Review of Relaxzen 60-3020 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Do you get tired after working day in and day out? Do you feel lethargic after working for hours? Does any of your body parts – especially your feet, start aching due to lethargy? If your overall answer to all these questions is a yes, then you must look for a permanent solution to keep you relaxed. Well, you need not thank me for the advice. It’s absolutely free of cost. My advice is to take care of your entire body just as it takes care of you.

It is widely known that your physical and mental health is interdependent, and is usually undifferentiated. Your body and its level of comfort have a great impact on your mental fitness. There’s a perfect collaboration between your body parts and the mind.

The mind is the key organ that lets you make plans and recreate all great ideas and execute them. But this mind also gets affected by fatigued body parts. In order to overcome these minor aches and body pains, you must do something.

Hitting the gym daily would make you sweat profusely whereas you’re searching for rest. Consulting a doctor would only help them fatten their wallets and you’ll soon be treated as a regularly visiting customer more than a patient. Massage parlors also worry about their dealership.

Why should you invest all your hard earned money on your fitness?

In this day and age, you’re never needed to go somewhere else to find peace and relaxation for your body parts. Your home is the most peaceful place where you can provide yourself a relaxing therapy.

The Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager is the ultimate product that can fulfill your needs by all means and to all extents. Let’s have a look at its provisions:

The Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager with heat:

The Shiatsu foot massager speaks volumes about itself through its mesmerizing features, specifications, and deliberations. If you try and list the modern-age products for healing and massaging the feet, Shiatsu foot massager with heat therapy tops the list without a doubt. It has all the features and specs fulfilling the needs of its buyers. It ensures the professional foot massage that soothes you and disperses the sores and aches troubling your feet.

Description- Size and Shape:

Shiatsu foot massager is a product weighing up to four pounds. It is a small-size product that can be petted at home with full ease. Its dimensions come in at 4.3×12.4×12.2 inches. Also, while it is portable as it is, without a plush fabric cover (which is detachable) it can weigh even lighter.

According to its size and shape, it won’t occupy much space. It can be carried out from one place to another very easily and won’t demand much force to be exerted for carrying around. Hence, the product is very accommodating.

Its color is black (originally). Nevertheless, it can get a reddish glare while this unit is providing you with effective heat therapy. Its fabric is soft and nice to touch. It has been given the shape of a cushion with a wide opening in the center so that you can enter your feet through it. Furthermore, it has a small-sized controller attached to it.

If briefly described, the Shiatsu foot massager is more or less a professional therapist. You can have it in the office and bring it to use during recess or any place where you’re comfortable taking a heat therapy or massage. It’s absolutely light-weighed and incredibly portable.


  • The Shiatsu foot massager aids you in getting rid of aches and sores that anguish your feet and cause trouble in moving quicker from place to place with a soothing therapy.
  • Shiatsu foot massager with heat is the best pain reliever and relaxation provider. It just snatches the ache away from you, providing heat-therapy without a massage.
  • It is easy to handle because of its unique featured hand-controller. It makes you free of any assistance or dependence.
  • Two-way massage directions customize the brand for each specific user. A pair of selective directions for a smoothening massage solves the problem of the user.
  • It also features a detachable and washable plush fabric cover which guarantees its durability. It is totally suitable for domestic usage as it fulfills the criterion of comfort for the user.

Other uses of the Comfort Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager:

The basic and primary use of this product is to ease the foot aches and sores. The virtual use of this product is to relax the backbone and fight spinal pain.

It can turn into an Aladdin lamp (excuse the metaphor if you didn’t like it) for those suffering from cervical pain. If anyone’s cervix or cervical vertebra is disturbed, it can cause deadly agony to the patient suffering from the disease.

Cervical pain is kind of torment that happens to cure less right not. It has no permanent or long-lasting cure. Timely therapies are the only solution to it. A heat therapy with massage on regular basis can work wonders in this case.

To make use of this device, you can put it on your back and utilize it as a cushion. The material is already too soft and tender. It will provide your backbone with support and will help to straighten it. Moreover, a massage with heat therapy will reduce the ache.

Your spine is the reason you’re able to stand. Your spine is the support through which you can speak to anyone with your head up. The spine or backbone is the foundation of your body. It lends support to many other body parts. In this regard, it needs to be taken care of. Shiatsu foot massager can help take care of all your worries.

How to make use of the Shiatsu foot massager?

Shiatsu foot massager is not difficult to use at all. It’s perfectly comfortable and relaxing. Here are some steps to be followed:

Put your feet in through the cut hole and place them rightly inside it. Get set with the hand-controller.

At first, it needs to be set with a chosen direction. As the product is provided with a two-way method, you can choose to go for one direction of massage at a time.

You can either choose to have a therapy along with a sound and soothing massage or you may select to have a heat therapy with no massage; you’ll have to set one mode.

The hand controller will always work at your fingertips. Meanwhile, you can choose the direction and temperature of the heat therapy.

Decide for how long you want to enjoy the therapy and mark that period of time. Enjoy it for few minutes three to four times a day. Or get on the rollercoaster once in a while. It is totally up to you that how you decide to make the most of it. But don’t forget to enjoy!


  • It can provide flawless massage to feet that are craving for rest.
  • It can heal sores and aches either in your bones or muscles.
  • Helps to untangle knotted or stiff muscles.
  • Bony parts like toes, fingers, and heels can be massaged too.
  • It can be used to recover from back pain.
  • The hand controller allows for easier use.
  • It is light in weight which makes it easier to be carried around.
  • It isn’t noisy.
  • You can keep working as your hands remain free. Allow the unit to heal your pain while you read a book, watch television, listen to songs, or work on your laptop.
  • It can be the perfect treatment for those who have a lot to do in a day, physicality. For instance, sportsmen, athletes, a receptionist in the office, et cetera.
  • It has been recommended and endorsed by the professional therapists.


  • It cannot provide more than the featured two directions of massage in this portable unit.
  • Primarily made for foot massage. And while the massaging technique can help heal the spine too, it might not be effective for some users.
  • Should not be used by people with open wounds on their feet.
  • The intensity might be too much for people with sensitive feet.

Final Verdict

The Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager belongs to the brand of Comfort products that has a prestigious history since 1919. For many decades, the company has been a flag bearer in the industry, and has had long-term working relations with reliable brand names such as Relaxzen and Kool Kooshion.

The makers are a significant and trustworthy name in the products category. The reputable company offers a product relieving you of all your stress and fatigue. Like all other products, it is hoped that this brand new reliever comes up to the expectations of the consumers. So, if you’re in the market for a comfortable and portable massager, you should definitely look into this unit.

Keep in mind that you need to take care of your body, especially your feet, if you want to feel fresh and relaxed. Not taking care of the fatigue you experience in your body can very well end up leading to lifelong physical problems.

About the Author Amy Williams

Amy is a foot massage therapist that has worked with doctors specializing in podiatry while helping numerous clients through various foot conditions. She has reviewed 100s of related foot health products for plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus and more.

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