Our Top 5 – The Best and Recommended Plantar Fasciitis Flip-Flops

Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that has a grave effect on an individual’s feet. In fact, this medical condition is quite common, and the patient suffers excruciating stabbing pains that run all the way from the toes to their heel.

In the case where you also suffer from plantar fasciitis or know someone who does, you should make sure that you wear such shoes that help to improve this painful medical condition affecting.

One kind of footwear that you should definitely consider if you are a victim of plantar fasciitis is flip-flops. The most effective flip-flops for such a condition should have supportive and firm soles with rubber grips to avoid slipping.

In turn, this will also reduce the amount of strain that is put on the foot. Moreover, the flip-flops should have a soft underside so that your feet remain aligned and the intensity of pain is reduced.

So, if you’re in the market to buy such footwear, here are the five of the best flip-flops for plantar fasciitis that you need to consider.

Top 5 plantar fasciitis flip-flops:


#1 Olukai Ohana Sandal – Women’s (OluKai)

These sandals are perhaps the most suitable for female patients of plantar fasciitis. The synthetic leather used for making the strap is water resistant. The neoprene backer, waterproof properties and quick dry lining of these flip-flops ensure that this footwear lasts long and doesn’t develop unpleasant odors. Nobody likes smelly footwear.

Furthermore, the material used in the Olukai Ohana sandal is both durable and breathable which means that you can use it around water as well as in it. There’s no need for you to worry anymore about getting these flip-flops wet if you want to enjoy the rain because they won’t be harmed.

The outsole of this footwear is made using a non-marking rubber. This rubber is a mixture of synthetic and natural rubber due to which these flip-flops don’t leave any marks regardless of the kind of surface you happen to be walking on.

Not only do these sandals have a perimeter design, but they are also slip-resistant thanks to the rubber sole which offers anti-grip properties. Moreover, the anatomical EVA midsole with soft ICEVA footbed of these flip-flops is molded to make sure that your heel is sufficiently supported and your feet are aligned well.

Both of these factors contribute towards reducing the pain experienced due to plantar fasciitis. Who says there isn’t comfortable footwear for you if you’re suffering from such a medical condition.

Since this footwear has a molded shape, there is a guarantee that it will fit your feet perfectly. All in all, the Olukai Ohana sandal for women is definitely worth buying.


  • Molded shape that fits foot perfectly.
  • Made of comfortable material.
  • Increased stability due to anti-grip rubber sole.
  • Available in various colors.


  • Narrow for a few feet sizes.
  • Sandal leaves color on feet.



#2 Vionic with Orthaheel Bella II Women’s Sandal (Vionic)

This pair of flip-flops is also designed for women. An impressive feature of the Vionic with Orthaheel Bella II Women’s Sandal is that while they are feminine and gorgeous to look at they’re also quite practical.

The upper portion of this flip-flop has been made using a synthetic rubber. It also has an eye-catching bow detail. Moreover, this flip-flop also has metal box tips which will surely grab the attention of those around you.

The bedding of this useful product is made using EVA which is flexible as well as soft. So, while walking, you will be extremely comfortable, and because of the rubber outsole, your chances of slipping will be almost zero. For additional luxury and comfort, these flip-flops include a microfiber insole.

The big question is that how does this pair of flip-flop help patients experiencing pain because of plantar fasciitis? This sandal has an arch support for the middle section of your foot while the deep heel cup is on the back of your feet.

With this footwear, your foot is kept in the correct position which allows your plantar fascia to stretch and flex which in turn reduces the pain.

The insole made of EVA has been designed biomechanically and is wrapped using microfiber. The insole, moreover, provides arch support and the deep heel cup pampers your foot with each step you take.

Furthermore, the insole also has tri-planar motion control and ortho-heel technology which contributes towards decreasing over-pronation. All of these features maintain the natural position of your foot so that you are provided with the kind of comfort that lasts. You might not want to take off these flip-flops at all.


  • It’s available in various pretty colors.
  • Curved sporty shape.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Microfiber wrapped.


  • Wider than standard size.



#3 OOFOS OOriginal Unisex Thong Sandals Spring 2016 (OOFOS)

These flip-flops are unisex orthopedic sandals. The foot bed of these flip-flops by OOFOS is patented. Due to its efficient ability to absorb impacts, these flip-flops help to speed up the recovery process of the wearer.

The proprietary foot bed, as well as the attractive design, makes this footwear worth buying due to the support and comfort provided. Take note that if you can wear these flip-flops for an entire day, and you will experience no pain at all as long as you wear them. The OOFOS OOriginal Unisex Thong Sandals are amazing for individuals who need to walk around due to work.

The footbed featured in this footwear has been designed biomechanically which permits natural motion. Apart from being stylish, the sandals are extremely comfortable and provide sufficient support including support for the arch to alleviate the pain felt during a plantar fasciitis injury.

The product has been made using Oofoam which has the ability to absorb around 37% more shock as compared to other materials.

While cradling your arches, these flip-flops also reduce the stress you experience on the lower back, sore feet, and knees. Moreover, this product is machine washable.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Well-cushioned.
  • Has support for the foot arch.


  • Available only in one color.



#4 Chaco Men’s Flip Ecotread Flip-Flop Sandal (Chaco)

This Men’s Flip Ecotread Flip-Flop Sandal by Chaco is perhaps one of the best footwear for men who have to experience a lot of pain due to plantar fasciitis. The feature that makes this sandal stand out is the fact that they make absolutely no sound while walking. The foot bed of this ‘Ecotrend’ flip-flop is made out of polyurethane.

This flip-flop has been designed in such a way that it’s slip resistant because of which the patient can have the greatest user experience while walking or even sitting. The foot bed has a diamond pattern which makes the sandal eye-catching and attractive. Like other sandals, this pair of flip-flops also has a heel cup which has been contoured to provide excellent support to the arch.

The webbing strap is made using a water friendly material which means that you can use it in and around water without worrying about spoiling the footwear. The ecotread outsole is made using 25% recycled rubber. So this sandal doesn’t only care about your feet but also about the environment as well!

Due to all of the features mentioned above, you can wear these flip-flops while going on a hike as well because you’ll be absolutely comfortable!


  • Excellent support for the arch.
  • Durability is quite commendable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Best for people who have wide feet.


  • Little slippery on wet surfaces.
  • Might be too tight for bigger feet.



#5 Spenco Yumi Sandal Flip-Flop (Spenco)

Among the best flip-flops for plantar fasciitis, that is the most comfortable and have great arch support, this pair of flip-flops by Spenco also holds a position. The foot bed of this footwear is compression molded as well as contoured which means that it offers a sufficient amount of arch support.

It is widely known that this brand has been linked quite frequently with high-grade orthotic sandals and health. This footwear is mostly made out of polyester while the sole of this sandal has been made using a high-quality rubber. The outsole of this pair of flip flops is a non-marking ‘Ecotread’ which is made using recycled rubber.

The webbing strap is water friendly which ensures that the sandals last for a long time. The logo placed at the side heel gives this footwear a stylish look. The footbed is made out of luvseat polyurethane which is slip resistant and has a diamond pattern.


  • Very suitable for people with flat feet.
  • Provides sufficient support for arch.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Provides steady support.


  • Doesn’t last long.
  • Makes noise while walking.
  • The design might not be for everyone.



Final Verdict

While all of the flip-flops sandals above do a good job in providing adequate relief from the pain because of plantar fasciitis, the best one is perhaps the unisex original sandal by OOFOS.

However, information for all of the five has been provided above so that you can decide the one which will serve you the best. So, go ahead and purchase the flip-flops which completely suit your needs.

About the Author John Campbell

As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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