Review of Fungi Nail Toe & Foot Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Pen

Fungal infections can be difficult to treat, especially if you are not using an adequate treatment solution. It is important to be aware of the fact that topical solutions offer the best results, eliminating the fungal infection altogether and stimulating the healthy growth of the nails at the same time.

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The anti-fungal pen from Fungi Nail promises to treat such infections in an efficient manner. The pen applicator guarantees an easy application process, with the active ingredients penetrating the infected nails and targeting the fungus directly at the source. Keep on reading and convince yourself whether this is the right treatment for you or not.


The anti-fungal pen is an interesting treatment solution for toenail fungus and other similar infections. It is easy to use, without any risks of spills or messes. With a proven formula, the topical treatment has undecyclenic acid as active ingredient. The innovative solution is recommended for fingernail fungus as well, allowing for a specific quantity to be applied at once.


As already mentioned above, the star ingredient in this product is undecyclenic acid. This is an effective fatty acid, capable of inhibiting the growth of fungal microorganisms and restoring nails to their healthy state. Moreover, the active ingredient can stimulate nail growth.

The solution contains a number of inactive ingredients, among which isopropyl palmitate. This substance is derived from coconut oil, having fantastic moisturizing properties. It can penetrate the skin and the nails, solving the excess dryness commonly associated with fungal infections.


The main advantage that this product has to offer is related to the form of application. Even if you have never dealt with such problems before, you will find the pen applicator to be incredibly easy to use. Moreover, with an active ingredient such as undecyclenic acid, the treatment can get directly to the source of fungus and eliminate it 100%.

Apart from the facile application process, you will soon discover that the antifungal pen can be carried around. This portability is extremely convenient, as you can never know when you might need relief from the discomforting symptoms. Last, but not least, the application does not present a risk of spilling the solution or creating a mess.


Given the fact that fungal infections are difficult to treat, you might need more than one treatment to completely eliminate the fungus. You might also discover that the formula is not powerful enough for more severe infections; the treatment will extend over a longer period of time, which might translate into you having to purchase several antifungal pens. So, you see, the degree of efficiency depends on the stage of the infection. If you catch it at an early stage, you can expect for the treatment to provide better results.

How to apply

The applicator pen allows the precise application of the antifungal solution, both under the nails and around the cuticles. Thus, you can target the infection directly and notice the faster healing of the nails.

The application process is easy and efficient, not to mention that the pen can be taken with you wherever you go (portable travel solution). It is recommended to begin applying the treatment as soon as you have noticed the first signs of a fungal infection. The sooner the treatment is started, the sooner the infection will clear up and you will be able to enjoy healthy nails once again.

Use the applicator to distribute the medication at the level of the infected nails, as well as on the surrounding skin. You will thus kill the fungus and prevent it from spreading to the other nails. It is recommended to let the solution dry completely before putting on socks or shoes. The formula will penetrate the skin and fight against the fungus.

You can also take a number of additional steps in order to guarantee the increased efficiency of the treatment. First and foremost, clean your nails and surrounding skin, drying off with a clean towel. Trim your nails straight across, using special clippers if they are thickened. This will allow the solution to get underneath the nails and work its magic.

Results & treatment duration

For the best results, it is recommended to apply the treatment solution two times per day – once in the morning, immediately after you have woken up and, again, at night, right before going to bed.

Provided you will use the solution in the early infection stages, you can expect the first positive results to be noticeable within several weeks. The treatment should be pursued until the infection is completely cleared.


Upon applying the antifungal solution, you should avoid touching the infected nails with the pen applicator. This poses a high risk of contamination and you might end up spreading the infection to healthy nails.


The antifungal pen has been marketed as safe to use, regardless of one’s age and pre-existing conditions. The product has a highly-efficient formula which has been tested and approved by medical professionals.

Is the antifungal pen capable of killing the fungus?

The answer is yes. The topical solution is meant to target directly the fungus, working to eliminate it altogether. Moreover, as you will see for yourself, it can stimulate the healthy growth of the nails and prevent re-occurrences. In case of more severe infections, it might take a longer period of time for the treatment to provide the desired results.

Final Verdict

The antifungal pen from Fungi Nail is an excellent solution for the early stages of fungal infections. It has undecyclenic acid as active ingredients, working to kill the fungus and restore healthy nail growth at the same time. The product is easy and safe to use, providing the first results within a couple of weeks. For the duration of the treatment, you can increase its efficiency by keeping your feet clean and trimming your nails. The solution should be used twice in a day and without touching the infected nails, to keep the risk of contamination down to a minimum.

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