Our Top 5 – The Best Reflexology Foot Massagers

For those of you who might not be familiar, reflexology is a system of massage and other pedal manipulation used to relieve tension and treat illness. It’s based on the theory that all nerves that run throughout your body correspond to specific muscle groups or organs inside of you.

This system of nerve endings essentially creates a map of the rest of the body. One way to visualize this is imagining a string connecting various parts of your body i.e. your nervous system. For example, the base of the little toe can have a connection to the inner ear, or the ball of the foot can impact proper lung function.

Though the application of pressure on particular areas of the hands or feet, reflexology can promote various benefits such as providing release from tension, improvement of overall blood circulation, stimulation of nerves, and even support normalized functions all through your body. While the true medical benefits are debatable, it’s pretty much a universal fact that having your hands or feet rubbed and massaged is a universally enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Though many medical professionals don’t recommend it as the sole way to treat your ailments, many are comfortable with suggesting it as a complementary form of treatment. This is especially true for those who experience physical pain and stress in their legs, feet, toes or hands. The thought is that by applying pressure on specific patterns, the gentle stretching and massaging of specific zones of the hands and feet will alleviate pressure being felt by different organs. Along with self-care instructions, reflexology can be the recipe for better well-being as your body ages.

Though you can certainly book reflexology appointments with a professional in your area, today’s online shopping sites provide several options for treating yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Below you’ll find a list of the Top 5 best reflexology foot massagers that have been designed to give your feet and lower extremities a much-needed vacation. Remember when picking the right product for yourself keep in mind your foot size, and ultimately your goals. If you’re really looking to stretch out your toes and relax your feet, something small may work. If you’re trying to alleviate pain from Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs or other foot calamities, you may need something that offers a more direct sort of pressure. Keep these things in mind when searching for the right unit for you.

#1 SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

The SPT AB-762R massager boasts an elegant and ergonomic design that helps relieve stress and tension from tired feet. It includes a revolutionary vibrating plate that stimulates acupuncture points in the feet that in turn stimulate circulation throughout all the extremities.

The kneading, percussion and heated settings will soothe your feet while massaging away the pain from things like hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, and other foot maladies. Simply place your feet in the foot beds and receive a massage from all the right directions. The vibration settings can be adjusted to varying pressures depending on your needs; the infrared heat relaxes your muscles and the kneading massages your foot firmly, but gently ensuring you’ll feel like you’re walking on a bed of marshmallows.


  • Massages the tops of your feet.
  • Different graduated programs adjustable according to your desired pressure.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty with support.
  • Easy to use.


  • Size can be prohibitive.
  • Heating element doesn’t get as hot as desired.
  • Getting used to the pressure can take some time.



#2 Foot Vibe Vibration Massager

The simple footstool-like design of the Foot Vibe Vibration Massager allows you to comfortably have your foot massaged while simply sitting. The customizable high-frequency vibration features allow you to choose a level that is most comfortable and even build up to more stress relieving tension release if preferred.

This unit comes with a convenient remote control to select a massage program, or you can set it to be automatic. Deep heat therapy to muscles and joints help your body not only to relax but also allows the circulation in your extremities to flow freely releasing tension throughout your body. As a warning, this item is not suitable for those who have lost sensation or have numbness in their lower limbs. Pregnant women and children should also steer clear of this product.


  • You can position yourself for this unit to massage your lower leg and calf as well.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Excellent for neuropathy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Durable make.


  • Varying results regarding the intensity of the infrared light feature.
  • Too intense for younger feet, pregnant women, or those experiencing loss of sensation in lower extremities.
  • Can be painful if the fit is incorrect. Use with caution.



#3 Foot Log Rainbow

The Rainbow Foot Log is the ultimate foot massager that reduces stress, relaxes and stimulates circulation essentially relieving your foot pain. The log itself is specifically created and scientifically designed to help stretch and tone your feet, giving them a much-needed rest at the end of a taxing day.

It is made of a soft, flexible material that’s lightweight and durable. It’s completely unplugged which means you can take it anywhere without worrying about a power source. It’s easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance. No matter your experience level with Reflexology, this tool will be a welcome addition to your relaxation routine.


  • 13” long with a 2” diameter makes it easy to use for any foot size.
  • Design allows you to easily target different areas of the foot depending on your needs.
  • Made from 100% medical grade PVC.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t need a power source to operate.


  • Might be too gentle for people with experience in advanced reflexology.
  • The material might not be for everyone.
  • Might sometimes be hard to keep in place during use for some users.



#4 Body Back Company Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball

The Body Back Company Foot Therapy Combo combines two products, a wooden foot roller, and a porcupine ball, that when used together, are great for stretching sore, tired feet. Both items have been recommended by doctors, physical therapists and are used in massage therapy. Use the ball and foot roller to help treat Plantar Fasciitis and painful heel spurs. Because the items are completely unplugged, they are compact and portable and can be used at home, at work or yes, even at the gym. You get two great products in one useful package, and you’ll receive a free double-sided reflexology card.

As we’ve discussed above, the feet hold the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body. These two items promote holistic healing by manipulating the nervous system to generate the release of tension throughout your body. Made from natural wood, the roller is 8.25” in length with a 1.25” diameter. The porcupine ball is made of soft polyurethane and is 3” in diameter, but larger size bundles are available as well. These items are safe enough to use for any of your reflexology needs.


  • The size of the porcupine ball can be customized.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need of electric power supply.
  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • Portable.


  • No instructions included, but still fairly easy to pick up.
  • The diameter can be lacking for deep pressure.
  • Made for smaller to medium sized foot.



#5 Soothera Wooden Spindle Foot Massager

The Soothera Spindle Foot Massager is perfect for tired and achy feet in need of some pampering. An included foot chart shows common pressure points in the foot allowing you to pinpoint exactly where to put pressure using this unique tool. Made of all natural wood, there is no installation or assembly required, and the unit is conveniently portable and easy to clean. The wooden balls move on their own to offer great and easy massage pressure, and the bottom has soft, gripping pads to hold the massager in place during nerve stimulation, so you won’t have to worry about slippage.

The size makes it a good option for almost everybody and the spacing and arch of the rollers guarantee you’ll be able to find the angle to stretch your foot muscles to their greatest potential. This unit actually boasts an accessory roll with hardened yet pliable plastic nubs designed to give a deeper more effective massage and more pointed pressure to your problem areas.


  • Nice and quiet so it can be used discreetly at work or over a friend’s house.
  • Can be used while standing, sitting, or laying on the ground.
  • Contains a third row for additional stimulation.
  • Doesn’t require an electrical power source.


  • Can only be used on one foot at a time.
  • Made for reflexology beginners with light to normal foot pain.
  • Might not provide enough pressure to some users.



Final Verdict

While there are a lot of options available to you as far as foot massage through reflexology is concerned, if one were to choose, the SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager makes for a good choice. It is portable, durable, and automatic. By studying the tenets of reflexology, you can open up the options you have for your self-care easily and ensure your future activeness where foot pain is a thing of the past.

About the Author Amy Williams

Amy is a foot massage therapist that has worked with doctors specializing in podiatry while helping numerous clients through various foot conditions. She has reviewed 100s of related foot health products for plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus and more.

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