TheRaflow Dual Foot Wooden Massager Review – Helpful Product

Hundreds of thousands of people after coming home from a hard day at work yearns for massages and why shouldn’t they? Massages provide the ultimate relaxation, relief from stress and many other benefits to one’s body.

However, a majority of people like to have muscle massages or body massages so as to get rid of the consumed fatigues and stiffness in various parts of their body. It also improves blood flow and metabolism, stimulates the secretion of sweat, mobilizes fat, and helps to accelerate the flow of blood through the tissue.

Furthermore, massage is also good when it comes to maintaining the beauty of the skin because it makes it appear supple and healthy. Hence we get a youthful look to feel happy about. Also, massaging helps eliminate lactic acid from the body, facilitates digestion and affects the overall muscles stretch and relax reflex.

Massaging and applying pressure on specific points of the feet (i.e. reflexology) can also ease symptoms of various ailments and helps you when it comes to improving and maintaining healthy organ function.

Have you ever tried a foot massage? If not, then you probably should because it works wonders.

It is recommended to try and massage your feet every night before going to bed to sleep. The treatment will be most effective if the said massage lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Foot massage is a way to heal your body.

A very large number of nerve endings happen to be concentrated on the soles of our feet, and opposite ends of those same nerves are spread in all other parts of our body. Accordingly, feet also tend to represent a map of the whole body.

When you massage them, meaning your feet, you actually stimulate the nerve endings as well as other parts of the body through these nerves. This is why it is said that both our feet play an important role in maintaining the health of our nervous system.

In fact, experts make use of massage in a very specific manner, pressing their thumbs on the precise points to improve wellbeing. Firmly press for a few seconds, and then move on to the next point.

However, instead of working your way through thumbs, you can use a perfect product for such massages: TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller!

What is a TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Massager?

The item presented above is a two-footed roller massager introduced by a US-based company TheraFlow: a company that manufactures and distributes high quality health & wellness products, primarily massage-related products like foot massagers and electric massagers.

The two-footed roller massager is made of wood and uses a variety of rollers with small hard nubs to apply pressure to your feet. This pressure is designed to relax the muscles in your feet to alleviate pain and other problems like Plantar Fasciitis.

The ones in need are supposed to keep their feet on the rollers separated by a piece of wood in the middle while sitting down. It is recommended to be one of the best products to relieve tension and pain from your feet hence providing ultimate relaxation and relief. It is made with extreme precision and care and is more stable than makeshift rollers so you can use it on carpets or any dry surfaces without the risk of accidents/injuries.

This roller, which works on the application of pressure, improves overall blood circulation along the heel and toe regions. These are also the regions where we often experience a tingling sensation that is because of very low blood flow.

The usage of this roller has also proven to help produce endorphins. This biological chemical will make you feel better not just physically but also mentally.

The practice of using pressure and acupuncture to heal has been practiced for centuries and as we can evidently see has proven to be a great success over the years.

Who Can Use the Massager?

The TheraFlow massager can be used by anyone in need of foot-relief. It deals with relieving foot pain related to neuropathy, gout, plantar fasciitis, and pregnancy-related foot swelling. It can improve blood circulation and make you experience reflexology massage on both the feet.

As its portable and light weight hence it can be carried anywhere whether in your workplace or at your home. If you’re not looking for an expensive electric device that also boasts advanced features such as heat and automatic massage, then this can be good enough for you.


  1. This product boasts 10 independent rollers (meaning they are 5 for each foot). The first four rollers of this product have ridges while the last one features very prominent nubs. You can press your feet down on these rollers for about 2-3 seconds (Acupressure Mode) if you want to stimulate specific parts of your feet. Alternatively, you can also roll your feet on the massager in opposite directions (Kneading Mode). This will improve blood circulation in your body.
  2. It has been designed to suit feet of all sizes and can be used by numerous people.It’s also lightweight (weighing only 1.6 lbs.) so you can carry it in your bag and bring it anywhere you go.
  3. It has a sturdy and stable solid construction. It has been made from high-quality and polished Thecae wood.
  4. The product dimensions come in at 7.1 x2 x 2.2 inches. This makes it very portable.

How to Use This Product?

As mentioned above, this product basically consists of two modes: Acupressure mode and Kneading mode. However, sometimes Acupuncture mode is used as well which allows you to put pressure on the massager hence inducing pleasure.

Acupressure Mode: In this method, you are required to position your feet on the device’s rollers, applying pressure on your feet across all of the five rows, holding them there for a few seconds, and then releasing. This will push the nubs into your feet and start to simulate a very stimulating acupressure treatment. It is recommended to be done at least more than once during a day for effective treatment.

Kneading Mode: This mode requires simply rolling your feet back and forth over the device’s effective rollers without pressing down too hard on them. Using this particular method is necessary for only a few minutes at a time during each treatment. Take note that three or more treatments of this type should be more than enough in a single day.


  • You should avoid using this massager in a wet environment. This foot massage, as mentioned, is made of wood and pieces of metal. That is why it will deteriorate when exposed to water. In addition to that, take note that using the rollers while standing in shower puts you at risk of experiencing falls and other related injuries.
  • Also, don’t use this device while standing on both feet, no matter how much you want to.Apart from potentially losing your balance, doing so will also destroy this wooden massager that is not designed to withstand all the pressure from your weight. If you want to use it while standing, it is recommended to only put one foot on the massager while the other foot is on the ground.


  • Very stable and doesn’t easily slide out of the position provided that you use it in a dry place.
  • Let’s you have control over how much pressure to apply on your feet.
  • Best used in sitting position.
  • Massages all areas of the feet including heel.
  • No outlet or electricity needed hence power can be saved.
  • Ridges and nubs are sharp enough to hit your pressure points but not pointy enough to cause pain.
  • Perfect for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Works perfectly for people with large feet as well.
  • Easy to use foot massage action.j) Portable for use in a variety of situations at home.
  • Built with tough wood which resists wear.


  • Tends to be a little noisy after repeated use.
  • Not the best massager for people with higher arched feet.
  • Tends to be a little expensive as compared to other foot massagers.
  • Should not be purchased if pain resides in only one foot.
  • Strength of the wood can be too tough for some people.

Final Verdict

So now no matter what or how hard a day had been at work or rigorous pressure you had to face, you can relieve all your tension with this easily available portable yet reliable foot massager. It is rare to find products with such efficiency nowadays hence it is highly recommended to all the people to try it out.

The company TheraFlow apart from this provides a lifetime guarantee support as well and detailed instructions about usage etc. in the provided box hence putting the customer’s relief first. The dual foot wooden massager easily alleviates all the pains as well as aches and excruciating heel spurs along with plantar fasciitis and provides ultimate relief, relaxation, and ailments to your body.

It uses the power of reflexology to ease your muscle’s tissues and tendons so you can get on with your day, prepare for tomorrow or just feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Most importantly, providing reflexology without electricity can be extremely intense and this product delivers high marking result so I don’t see how minor problems can outweigh such great benefits. The company follows six simple principles to ensure a great customer service all around the globe.

They work to provide RELIEF against all sorts of pains and other ailments. RELAXATION, after having tired sore and achy feet hence promoting better blood flow to enhance overall health. They try to promote VERSATILITY by making this massager perfect for all feet sizes and very portable weighing only 1.6lbs.

They offer RELIABILITY by ensuring its sturdy, stable and has solid construction; made from high quality, polished thecae wood and lastly, they offer LIFETIME GUARANTEE hence covering defects and damages, refunding and replacing your purchase if you aren’t satisfied.

About the Author John Campbell

As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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