Our Top 5 – The Best and Comfortable Reflexology Insoles

For those of you who might not be familiar with the term, reflexology is the application of acupressure. It is said that appropriate pressure to specific points or area on the body including hands, feet, ears, etc.can help the body to cure numerous diseases.

Reflexologists believe that these pressure point or in other words reflex points are connected to different body organs and systems, and if you press them properly, it has a beneficial effect on your health. People with diabetes usually have sore feet, and if they don’t properly care for them, it can become a serious problem later. That’s why such people are advised to use insoles. Pregnant women also have swollen feet, and they too use insoles to help manage the pain.

Reflexology Insoles are designed for individuals who spend most of their time working on their feet, such as athletes, drivers, police officers, teachers, postal officers, hair stylists, trainers, runners, waiters,baristas, and more.

They are made of a specific kind of soft rubbery material that provides a cushion for the feet and prevents it from stress due to standing. Inserting the insoles into ordinary work shoes provide comfort and a continuous message and pressure on the pressure points of the individual.

Reflexology Insoles provide very gentle and effective stimulus on the feet only where it is needed. They also keep the feet cool and prevent them from getting warm due to friction. If you want to get rid of the pain in your feet then here are the Top 5 Reflexology Insoles you can purchase.

Top 5 reflexology insoles:


#1 Anti-Odor Acupressure Copper Magnetic Massage Shoe Insoles

The Anti-odor Acupressure copper magnetic massage shoe insoles are designed especially for everyone who suffers from sour feet, pain, swelling, etc. They have mainly two purposes, one is to message the feet, and the other is to keep the shoe odor free.

Most of the people feel that their feet are numb due to the flat soles in their shoes, which can get irritating and painful is you’re standing on your feet for a long time. These insoles are easy to insert in shoes. They feature thin rubbery copper magnetic massagers on the surface. While walking these small massagers rub the sole gently and exert pressure on the appropriate pressure points to relieve pain and prevent the sole from getting hard.

People who wear shoes or joggers for long periods of time often get sweaty feet that result in smelly shoes which can tough to wash. These insoles help to resolve the problem easily as they kill the germs that make your feet smelly and sweaty. The bristles in these insoles also boost proper blood circulation. The featured magnets prevent them from slipping. These insoles are thin and are easily adjustable by cutting them to the size you prefer.


  • Very light in weight.
  • Kills germs that produce odor.
  • Numerous tiny magnetic massagers.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Easy to insert in shoes.
  • Can be cut to the size you prefer.


  • They might be too thin for some people.



#2 Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles by Dr. Leonard’s

The Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles are another option for people suffering from sole feet who feel it too painful to start their day. A lot of people experience pain in their feet as they grow older, and this is what these insoles can help with.

They have numerous functions which include magnetic therapy, shiatsu massage, and reflexology therapy together in one insole. The pressure points stimulated by the insole’s reflexology therapy relax the muscles and soothe the numbness and pain you might be feeling.

The rubber sole gives support and cushion to the feet and prevents them from getting heated. The perfectly aligned bristles massage the pressure points while walking. These insoles are easily adjustable according to the shoe size.

On getting dirty, they are easily washable and thus, convenient to use. They are long lasting and won’t get worn out easily. They are available in an extra-large size for both men and women. All you need to do is cut the insole to fit the shape of the shoe you want to wear, insert it into the shoe, and go about your day while enjoying a reflexology massage.


  • Keep soles cool.
  • Rubber sole for cushioning.
  • Provide extra support for the feet.
  • Can be cut to fit shoe size.
  • Offers magnetic therapy, reflexology therapy, and a Shiatsu massage.


  • People with sensitive feet may find these insoles painful and hard.



#3 HuaYang 1Pair Magnetic Therapy Bunion Foot Pain Healing Shoe Insole Boot Pad Health Gift

The HuaYang 1Pair Magnetic Therapy Bunion Foot Pain healing sole insoles aren’t only for relieving pain, but they are also ideal when it comes to preventing foul foot odors. They can be used by people who experience pain in their feet or feel them be too numb.

It is made of silicon and magnets which provide support to the feet and prevent them from getting tired too easily. There are air holes in the insoles that enhance the circulation of blood and also enhance the magnetic effect. They help in massaging the foot with raised pressure puffs that exert pressure only on the appropriate pressure points.

The magnetic insoles help to stimulate and massage reflexology points on soles when a person walks. It also increases the quality of sleep and makes the individual rest well after an entire day of walking. The magnets relax the blood vessels and enable them to carry more oxygen and carry the toxins away.

These insoles also help to prevent your feet from stinking and removes odor. They are designed to fit a variety of foot sizes as they can be easily cut because of their rubbery silicone make.


  • They are easily adjustable according to the shoe size.
  • Enhance the sleep quality of the individual.
  • Provide message both while walking and standing.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Helps with numbness.


  • Some people might not like these insoles not having bristles.
  • The rubbery material might not provide the best support to some people.



#4 Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles For Women Fits Shoe Size 7-9

The Nakamichi Massaging Reflexology Insoles are another one of our top reflexology insoles. They help to help treat individuals suffering from aching soles. They are made of soft high-quality PVC and are easy to use. You also don’t have to worry about them getting dirty as you can easily wash them when you want.

These insoles can fit a variety of shoe sizes because you can cut them to fit. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut away. It also comes with a foot massager chart that explains the pressure points in your feet. There are tiny nodules on the surface to help the individual relieve pain by massaging the feet gently.


  • They are light weight.
  • They are made of PVC which can be easily cut when needed.
  • They are adjustable to any shoe size.
  • Provides pain-relieving massage.


  • Some people might notice the PVC smell.
  • Might not provide proper support for some foot sizes.



#5 Beyoung Acupressure Reflexology Massage Shoe Insoles Charcoal Anti-Odor Foot Inserts Trim To Fit

The Beyoung Acupressure Reflexology Massage Shoe Insoles are the last entry in this list of Top 5 Reflexology Insoles. They are ideal for people who have to walk a lot on a daily basis and complain about painful feet.

The design of these insoles helps in massaging pressure points to prevent feet from hurting or growing sore. As these insoles promote better blood circulation, your feet won’t go numb either due to standing. They are suitable for every type of shoe and provide comfort and support, giving rise to numerous health benefits.

These insoles feature more than a 1000 pressure points that message every point present in the feet with gentleness, preventing them from soreness and pain. Using these insoles will have a positive effect on your energy levels.

Another important thing is that they prevent the feet from stinking by killing germs. It also prevents humidity and bad smell. Furthermore, it removes bad toxins from the area of congestion by using reflexology massage and also prevents other health problems. You can use these insoles to prevent joint pain, shoulder, knee pain, PMS, constipation, diabetes, poor circulation, and sleeping disorders.


  • Easy to fit and adjust according to the shoe size.
  • Provides a gentle massage.
  • Prevents the feet from stinking.


  • Nodules and bristles on daily use can become hard after a few weeks.



Final Verdict

While all of the reflexology insoles above do a good job when it comes to providing adequate relief from foot pain as well as massaging the pressure points, the Anti-Odor Acupressure Copper Magnetic Massage Shoe Insoles does stand out due to their massaging intensity and anti-odor properties.

If you’re in the market for reflexology insoles, do make sure that you make an informed buying decision and pick the insoles that are comfortable to wear, can fit in a variety of shoe sizes, and help prevent foot pain.

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