US Jaclean Relieve Foot Pain Vibe Vibration Massager – Review and Compatibility

US Jaclean makes innovative home products that promote wellness and health in the convenience of your own home. From bidets and head scratches to Shiatsu insoles and figure trimmers, US Jaclean is the place to go when looking for products to assist your wellness routine.

Recently, US Jaclean added the Foot Vibe Vibration Massager to its line of products. The Foot Vibe is a highly customizable massager that offers heat and vibrations for a relaxing yet invigorating massage. The Reflexology nodules do their part to stimulate nerve bundles on the base of your feet to alleviate your pain and discomfort. This remote controlled machine allows you to choose from several massage programs or you can simply set it to automatic and let the machine work its own magic on you.

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With the addition of deep heat therapy, you can feel your body relax as your stiff muscles become loose and pliant. Although it’s not recommended for pregnant women, children or those who have lost sensation in their lower limbs, the Foot Vibe can deliver unparalleled relief and support to those who need it most.

Using Jaclean’s Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Massage therapy has always been a way to provide relief from pain, but combined with powerful vibration, and proven infrared heat therapy this amazing unit becomes an unbeatable weapon against muscle fatigue and pain. Traditional therapeutic technique tend to focus on relaxing the muscles and joints while thing like acupressure can improve general health and energy flow by applying pressure to a specific pressure point. Aromatherapy aids your massage through the use of scented oils and reflexology seeks to improve your internal organ function by massaging specific areas of the foot.

With an amazing set of features, the US Jaclean Foot Vibe Massager will meet all of your needs. It’s a fact that the markets for creating a more spa-like environment at home have exploded over the past decades. Consumers who wish to receive massage therapy at home now have the option to without the restriction of trying to fit into a tight schedule or having to drive across town.

These machines are often portable and can be used not only in any room of the house, but at the office or on the go on vacation as well. Today’s technology has made it so you can cure your foot ailments on your schedule and your terms. Many people suffer from foot pains like Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, hammer toe, bunions, diabetes and so much more. The frequency means the need for at home care is at an all-time high. The Foot Vibe provides an easy and efficient way to keep you mobile and on the move.

Foot issues affect billions of people around the globe, and it’s no wonder. Your feet have more than 50 bones, 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments that hold them together and then help them move. This means that you have a lot of little parts to sprain, strain or hurt with just simple everyday activity. Furthermore, even the act of walking can put tons of force on your feet. Also taking into consideration that your feet are the furthest away from your heart, if they have problems, it could wreak havoc on your overall blood circulation.

Expensive and invasive medicinal and surgical options do exist, but because of these detractors many people are starting to look for more homeopathic and natural solutions for relief.

The Jaclean Foot Vibe uses Reflexology methodology to alleviate all of your foot pain issues. Reflexology can be defined as a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness. You have nerves that run throughout your body and connect different muscle groups of organs in your body. Reflexology theorizes that nerve endings in your feet are connected to other organs such as your liver and can even affect lung function. Applying pressure on particular areas of your feet can promote benefits such as tension release, improved circulation, nerve stimulation and normalized bodily function.

Though it’s getting easier to book Reflexology appointments with a professional, nothing beats being able to plug the Foot Vibe in and let it earn its keep. With so many options it’s guaranteed to offer you unparalleled massage and comfort.

  • Infrared Radiation Heat Therapy

Along with the multiple vibration settings, this unit includes revolutionary infrared radiation heat therapy. Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is part of the spectrum that most people encounter in everyday life (along with things like ultraviolet or UV rays, X-rays or microwaves). The light itself is invisible to the naked eye, but people feel the heat of the light inherently.

When focused, infrared heat can be used to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the physical body which in turn helps heal the mind. The invisible rays of energy have the ability to penetrate several layers of your skin even going so far as to insinuate itself to the tissue of your organs, as well as muscles and bone.

Even a slight, measured raise of the body temperature can enhance our bodily functions. The earliest versions of massage therapists would use the body’s natural heat in the palm to lie on sore areas, using the heat to soothe the discomfort. It’s an ancient art, but the advancement of technology has given us access to more deliberate and controllable heat.

The infrared light in this Foot Vibe very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry the blood. This allows for increased oxygenation and regeneration of the blood cells which in turn leads to the detoxification and improvement of your vital organs. Using this machine, you’ll feel a boost to your immune system and overall mood as well as an increase of your white blood cells. This makes for an easy promotion of healing, the reduction of tired and sore muscles, and relief from heel spurs and even different types of arthritis.

How to Use

The Foot Vibe massager is easy to use directly out of the box. When you receive it simply plug it in and choose from the multitude of vibration and heat settings or use a setting that already exists in one of the machines programs.

The massager itself is pretty easy and straightforward to use. Lay your feet on the Reflexology pads and get ready to be transported to a land of comfort. Initially the pressure can be overwhelming so it’s important to figure out whether the pressure you feel is pain or simply the relaxation of your joints and muscles. You should feel looseness in your feet after the first session especially along the arches of your feet. You may want to use the machine with a pair of thick socks until you find an optimal setting for yourself.

Find a comfortable, upright chair, and this angle will allow you to keep your feet in place and to get an even deeper massage you can press your feet into the vibrating knobs. A Reflexology chart will help you determine where your core body organ zones are located on your feet and you can apply direct pressure to target your specific needs.  Try to place the machine on a non-slip surface as the vibrations can cause it to move across a slick floor. Other than that the machine will work well and operate relatively quietly.

It’s recommended that you use the machine no more than 30 minutes at a time, but with its effective programming, you won’t need to. After a long work week and hours spent on your feet, it’s possible the vibrations and heat will put you into a sound and restful slumber. People with Rheumatoid Arthritis can lay their backs against the machine while in bed and have the vibrations assuage the pain they feel deep in their muscles and joints.

Weighing in at less than 13 pounds, this massager is small but packs a big punch. Its sturdy design will ensure it to last over time, and the plastic makes it easy and convenient to clean. Its remote control lets you change the settings as you relax without having to bend over to constantly fiddle with the settings on the machine. The makers of the Foot Vibe have thought of everything and ensure that this machine will be the investment that keeps on giving.


  • Can be used by diabetics.
  • Vibration therapy and infrared heat treatments can be used together in a variety of programs or separately.
  • Customizable programs allow you to tailor an experience for your particular health concerns.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to store.


  • Consult your doctor before using if you have a pacemaker.
  • Remote is small, which makes it sometimes easy to misplace.
  • Can be noisy for some users due to the powerful vibrations.

Final Verdict

If you suffer from ailments like neuropathy, low blood circulation or common aches and pains the US Jaclean Foot Vibe is the right machine for you. The vibrating settings will provide you with the ultimate in relief and the heat will relax your muscles allowing you to make it through day and night free from pain.

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About the Author John Campbell

As an athlete, John has suffered from plantar fasciitis and toenail fungus multiple times throughout his life. Having picked up some extensive knowledge on dealing with these and other foot health conditions, John has decided to bring more transparency and knowledge to the ofter considered un-popular niche of foot health.

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