Review of Body Back Foot Roller Large and Porcupine Massage Ball

The body is like an engine, and it gets exhausted when it works overtime. There is a limit to which you can push your body while working, after which your muscles will get tense, and your mind will not be able to work as nicely as needed. It is for this reason that we need to get our bodies rejuvenated through rest.

With work comes stress and this stress has to be released otherwise it has adverse effects on the body. Taking a nap might take your mind off of whatever you are worried about. However, if you really want to keep your body safe from negative effects of stress, then you are in dire need of something that allows your muscles to release the tension that is accumulated.

Not everything is fixed with the help of a pill or a good night’s sleep. What good are these if you are going to face all the problems again when you wake up and step outside? Your body requires something effective so that it can keep up with the requirements of daily life.

The best thing that can help you release all the stress from the hard day at work is a good massage. Your muscles can relax and all that you had to see for the day can be forgotten at least temporarily. Different kinds of massages work differently on your body, but the results are only positive, whether it is for your limbs or for your back.

If you are not comfortable because your hands and feet need a massage, you do not really need to go anywhere to get the said massage. You can get an effective massage at home while watching television or relaxing your room.

All you need to do is to buy Body Back Company’s Porcupine Spiky Massage Therapy Ball. It is very effective at the job that it has been made for and you will not be disappointed once you start using it. A low price solution is only an order away, and your hands and feet will come to normal condition once again.

Body Back Company’s Porcupine Spiky Massage Therapy Ball

There is always a need for a particular solution for every problem that you face. You cannot go for a jog to get rid of your headache, in fact, it might aggravate it further. You can also not afford to eat ice cream if you have a bad throat. Similarly, if your hands and feet are tired because of all the work that you have to do daily, a nap or a medicine might not be able to help you a lot.

It is for such days that this spiky massage therapy ball was made by Body Back Company. All you need to do is squeeze it, and it will do the rest for you. On the face of it, this product might not look effective, but it is able to stimulate blood circulation because of the pressure applied by your hand and hence bring comfort for your hand. You might realize that your strength has increased due to the use of the therapy ball overtime. What is better than being energized by using a therapy ball in little time? Wouldn’t it save you the cost of going somewhere and then paying for the massage?

The therapy ball is small enough to be carried anywhere, and that means you don’t have to be home to use it. Use it whenever you are tired of typing or writing in the office, and you desperately need a break to let your hand rest a bit. Who is going to look behind the table when you are working on it? No one! So you shouldn’t have a problem getting a foot massage through this ball while working on an important task in the office. Portability of any product makes it easier to use and only adds to your convenience.

Your body works in different ways and responds to different things. It definitely does respond to pressure being applied by another item on your muscles so that the pain and stress can be dealt with. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and this is the mechanism that allows the ball to work so well.

The nodules on the ball provide an effect that is similar to kneading and promote healing of the hands and feet by accessing the innermost layers of the muscles when you squeeze it. Even when you go for a walk, you can use the ball and it will only contribute to benefits for the body.

The product is handy, and the dimensions are 6 x 3 x 4 inches. The weight of the massage ball makes it easy to carry as it is just over 3 ounces in weight.

What makes it different than others?

The ball is different to others because of the quality. There is nothing more than the quality of the product that customers want because the said quality is what will provide you with the results you’re looking for. The material used has to be good enough to do what it is supposed to. The porcupine therapy ball by Body Back is good when it comes to quality as it can take a good amount of pressure and allow you to make the best use of it. Not all massage balls are reliable because of the quality of materials used to make it. Also, not all massage balls have spikes but the one from Body Back does and it only adds to the utility that you can derive from the massage ball.

You will see that those who are in need of this ball will really understand what it is able to do once the ball is used. Until you have used a product, you cannot understand completely, what it is able to do. There is ease in using the massage ball as all that is needed from you is to put pressure on it with your feet or your hand, and that will be enough.

Benefits of using Body Back’s massage ball

The first benefit is that you can get quick relief from the aching hands and feet. Work really does take a toll on our bodies, and it is obvious that we need to make an effort to help ourselves get rid of the pain. This massage ball is a tool that is one of the easiest to use. You do not need special efforts nor do you need to go to a specific place to use it. Take it out of your pocket and start using it whenever you feel the need to do so.

The second benefit is the size that makes it easier to use than most products. We have already discussed above why size matters. The product is in a round shape, so it allows you to move it easily and work with it on your muscles smoothly. If nothing else, the spikes might be able to provide you with a better grip on the ball while you are using it. It will not slip out of your hands every now and then and the spikes will give you better control on the movement of the ball.

It is important for you to get good value for the money you pay. If you can get a good hands and feet massage for a few dollars, there really isn’t a purpose behind asking some else, mostly at a parlor, to work on your hand and feet muscles and pay them a relatively healthy amount.

People with muscle injuries can really make use of the ball in order to speed up the recovery process and the ball is really effective at doing this job. It also provides strength to your hands with time and it is because the hand is constantly applying pressure on something. You might need a heavier ball soon to meet your new massage needs after you are used to squeezing the old massage balls easily.


  • Affordability is the biggest of advantages of the ball.
  • Ease of use.
  • Portable.
  • Meets needs of people with sensitive feet or hands.


  • Might not be able to provide the expected deep massage.
  • Needs to be used carefully as it will not withstand too much pressure.

Final Verdict

The ball is useful and will help many with releasing stress and dealing with aching hands and feet. However, if you are going to buy the therapy ball by Body Back, you should first understand what it does and whether or not it meets your specific needs.

Different people are in need of different hardness of the ball due to different reasons so you should also consider whether this ball is hard enough for the purpose that you are buying it for. If you have injured tissues, you might want to get a softball. If you have developed a habit of using the ball regularly, then you might want to switch to a heavier one after some time as the old one will not be as difficult for you.

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