Complete Review of Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment

When you suffer from a fungal infection, your nails change their appearance and a foul odor is constantly present. It comes naturally to seek out a treatment that really works, hoping that the fungus will go away as soon as it is possible. If you are looking to try out a new solution, keep on reading and discover a wealth of useful information on Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment.


Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment is recommended to those who suffer from fungal infections, being appreciated for its potent properties and ability to kill fungus at the source. According to the manufacturers, the active ingredient contained in this product is tolnaftate, which is well-known for its antifungal properties.

The product has been marketed as safe to use on both skin and nails, which is a huge advantage. Many of the other treatment solution recommended for antifungal infections are not meant for the skin, being exclusively applied on the nails. The specialized formula of this treatment solution prevents the fungus from spreading, being recommended for even the most stubborn infections. At the same time, it is gentle on the skin, you can use it with confidence.


As it was already mentioned above, the active ingredient in this treatment appears in the form of a potent antifungal agent. Tolnaftate, upon being administered topically, it prevents the fungus from growing and thriving. The treatment solution contains a number of other inactive ingredients, such as allantoin, propylene glycol, capric triglycerides and water. Given that it is available as a liquid formula, it is easily absorbed into the skin and nails (few drops are enough for the treatment to work its magic).

How to apply

Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment is easy to apply and, with consistent usage, it leads to positive results. You can use it not only on the infected nails but also on the surrounding skin.

Before the actual application, it is recommended to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. To facilitate the absorption of the treatment solution, you should trim your nails straight across. You can use special clippers for this purpose, as this will help the solution to better penetrate the nail.

It is recommended to apply several drops to the infected nails and surrounding skin on a daily basis. For the best results, use the treatment in the morning, as soon as you are out of bed and, again, at night, before going to bed. Integrate the antifungal treatment into your daily routine and, soon, you will notice the desired results.

Unlike other antifungal solutions, the treatment can be applied to adjacent skin, without any worries about safety. This can prevent the fungus from spreading. With each application, it is advisable to wait until the solution has been completely absorbed into the skin. You can then put on socks or shoes, as desired.


Tolnaftate is a powerful antifungal agent and, with consistent usage, it can improve the appearance of infected nails within several weeks. However, the more severe the fungal infection is, the longer it will take for the treatment to work.

You are advised to use this antifungal solution as soon as you have noticed the first changes in the nails. Some of the initial signs that might suggest a fungal infection include: nail discoloration, brittleness & increased thickness, foul odor, etc. Also, in order to prevent the fungus from reoccurring, you should continue using the treatment for a period of time after the symptoms have cleared up. The best results are obtained with the daily applications (twice per day).

Negative reactions

The negative reactions caused by using this product are rare. Nevertheless, you might experience light irritation and redness, particularly if you have sensitive skin. In case of intense itchiness or burning sensation, it is recommended to discontinue using this product and schedule an appointment with your dermatology physician.


In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is for the best to talk to your doctor before using this product. He/she can determine how safe it is for you to be applying this antifungal solution on your nails and skin.


The biggest advantage is the gentle formula, which contains an active ingredient that can attack even the most stubborn fungus. The antifungal solution does not contain harmful ingredients, such as acids and it can be used on the surrounding skin. It can be easily integrated into the daily routine and it rarely causes side-effects. From a pragmatic perspective, it is offered at a great price, by a brand with a long-standing reputation.


The product does not come with a satisfaction guarantee, or with a money back policy. In case of more severe fungal infections, you will have to use it for several months, until the first results will become noticeable. According to the manufacturers, the antifungal solution is best suited to those who have already begun to suffer from such infections (more efficient in the early stages).

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a product to address the early manifestations of fungal infections, Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment is an excellent choice. It has a potent active ingredient, which can help you prevent the infection from spreading. You can apply it with ease, not only on the infected nails but also on the surrounding nails.

The product rarely causes side effects and it has gotten great reviews. It is best applied on a daily basis, preferably two times per day. If the fungal infection is more severe, you might have to wait for several months to notice results. However, unlike other treatments present on the market, it is not marketed with false promises for amazing, quick results.

In conclusion, this is a great product, which can prevent the spreading of fungal infections and speed up healing time. It is easy to use and it does not require a complex application process. It is safe for both skin and nails, being offered at a great price.

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