort of your own home? Do you find all treatments to be expensive and not as efficient as expected? Provided you have given an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you need to keep on reading. In the following paragraphs, you will find useful information on the toenail fungus treatment from Omiera. Based on the details included in this review, you can decide whether this is something you might want to try or not.


The toenail fungus treatment from Omiera promises to clear up the infection completely, restoring the healthy appearance of your nails. The solution can be applied with the help of a glass dropper, lasting for several months. Given that it comes with its own applicator, there is no need to massage it onto the toenails; this means that the risk of spreading the infection is actually reduced.


The star ingredient is Podiazole, which is well known for its potent antifungal properties. This is one of the most active ingredients against fungal infections, working to ensure that your nails are healthy and attractive once again.

However, the treatment also includes essential oils, such as tea tree oil and lemongrass oil. These can attack the fungus as well, hydrating and nourishing the skin at the same time. Given the combination of well-chosen ingredients, it is no wonder that the treatment can penetrate the toenails and kill the fungus.

Apart from Podiazole and essential oils, the solution also contains: vitamin E, aloe vera, propolis, snakeroot leaf extract, menthol, glycolic acid, glycerin and agaratina extract.


According to the manufacturers, this antifungal treatment can kill the fungus and eliminate the infection in an efficient manner. Moreover, it can whiten the nails, restoring their natural appearance and helping you forget all about yellowing and other changes.

The Omiera toenail fungus treatment is meant to improve the health and appearance of your toenails. Its ingredients can penetrate the nail bed and reach underneath the surface, where the fungus develops and spreads. The ability to penetrate the protective barrier of the toenails is one of the main reasons for its high-level of efficiency.

Using this product on a regular basis, it is guaranteed that your nails will grow healthy again. Apart from its antifungal properties, this solution can act as a whitener; so, you see, it actually has two major benefits to offer, killing the fungus and improving the nail appearance at the same time.

It is also worth mentioning that Omiera toenail fungus treatment has had a high success rate, being recommended by both dermatologists and pharmacists. When a product comes highly recommended, it is definitely worth giving a try.

How to apply

As mentioned above, the solution is easily applied with the help of the included glass dropper. Before the actual application, you have to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly, using a clean towel. For the best results, trim your nails (this will help the solution to penetrate the nail bed, targeting the area where the fungus thrives).

If you are not comfortable with using the glass dropper, you can dip a Q-tip in the solution and apply it in this manner. Always allow the solution to dry before putting on socks; typically, this lasts several minutes.

The recommendation is that you continue the daily application, until you see that the infection has completely vanished. Provided you will apply the solution once a day and follow excellent hygiene standards, you can expect for the new, healthy nail to grow back completely somewhere between 6-12 months.

How fast will I notice results?

While the first results may appear in a few weeks, it is essential to understand and remember that such antifungal treatments require several months to clear up the infection altogether. The more severe the fungal infestation is, the longer it will take for the solution to work.

What matters is that you use it as soon as you have noticed the first signs, such as the yellowing nails. If the fungal infection is left untreated, the fungus will grow and spread; thus, the risk of permanent damage to the nail bed will become significant.


The antifungal solution from Omiera rarely causes side-effects. However, if you experience irritation, redness or a sensation of itchiness, it is recommended to discontinue usage and pay a visit to your dermatologist.


As you will notice for yourself, the antifungal treatment is in the upper price range (especially when compared with other products). However, given its beneficial ingredients and ease of use, the investment is totally worth it. Moreover, one single bottle can last for about two months, which is quite advantageous.


If you have decided to use the Omiera toenail fungus treatment, you should avoid the application of nail polish or other similar products. This can reduce the efficiency of the treatment and prolong its duration.

As this is a treatment containing ingredients with strong antifungal effect, it is recommended to avoid the contact with eyes and other mucosa. If eye contact does occur, wash your eyes with plenty of water and see a specialist physician.

Final Verdict

The Omiera Toenail Fungus Treatment is efficient, its active ingredients working to eliminate fungal infections and restore the healthy appearance of the nails. Containing Podiazole and other beneficial substances, it also acts as a whitener and reduces the risk of the fungal infection spreading.

The solution is easily applied with the help of a glass dropper, being able to penetrate the protective barrier of the toenails. However, the treatment will take several months, during which the daily application is recommended.

While the price might characterize it as an expensive product, it is essential to understand that efficient antifungal treatments are worth the investment. It is far better to choose a high-quality product that really works, as opposed to cheaper and less effective alternatives.

In following this treatment, you are advised to maintain excellent hygiene standards and avoid sharing personal objectives with other people.

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