The OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager Review – Is it Worth Investing?

A lot of people don’t pay attention when it comes to allowing their bodies to rest. Hectic work schedules can quickly take a toll on your body. Whether you’re someone who works in an office or you’re a housewife, your body needs time to relax. A good massage can help destress your muscles but a lot of people don’t have time to visit a spa or call a masseuse over, and they begin searching for an electronic massager.

Numerous brands are offering portable massagers. A lot of them promise that these devices are as good as getting real massages from a spa. However, what you should be cautious when trusting manufacturers that are unreliable.

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A lot of the currently available massagers aren’t of reliable quality, and they end up doing more harm than good. That’s why you should be careful when deciding the kind of massager you want especially if you’re suffering from certain medical conditions or have suffered an injury.

A trustworthy recommendation for a massager is the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager. This product, as the name implies, has been manufactured by OSIM, a leading international Asian brand that aims to first and foremost, inspire well-being.

The OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager

With over 30 years of experience, OSIM is dedicated to developing innovative and healthy lifestyle products to be used worldwide. And that’s why as promised by the company the uPhoria Foot and Calf Massager commits to its guarantee to deliver.

With the way life has become in the modern era, relieving stress and everyday pressures have become mandatory to attain a healthy lifestyle. However, going to the masseuse or routinely going to the spa is both expensive and time-consuming.

If you’re someone who wants to enjoy a soothing massage, then the solution is evident. One needs to look no further than the uPhoria Foot and Calf Massager with its amazingly affordable price range and its multiple settings that vary in specifications to ensure your legs receive the perfect massage each time to use it.

What’s Unique about the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager?

The new and enhanced OSIM uPhoria Leg Massager incorporates both its humanized element with its revolutionary leg massage technology that aims to bring warmth and vigor back to your legs as well as to your life.

The reason why this product is unique is due to the humanized format. What this means is that the uPhoria Massager will feel like a real human masseuse treating your legs to an ethereal experience.

Instead of an outdated massage from just a machine, this product simulates real hand movements due to its specialized technology with soft, pliable fabric panels that mirror the exact movements of a real person.

It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, save your judgment till you hear about the uPhoria’s 5-in-1 special settings that can be fine-tuned to cater to your specific needs at the time you sit down for a massage.

This device’s settings include:

  • The Calf gliding with kneading massage which targets the upper part of the leg.
  • Wrap-around squeeze massage which is great for getting all around the leg with the precision of a machine but the warmth of the soft human touch.
  • Roller reflexology massage that focuses on providing relief from a build of pressure in specific areas of the legs.
  • The Vibration massage and Warmth therapy settings which use both heat energy and pulsating technologies to soothe you.

Another great thing about the uPhoria Foot and Calf Massager is the fact that it uses the age old ancient Chinese form of manipulative therapy called Tui Na which has both spiritual and physical benefits.

The belief included in such kind of treatment is that by targeting special key joint areas of the lower body known as the eight gates, the individual would get their defensive Chi or energy levels up. This practice is strongly associated with the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

This product is great for relief after a long day in heels; vital for working women where heels can be a requirement of the job dress code. However, there is no limit to who this product may benefit.

To entertain a wide array of the different types of people who may utilize this product, the uPhoria Foot and Calf Massager has 8 built-in Lifestyle Massage programs. Theseprograms are extremely beneficial because everyone in the family can make use of the settings that suit them the best.

The built-in programs include:

  • The High heels and Toning settings, both of which are categorized as Ladies favorites in the market.
  • The Energize mode which gives a quick energy boost for handling everyday routines.
  • The Sleep and Relax settingswhich offer a more soft and subtle way to relax and let loose.
  • The Reflexology mode which focuses on certain pressure points.
  • The Sports Recovery mode which aims to treat any sports related injury.
  • The Senior mode which is apt for the elderly and treating ailments that occur with the passage of time such as arthritis.

So depending on your needs and who’s going to be using this device you can easily set this massager to the appropriate mode for relaxation and treating pain.

The OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager’s key features include the alleviation of muscle aches and strain, activating the vital reflex points that trigger the body’s natural detoxification processes and aiding in healthy circulation and muscle soothing strategies.

The product itself has a couple of really cool and convenient specifications. For example, the adjustable lock-lever which will allow the user to set the device at whatever angle is most comfortable for them, as well as the fact that the fabric covering can be easily unzipped and detached to be washed at your ease.

Fully equipped with extra features such as an auto timer that goes to a max of 15 minutes per cycle, and 3 distinct speed settings, this massager is something you should consider investing in if you want a relaxed life.

This massager measures about 60.0 cm (L) X 49.1 cm (W) X 45.5 cm (H) in a fully reclined position and 52.6 cm (L) X 49.1 cm (W) X 51.6 cm (H) in a fully inclined position. It has a net weight of about 17.5kg.Furthermore, it warms up to 54 degrees Celsius which is its highest setting. The massager is currently available in gray.

The design and weight of this massager make it portable. This means that you can easily place it in any room you want. It won’t get in your way if you’re reading a book or watching T.V. If you’re able to, you can also place this massager in your office to enjoy a wonderfully destressing massage during lunch hours or even while working.

This device is also ideal for housewives who don’t have time to visit a spa but still want to feel relaxed at home. Furthermore, diabetic patients can also use this massager to help regulate proper blood flow in their legs.

How to Use the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager

This easy-to-operate massager comes with a manual. Even if you’re someone who hasn’t previously used such kinds of massagers, you can allow yourself to relax by following a few simple steps.

  1. Set the massager anywhere you prefer. Make sure you have a chair or sofa to sit in as it won’t work while standing.
  2. Unzip the fabric and place your legs inside the intended space. You can also adjust the calf width.
  3. Zip up the fabric.
  4. Use the buttons that are located in the middle of the device at the top.
  5. You can adjust the speed, modes, heat intensity, and more until you’re satisfied with what you want from this device.
  6. Now sit back and enjoy as the massager soothes your legs to provide you with an incredible sensation that will travel throughout your body.
  7. It is recommended that you don’t exceed the 15-minutes massage time per use.
  8. You can use this massager any or as many times as you want. However, limiting it to twice or thrice a day is recommended.

Before you use this massager, you should consult with your doctor if you have a leg injury or any cuts and bruises.


  • Portable design.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Humanized Format.
  • Promotes better blood flow.
  • Can be used by the elderly.
  • Variable speed modes.
  • Includes 8 different massage-lifestyle options.
  • Can provide heated massages.
  • Adjustable Calf-width.
  • Washable fabric.


  • The noise could be annoying to beginners.
  • It might take some time to properly figure out at which setting this massager works best.
  • The design might come across as too bulky for some users.
  • Some users might not appreciate legs being confined when using this device.

Final Verdict

With its portable design as well as variable speeds and lifestyle modes among other numerous features, the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager is one that you should consider investing in. This massager will provide you with an experience that matches a real masseuse due to its humanized format. The variable settings are more than capable of offering you a massage of the intensity that you prefer.

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