Pure Northwest Foot and Toenail System Review – Does It Work?

Toenail fungus is a common complaint among many people, being also known as one of the most persistent infections (and, hence, difficult to treat). While oral medication recommended for the treatment of such infections can have a number of discomforting side-effects, topical solutions remain a good choice. The most preferred ones are those containing natural remedies, such as tea tree oil. Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on the Pure Northwest Foot and Toenail System, a complex of three products meant to help you get rid of your fungal infection for good.

Three solutions for one problem

The Pure Northwest Foot and Toenail System contains three products, all of them being meant to treat your foot and nail fungal infection effectively. With these natural solutions, you will be able to enjoy healthy feet and nails once more. These products are easy to use, safe and they offer additional benefits, hydrating and nourishing the skin to perfection.

Antifungal foot & body wash

It contains a number of essential oils, including tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, oregano and rosemary; all of these oils have potent antifungal properties, as well as a deep cleansing and refreshing effect. Other ingredients include coconut extract, aloe vera and Atlantic Sea kelp. The foot & body wash is best used with a scrub brush, being highly effective in removing the fungal debris from the nail bed.

ReNew Nail Solution

The nail solution has essential oils as active ingredients as well, such as: jojoba, tea tree, oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus and camphor. These are organic and their therapeutic properties work wonders on fungal-infected toenails. It is recommended to apply the solution directly to the nails, after these have been thoroughly cleaned.

The formula is meant not only to eliminate the fungal infection but also to strengthen the nails and encourage their healthy growth. The ingredients are 100% natural and they can penetrate the nail bed, helping you get rid of discomforting symptoms (burning sensation, itchiness etc.). You can use it to restore the healthy appearance of your nails, forgetting all about thickening and discoloration.

Foot soak

The foot soak contains a unique blend of ingredients, including Epsom salt, tea tree oil and other essential oils. It is meant to soften the thickened skin and nails, speeding up the healing process at the same time.

After soaking your feet in this solution, you will find it easier to trim your nails and apply antifungal treatments. As already mentioned, tea tree oil has excellent antifungal properties. Moreover, a foot soak is very relaxing, alleviating the pain, discomfort and irritation caused by the fungus.


The Pure Northwest Foot and Toenail System has a number of advantages to offer, being both fast and effective in removing foot and nail fungal infections. The star ingredients are essential oils, with tea tree oil standing at the top of the list. Used on a regular basis, they stimulate the healing of the skin and prevent reoccurrences of such infections.

The ingredients penetrate the nail bed and treat the fungal infection in an efficient manner. They have not only antifungal but also antibacterial and antiseptic properties, restoring the healthy appearance of both nails and feet. Moreover, thanks to hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba oil and aloe vera, they soften the nails and make trimming easier.

The formulas are all natural, which also means that they can be safely used, without any risks of side-effects. They stimulate the healthy nail growth and provide relief from the symptoms caused by the fungus (itchiness, burning sensation etc.). All of the three solutions can help you get rid of the foul odor, as well as improve the appearance of discolored nails.


While this is not a disadvantage per say, all three products require an efficient routine. They have to be used on a daily basis, exactly as instructed, in order to deliver the expected results. So, if you want to escape the fungal infection and enjoy healthy nails once again, consistency is key.

How to use

The antifungal wash can be used in the shower, several times per day. With the help of a small brush, apply the wash and scrub both feet and toes thoroughly. This will help you remove the debris caused by the fungus.

The ReNew solution can be applied directly to the nails. It is recommended to use the applicator and wait until the solution becomes completely dry, before washing your feet. You can also apply the solution and put on a pair of clean socks, leaving the active ingredients to do their magic.

Last, but not least, the foot soak is pretty simple to use. Add the solution to warm water and soak your feet for at least a quarter of an hour. When done, use a clean towel to dry your feet thoroughly.

Money back guarantee

The three-product antifungal solution comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, which goes to attest its quality and promise for actual results. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can take advantage of this guarantee and recover your investment.

Final verdict

Fungal infections are difficult to treat, requiring a long period of time before they go away. Physicians often recommend oral medication for the treatment of such infections but these cause discomforting side-effects. Topical solutions, on the other hand, are more effective and, when they have natural formulas, the risk of side-effects is considerably lower.

The Pure Northwest Foot and Toenail System is an excellent solution for fungal infections, providing you with the opportunity to attack the fungus from three different angles. You have the foot and body wash, the nail solution and foot soak, all of them containing natural ingredients, with potent antifungal properties.

This system is meant to help you get rid of the foot and nail fungal infection for good. It attacks the fungus, removing symptoms such as the foul odor, burning sensation and itchiness. It can improve the overall appearance of the nails and eliminate both thickness and discoloration. As mentioned, in order to obtain the desired results, it is important to be consistent and use these products on a daily basis.

About the Author John Campbell

As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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