Review of US Jaclean Reflex Roller – An Amazing Product

If you’ve ever had a really long and tiring day, you would be aware of the restlessness one goes through. It becomes an uneasy feeling, and you try doing everything to feel good. You may take long baths, cook a nice dinner, watch your favorite movie, read a book; but does all that make you feel refreshed in the morning? I am guessing not. That is because you may feel relaxed for an hour or two, but these are not long term solutions for a tired body.

With the routines we face these days, it is essential to have a professional therapy every now and then. There are thousands of solutions available, but not all of them can be easily afforded and implemented. With our fast paced lives, we hardly have any time to pay visits to the masseuse. Moreover, no one has that much time to spare every day.

However, you can now let go of your worries, because US Jaclean has introduced a convenient option for a stress-free life. It is the Reflex Roller, which is designed to release tension and restore the body’s energy. It is popular among adults and old age people.

You must be acquainted with many foot massage equipment or body massagers, but this one has got everyone talking about it. There are various benefits of using this product. It not only focuses on one part of your body but rather provides relief to the whole body. Get ready to be impressed, because you will get to know about the gripping features of this amazing product.

The masterminds behind this technology

The Reflex Rollers are an innovative tool, designed and manufactured by the U.S. Jaclean, Inc. Their main offices are situated in the Southern California, along with having branches in Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, and Washington. Their primary motive is to create products which encourage a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness.

Since 1982, they have been using innovation and creativity to launch the most efficient products for easy usage. Some of the major hits are nutritional supplements, massagers, health products, and luxury massage chairs. They are renowned for their superior quality, and therefore you can find their equipment in top-class spas and massage centers. Also, they are available at leading gift shops and airports in the USA.

What benefits can you expect from using it?

After purchasing the US Jaclean reflex roller, you would not be disappointed with the wonders it does for your body. With its multi-functional properties, it is a must have for hard workers and people with a hectic schedule. It can be easily used in the comfort of your home and can be used to massage the entire body. A few benefits of the Reflex Rollers are:

  • Professional massage

Now get the experience of a high-end and professional massage with this incredible reflex roller. It stimulates nerve endings to alleviate tension and stress in your body. The right acupressure points are triggered, which will relax your muscles. While using this product, you can be assured of feeling lightweight and calm; all that a professional massage could do to your body. You can get to experience all that with just one tool, which will change the way you feel about your body.

  • Helpful for patients

Patients who are suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis can benefit from using this tool. It will make them recover very easily and strengthen their joints and bones. A healthy development of the body can be easy when muscles are relaxed, and there are fewer worries in your life. The Jaclean Reflex Roller tends to do that for you. It can give a speedy recovery to these patients and can also cut down the amount of money they pay for professional treatments.

  • Renew vitality

Feeling drowsy and lacking the motivation to do your daily tasks is annoying. When you massage your body with this reflex roller, you can expect to regain your energy levels. If you use the reflex roller to massage your body at night, you will wake up refreshed in the morning. You can actively participate in anything because there would be a new spark in you. You will become the best version of yourself and radiate positive vibes around you.

  • Improved sleep patterns

Do you never get enough sleep and are always tired? Your body may be working more than its required limit. In that case, you would need to have a proper sleep. If that seems like a fantasy to you, then you need to try the Reflex Rollers as they are proven to alleviate all the negativity from your mind and body. In return, you can expect proper sleep with the regular use of this machine. Just make sure you are using it to massage those body parts that really stress you out the most (such as the feet and neck).

  • Enhanced blood circulation levels

The blood flow in your body needs to be at a normal level to help you function properly. There are times when you may have high or low blood pressure levels. These can be due to stress, unhealthy food consumption, and dehydration. While you should make sure that you maintain a healthy diet, the Jaclean Reflex Rollers will also help you in enhancing your blood circulation levels. Your body will feel healthy, and the mind will be stress-free. Also, your overall skin will glow because of being healthy.

Significant characteristics

This exclusive multi-purpose functioning device has features of a high quality product. It has a directional control, which means one can put their preferred type of pressure. The speed can also be adjusted according to your preference. It provides both a kneading and rolling movement. You can easily move your body part in your desired way, to choose between the kneading/rolling effects. It can be used all over the body; including the neck, calves, lower thighs, feet and shoulder back. You can use it to heal many things such as a crooked posture, getting rid of back pain, leg cramps, feet soreness, etc.

The U.S. Jaclean Reflex Roller is adopted from the ideology of an ancient Japanese technique, the Shiatsu. In such therapy, pressure is strategically applied to pressure points; with the use of hands, thumbs, elbows, and knees. The concept has been derived from the principles of Chinese medicine. The reflexology of this product is proven to be helpful in healing all kinds of joint problems and is a great stress reliever.

There may be many similar products, but what makes this a winner is its portability and light weight. It can be easily carried to work and used in the recess hours. Also, it is a great travel partner that can help you stay on track for your whole trip. Jet lags can also be healed with the roller motion, and it will make you active all day long. On backpacking and camping trips, one must take this luxury with them.

It will give you a very personal feel of a masseuse, as the kneading rhythm is inspired by a massage where you would use thumbs and fingers to achieve the right pressure.

How to use

This machine is easy to use, and once you get the hang of it, you would not stop using it. There is a cushion in the middle of the machine, where you can place any body part. There are rollers on the side of the cushion, which will do the kneading for you. Trust me, it just feels like the hand of a professional masseuse; only, it’s much better! The machine moves in a forward and backward motion, with a speed adjusting knob attached to it.

You can start by massaging your feet, and then move on to use it for other body parts. It works wonders for anyone who is trying to achieve some peace and calmness in their life. You might just fall asleep while getting this heavenly massage!


  • Multi-functional
  • Compact design
  • Removable, washable cloth
  • Adjustable speed
  • Improves health


  • Unsuitable for foot surgery patients
  • Easily breakable cover

Final Verdict

This is the perfect gift to give to your spouse, parents or anyone who you love dearly. They need this kind of relaxation in their lives. The internet is filled up numerous massagers and choosing the right one gets a bit tough because of all the fancy options in the market. Not only is the massager plain and easy to use, but it also has a number of benefits. The idea of getting a shiatsu therapy done within the comforts of your house is fantastic! Plus, it leaves you feeling refreshed!

You should make this massager your partner for hectic and tiring days. Once you use this massager, you will wake up refreshed and ready to face all the challenges that come your way or at least have a relaxed body that can bear the entire burden. This massager is highly recommended to use if you are trying to buy something which stays with you for a lifetime and provides you with exceptional comfort.

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Amanda has struggled with plantar fasciitis for many years until she gathered enough knowledge to manage the symptoms and rid herself of all the problems. As there are too few sources for foot health issues, she has decided to help others with her knowledge about this and other foot conditions.

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