Review of PediFix FungaSoap Cleansing Wash – Affordable Solution

Fungal infections are hard to remove, not to mention easily contagious. You can catch it at the public pool, walking barefoot in the shower gym or even by sharing objects of personal hygiene with other people. Fungus thrives in a place that is warm and humid, the infection spreading from one toe to the other.

A cleansing wash can help you keep the risk of such infections down to a minimum. It is also helpful in case of an existent infection, helping you protect yourself against further spread. Keep on reading and discover useful information on a product that can be used for the above-mentioned purposes, PediFix FungaSoap Cleansing Wash.


The cleansing wash is meant to reduce the risk of contamination in case of fungal infections. It can also be used as a safe treatment for existent infections, including toenail fungus, ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot.

If desired, you can use the product to protect yourself against fungal infections. It is worth mentioning that the cleansing wash contains ingredients with potent antifungal properties, which can prevent an infection from becoming worse.


PediFix FungaSoap has a highly concentrated formula, containing a wide range of essential oils with healing properties (antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, etc.). Among the ingredients it contains, there are: rosemary leaf extract, jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, aloe barbadensis leaf, tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Other ingredients include guar gum, iron oxide and glycerin.


Being in a liquid form, the cleansing wash is easy to apply to the infected nails and surrounding skin. It can remove fungal microorganisms before they reach the nail bed, causing more severe infections. The treatment can be used to remove both fungus and bacteria from the surface of the skin.

Used with consistence, the cleansing wash can bring relief from the symptoms caused by the fungal infection, such as itchiness, foul odor. You can use it on infected toenails, as well as on the skin, without worrying about side-effects.

You can use it to prevent future occurrences in case of toenail fungus, as well as athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. It leaves the skin clean and eliminates the unpleasant odor associated with the infection. It also softens the skin and the nails, making scraping and clipping easier. Keep in mind that the formula contains one of the best natural remedies out there, with strong antifungal properties, meaning tea tree oil.


Even though this is not a disadvantage per say, you might find the scent of the cleansing wash to be rather medicinal (may not appeal to everyone). Also, you might not be so attracted by its consistency, as this is thick and runny.

How to use

As the cleansing wash has a concentrated formula, it is recommended to use only a small amount. Also, when you are done, you should wash it off completely.

You can wash your feet with this formula every day, especially after spending long hours in the same pair of shoes, engaging in physical exercise or doing activities that led to profuse sweating.

For the best results and also to reduce the risk of contamination, it is recommended to wash the infected areas last. This will minimize the spread of the fungal microorganisms to the healthy nails, as well as to the other toenails.

There are certain measures you can take, in order to guarantee the efficiency of the cleansing wash. For example, you can keep your toenails neatly trimmed, as this will allow the active ingredients to get underneath the nail and work their magic. If your nails are thickened, you can use a pair of special clippers and trim them accordingly.

Results & treatment duration

With regular use, the cleansing wash can prevent the toenail fungus from spreading to other nails. You should always pay attention to your feet and nails, using the product as soon as you have noticed the first signs of an infection.

The first results will be noticeable within several weeks, in case of an existent infection. For the duration of the treatment, you should maintain absolute best hygiene. It is especially important to avoid sharing objects of personal hygiene with other people, including towels, razors and pedicure sets. If you are prone to excess sweating, you might want to use sweat-absorbent powder and shoe deodorizer.

Safety & side-effects

It is safe to use on a daily basis, in order to keep the fungus away and the skin healthy. The product should be used exactly as instructed and never as a shampoo. It is not recommended for children under two years of age.

You should avoid direct contact with the eyes. If that happens, rinse with plenty of cold water. In case you are experiencing an allergic reaction to the cleansing wash, you should discontinue usage and visit your dermatologist. Adverse reactions rarely occur but there are possible.

Final Verdict

From all the ways you could think of to prevent fungus from spreading, using such a cleansing wash is definitely at the top of the list. The product is quite helpful in case of existent infections, allowing to you get rid of unpleasant symptoms, such as itchiness, inflammation and foul odor. It is recommended not only for toenail fungus but also for ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot.

Indeed, this is one of the most affordably solutions for protecting your skin and nails against fungal infections of different sorts. You can use it to wash away the fungus, as well as bacteria from the skin surface. Used on a daily basis, it can soothe the skin, cleaning and deodorizing at the same time. It can help you get rid of unpleasant odors, which is a huge advantage.

The cleansing wash contains ingredients with strong antifungal properties, such as tea tree oil. It is a great solution for preventing recurrences, leaving the skin soft and refreshed.

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