Thumper Versa Pro Professional Strength Lower Body Massager Review

The Thumper Versa Pro Professional Strength Lower Body Massager is perhapsone of the best massager that is available in the market. It was introduced by Thumper Line of products a few years ago, and since then it has been able to make a name for itself in the market of body massagers.

It is a great massager for your hips, legs, feet, back, hands, and arms. This massager is an amazing all body massager as it provides fast and high relief from muscular tension in the lower body muscles.

The Thumper Versa Pro Massager is an efficient and one of the easiest ways to help your aching body get rid of muscular tension and feel invigorated. You can use this massager in the comfort of your home- just plug it in and let it do all the work. You do not even need to hold it in your hands. This means that you can just sit in your favorite chair, place your feet on the Versa Pro and feel the tension slip away from your feet, calves, lower back, and thighs.

Features of the Thumper Versa Pro

The Thumper Versa Pro is equipped with numerous features which make it very user-friendly. It has 13 different massage settings, seven auto programs, and a remote control. You can choose any massage setting which feels comfortable, from the 13 different settings it’s able to offer.

The massager comes with a remote control which makes it very easy and convenient to operate. You can just sit back and change the setting with the help of the remote control without needing to bend towards the controls. The Thumper Versa Pro features a self-leveling steel suspension which adjusts automatically for the different body parts to provide maximum relief and comfort.

  • This massager has 13 different massage settings ranging from soft to strong.
  • It has an auto program selector which can be activated with the help of the remote control also.
  • The auto program has 7 LED indicators so that you can choose the plan according to your needs.
  • The massager also offers power level controls.
  • You can decide on the strength of the massage which is indicated by six power level LED indicators.
  • It comes with a tutorial free DVD which shows you how to use this massager correctly for maximum results and benefits.
  • The massager is of high quality and has been hand manufactured in Canada.
  • It is very easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it, and it shines like it’s new.
  • Its powerful DC motor combined with the patented Thumper action makes it possible to feel the massage from the bottom of the feet right up to your hip.
  • The massager is available in two colors- purple and black.

Benefits of using Thumper Versa Pro Professional Strength Lower Body Massager

  • Cost-Effective

The Thumper Versa Pro Massager is not only good for your hamstrings, feet, quads, calves and legs but you can turn it upside down to use it for your lower back. Now, whenever you are feeling tired, or you feel pain in your joints, you can take a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home to ease all your aches and pains and save yourself a whole amount of money that you would’ve spent at a spa. The professional strength of this massager provides instant relief from pain.

  • Energizes the Lymph System

The lymph system in our body performs an important function to make sure everything works properly. It carries away waste from our cells. As we grow old, we see that this system also slows down causing our joints to stiffen and our feet and ankles to become swollen, or sometimes when we stand or sit for longer periods of time we experience similar problems. Using Versa Pro Massager helps to re-energize our lymph system. It brings down the swelling of our feet and results in more supple joints.

Specifications of the Versa Pro Massager

You can easily operate the Versa Pro Massager from the on-board panel as well as with the help of a remote control. You can just relax in a comfortable position and adjust the controls with the remote control to suit your requirements.

The Thumper Versa Pro Massager weighs only 3 lbs. And has 184 pressure nodes. These pressure nodes trigger nerve pressure points in your heels and at the base of your feet. When you are taking a massage, you do not need to move the massager around to work the muscles that are tense and are in pain.

It brings maximum comfort to your legs and feet by accommodating them in the most efficient and comfortable position for massage. The Thumper Versa Pro Massager has a reliable machine which is capable of heavy duty operation. Furthermore, the body of the massager is made of steel so that you can be sure that it will have a long life. The self-leveling steel suspension makes this massager an ideal massager for different parts of the body because it automatically adjusts for maximum relief and penetration.

How does the Thumper Versa Pro Professional Strength Massager Work?

Thumper Versa Pro Massager collaborates with the patented acupressure action which is similar to the original Thumper massagers. This is a massager and not a vibrator that is why it is recommended by over 150,000 massage therapists and chiropractors around the world.

This massager is much stronger than your regular massagers. The many nodes on its surface are powered by direct drive percussion. You can adjust the speed of the nodes from 16 to 30 pulses per second. This amazing massager can work through clothes and shoes, and you can feel the healing massage of this powerful machine not just on your skin but deep in your bones. This is a massager with extra power and strength, and its output is ten times more than the regular massager. With a Thumper Versa Pro you can experience a deep tissue massage in the relaxed comfort of your home by just plugging it in. It requires no extra work, and you can begin taking the pain away from your body whenever you want.

A Great Investment

A massage can prove very relaxing and helpful if it is done correctively. A proper massage relaxes muscles and dilates blood vessels which help in better blood circulation and stimulating the lymph system throughout the body.

It also contributes to getting rid of lactic acid and other similar harmful deposits from the body. It reduces swelling and inflammation, and the body feels suppler, limber, and less fatigued. A good massage also improves muscle tone because all the muscles receive nutrients and are able to relax the nervous system. When the legs remain inactive for extended periods of time, a massage can also work as a mild exercise for joints and muscles.

With the Thumper Versa Pro Massager, you can be rest assured that you will receive all the benefits mentioned above. This massager is designed to massage numerous parts of your body such asyour calves, thighs, feet, hamstrings, and even the lower back.

You can choose the desired intensity of the massage according to your requirement for a satisfying experience. It is manufactured with quality materials and comes with a two-year warranty.

The surface of the massager has protrusions that press into the aching muscles, and you start feeling relief after using it for just 10 minutes. You do not need to worry about breaking it by applying a lot of pressure because it is very sturdy.

The Thumper Versa Pro combines adjustable percussions with massage programs making it a complete unit. It is very convenient to use. Although it has a very powerful machine, it does not make a lot of noise enhancing your relaxed experience.

You can put it on your bed or on the floor to massage various parts of your body. It can quickly reach those aching muscles from both the bed and the floor. It has different massage settings so you can start with the lowest setting and slowly increase to the level you are comfortable with.

Thumper has always remained in the forefront by producing massagers that help to relax muscles and ease the pain your feel in your joints, and this professional strength massager is no different.

It is an efficient way to release tension in the muscles and invigorating your aching, tired body. Now you do not need to go to a professional masseuse for a massage and pay a lot of money for it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to store.
  • Convenient
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Numerous settings to control the intensity of the massage.


  • Even the lowest settings might be painful for some users.

Final Verdict

The Thumper Versa Pro Professional Strength Lower Body Massager can serve as a lifesaver for individuals who experience problems such as achy and tired feet, calves, thighs and more. It is easy to use and offers a lot of settings that you can make use of to find the best intensity of the massage you want to enjoy.

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As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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