Review of Fungavir: The Effective Nail Fungus Solution

Fungal infections are highly contagious, being easily transmitted from one person to the other. Unfortunately, they are also quite difficult to eliminate, causing a number of discomforting symptoms. The nail becomes thick and discolored; as the condition progresses, brittleness and nail loss can occur. One can suffer from discomfort, pain and irritation as well.

The most important thing is to find a treatment that is effective against the toenail fungus. The treatment should be started as soon as it is possible, preferably upon noticing white spots that have appeared on the nails. The sooner you start the treatment, the better your prognosis is going to be. In the following paragraphs, we will provide detailed information on Fungavir, an antifungal solution which promises to restore the healthy appearance of your nails.


Fungavir is an effective nail fungus solution, which works to eliminate the fungal infection and improve the nail appearance at the same time. Its dual-action formula is highly efficient against persistent fungal infections, promising to help you get better in no time. As it is based on the natural healing properties of essential oils, you can expect it to heal all infected nails. It works on severe cases, helping one forget all about pain, irritation and discomfort.


The product has a dual-action formula with a unique blend of ingredients, many of which have potent healing properties (antifungal as well). The key ingredient is undecyclenic acid, which is well-known for its antifungal properties (derivate of castor oil).

Additional ingredients include: manuka oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, chia oil, clove bud oil, camphor oil, walnut oil, menthol, bee propolis extract, vitamin E, canola oil, aloe vera leaf extract, tea tree oil, flaxseed oil (organic), sweet almond oil and mineral oil. All of these ingredients fight against the fungus, stimulating the faster healing of the skin and nails.


With regard to the ingredients, it should be mentioned that the product does not contain any chemicals. Moreover, it contains a wide range of healing essential oils, this being a huge advantage to take into consideration. It does not contain harmful additives or preservatives, guaranteeing an antifungal treatment that is quick and effective. With ingredients that are capable of killing the fungal microorganisms, you can expect only positive results from using this product.

The product is GMP certified and has been approved by the FDA, which is a guarantee to its quality and overall efficiency. It rarely causes side-effects and it has a dual-action formula with natural ingredients. You can use it regardless of your age and pre-existing conditions.

The manufacturers offer a 60-day trial, so you can test the antifungal solution and convince yourself whether it is worth your time. Another advantage is represented by the ability of the solution to kill the fungus and improve the nail appearance at the same time. It works to regenerate both the skin and the nails, having 100% natural ingredients in its formula.


The antifungal solution is offered at a higher price than other products present on the market. You might also discover that it does not deliver the expected result for everyone using it.

How to use

For the best results, it is recommended to apply the solution twice per day – once in the morning, immediately after you have woken up and, again, at night, right before going to bed. In case your nails are thickened, take a shower or a bath previously to using the treatment. This will soften both the skin and the nails, increasing the efficiency of the antifungal solution.

Once you have applied the solution, allow it to dry completely. You can then put on socks or shoes. If you are suffering from a more severe fungal infection, you might want to consider applying the solution three times per day.

There are certain measures that you can take, in order to ensure the efficiency of the treatment. If you do not have the time to take a shower/bath, wash your feet with warm, soapy water. Dry them thoroughly with a clean towel, as there is nothing fungus loves more than a warm, moist environment.

You can also trim your nails straight across, as this will allow the solution to penetrate the nail and reach the fungus. In case your nails are thickened, you can use a pair of special clippers. As a bonus tip, avoid sharing objects of personal hygiene with other people, as such infections are easily transmitted from one person to the other.

Results & treatment duration

Provided you will follow the instructions and apply the antifungal solution accordingly, you can expect to notice minor changes within a few weeks. However, depending on the severity of the infection, you can expect the treatment duration to extend over several months. What matters is that you keep on using the antifungal solution until the infection has been completely eliminated and the nail grows healthy again.

Safety & side-effects

The product has been marketed as safe to use, receiving the approval of professional associations and the FDA. It rarely causes side-effects, most of them being connected to an allergic reaction one experiences to one of the ingredients. It can be used by people of any age, including by those who suffer from pre-existing conditions.

In the situation that you are experiencing irritation, redness or itching, it is recommended to discontinue usage. If the symptoms persist and the degree of discomfort is high, contact your dermatologist and schedule an appointment.

Final Verdict

Fungavir is one of the best antifungal solutions you can try, as it targets the root of the problem (fungus) and works to solve the associated manifestations at the same time. It has an amazing formula which contains only natural ingredients, you can use it without worrying about additional risks. It delivers the first results within several weeks but it is important to continue the treatment until the symptoms disappear completely, otherwise the risk of re-occurrence is high.

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