Detailed Review of AW White 40W Ankle Foot Massager

Massage, perhaps, can be one of the most efficient ways to relief the stress your body is carrying and to improve your sleep. A foot massage is very effective and an essential thing for everyone especially for those who walk a long way daily as well as for athletes.

Research shows that even a 10-minute foot massage can reduce pain, stress, and anxiety and make one’s mood better. In today’s busy world, no one has enough free time to spend at a parlor, massage salons or with a therapist. As the world is heading toward an advanced technological era, the best way to get relief from the stress is through an electronic foot massager.

There are several products out there, by various brands that guarantee amazing massages. However, not all of them are of high-quality, but if you want a soothing foot massage, then you should go for the AW white 40W ankle foot massager.

This massager is a highly effective massager with the best quality and is good for your physiological as well as psychological health. It is a perfect massager for sustaining your health and fitness. Whether you want to relieve pain due to a sports injury or want to remove the stress after a hectic day, this massager can cater to all your needs.


This white colored AW 40W ankle foot massager is made up of excellent quality ABS having 5 buttons (time, model strength, heating and on /off) to make this massager user-friendly. Furthermore, 3 different kinds of mode and 2 levels of strength options are also available so that user can set it according to their choice.

On this multifunctional massager, an LCD monitor is attached to display time. It can also be operated through a handy touch panel on the unit.

The overall dimension of this massager is 13 3/8’’L x 11 3/8’’W x 8 ¼’’H with a frequency of 60Hz. The length of wire which would be plugged into the main switch measures 4.9 feet (1.5m). It runs through 40W power with a voltage of 110V.

The clothes attached to the massager are detachable and washable so that you can easily clean them. The word multifunctional above is used because of its multifunctional abilities including kneading, rolling, scraping, air-pressing and heating.

Kneading contains a few wheels that efficiently move in a wave pattern, going up and down at the bottom of your feet, thus providing you relief. Once it is heated properly, it gives you a more rejuvenating and relaxed experience.

AW white 40W ankle foot massager doesn’t massage the upper side of your feet because all of the rollers are at the lower side. Therefore, it only touches the lower part and the sides of your feet. However, the massager does successfully press down on the top of your foot, soothing your muscles.

The entire design of massager is structured in such a way that it doesn’t create a problem while you are using it for yourself or anyone else. This foot massager has features similar to its competitors, but this one is more affordable.

A detailed guidebook also comes with the package to provide complete guidance to users.

Benefits Of AW White 40W Ankle Foot Massager

This massager has many advantages. In fact, it can be a life changer as it improves your metabolism, reduces stress, increases blood circulation, promotes relaxation and improves sleep which leads to a healthy and happy lifestyle. This foot massager not only relieves your stress and pain but also helps to prevent injuries, therefore making it quite beneficial for athletes.

It is highly convenient for those who cannot make an appointment for salons and therapist so with this massager you can save your time as it can relieve your pain and stress in a few minutes rather than hours that are consumed when visiting a therapist. Some massagers need complex techniques to work, but this one is so easy to deal with due to its user-friendly features.

Due to its adjustable features, AW White 40W ankle foot massager can be used on children and old age people without any fear of harm. It always delivers a soothing, relaxing, and invigorating massage every time you use it.

For athletes, it is one of the best devices as it can help to relieve pain due to pre-existing injuries. Its features work much better than its other counterparts, and the price of this massager is much more pocket-friendly than the others. The element that it can be used without the risk of hurting yourself is what encourages professionals to recommend it. Purchase of this massager can make your life a little easier as the need to visit a therapist will fade away due to this easily controllable multifunctional massager.

How To Use AW White 40W Ankle Foot Massager:

Using this device is one of the easiest things. Simply sit on a chair, position your feet on the massager, and plug the wire in the switchboard. It runs through a 40W power with a voltage of 110V. Switch on the device and regulate it according to your need. As mentioned above this massager has 5 buttons (time, mode, strength, on/off and heat) on top of the unit. You should start it from the lowest setting and see how your feet feel.

You can also regulate the time length of the massage, the mode, strength, on/off and heat accordingly. This massager can easily be controlled through the touch pad with a light tap of your feet or fingers.

Recommendation for sensitive feet people is that they should wear socks or use a towel to feel comfortable while using this massager. Other than all of this a complete guidance manual comes up with this massager having all the information you need to use it.

Why choose this massager

  • Improved lifestyle

It improves your metabolism, reduces stress, increases blood circulation, and promotes relaxation which leads to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • Multifunctional

Multifunctional features (kneading, rolling, scraping, air-pressing and heating) allow you to experience different ways to sooth your muscles.

  • Helps prevent injuries

This massager not only reduces pain but also gives strength to your skin which contributes to preventing injuries.

  • No age restriction

Due to its adjustable functions, AW White 40W ankle foot massager can be used by every age group without any risk of harm.

  • Time saver

You have the option of setting the duration of your massage according to the time you can spare.

  • User-friendly

Due to its features, it is much more user-friendly and handy than other massagers. You can even control it through your fingertips.

  • Maintenance

Its maintenance is relatively very easy as it comes with clothes that are detachable and washable. You can use this cloth for cleaning the machine and keeping it in good condition.

  • Affordable

AW white 40W ankle foot massager has everything you need to reduce your stress and pain with the best quality. Moreover, the price is highly affordable as compared to other similar products.

  • Guideline Manual

AW white 40W ankle foot massager comes up with an instruction manual which contains all the necessary information you will need to handle it and make its usage easier.


A power supply is required as it is not rechargeable. You cannot use it without any source of power supply.

It is not for people with big feet. The maximum foot size fit in this massager is 9. It can also be harmful to people with sensitive feet as they can’t bear the intensity of unit but they can use socks and towels to reduce the intense effect of the massager.


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Feature-rich
  • Assists in preventing injuries


  • Temperature is not adjustable
  • Not rechargeable
  • Not suitable for sensitive and big feet

Final Verdict

In conclusion, AW White 40W ankle foot massager is highly recommended by professionals and therapist due to its multifunctional, easy to use features and the convenience it provides. This is one of the best foot massager currently available in the market with an affordable price tag.

This product is ideal for massages to maintain good health as well as for helping you recover and prevent injuries by increasing blood flow and giving strength to your feet muscles. As far as quality is concerned, the plastic used in this massager is environment-friendly.

To make your life better and stress-free, AW White 40W ankle foot massager is one of the best ways to reduce stress and pain and make you feel relaxed all day long.

Another good thing about this massager is that there is no age limit in the usage of this massager. After purchasing this fantastic product, there is no need to make an appointment with a therapist which saves your time and money.

It can surely work as a good and efficient massager with a limited amount of money, considering you will only have to pay for the minimal power usage once you buy it. Whether your foot is in pain due to some injury or you have had a hectic day, AW White 40W ankle foot massager is the best way to keep yourself calm and stress-free.

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