Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers Review – Why it’s Good for You!

The Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers is a strong tool that stimulates your feet while improving circulation. The two silicon pods are versatile, comfortable and easy to use. The units are compact which make them great for traveling to the gym, or even on vacation or work trip. These foot wakers provide relief to people with fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, experiencing arthritis pain or simply people with sore feet. They are also used in reflexology treatments for more holistic healing.

Your feet are important!

The feet are the epicenter of good health. Your feet, take note, have more than 50 bones, 60 joints, and a yes, 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work to hold them together and help everything move. Just the act of walking can put tons of force on your feet, and that’s not including those who engage in such exercises as running or other forms of cardio. Because your feet are the furthest away from your heart, it’s easy for circulation issues to arise as well as certain physical maladies.

Your heart pumps blood all the way to your feet through your arteries. You can have common medical conditions such as peripheral arterial disease and the like which reduces that blood flow due to a blockage of plaque within the blood vessels. If this occurs your feet and lower legs may not get the oxygen-rich blood they need. One of the most common conditions is diabetes which affects nearly 24 million Americans and can also lead to reduced blood flow causing bad circulation and necrosis of the foot and surrounding tissues. If not treated well, this could lead to amputation.

There are also other things to consider such athlete’s foot and neuromas which are painful (but thankfully benign growths on a nerve). One of the most dangerous and uncomfortable foot ailments is plantar fasciitis.

The sole of the foot is referred to as the plantar area. Plantar fasciitis is chronic local inflammation of the natural “bowstring-like” ligament stretching underneath the sole, which is also referred to as the plantar fascia that attaches at the heel. It’s caused mostly by repetitive strain injury to the plantar fascia. The injury can be the effect of excessive running or walking, inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear and even injury from dancing or other forms of extreme exercise.  It can also be caused by certain diseases.

In extreme cases, the treatment of plantar fasciitis can lead to expensive and invasive surgery. This can be various procedures where they cut and stretch the ligament or even remove the heel spur entirely. The recovery time is significant and the results are not guaranteed. So many foot issues can exist even after surgery. That’s why having a cost effective and efficient option like the Yamuna Rolling Foot Wakers is such a good idea.

Yamuna Rolling Foot Wakers

The kit contains two foot wakers as well as an instructional CD filled with directions and tips as well as ideas on how to best use your new wakers. With the Yamuna Foot Wakers it’s easy to add foot fitness seamlessly into your daily routine. You can use them sitting down while working at your desk or even while relaxing and watching TV.

They are hollow plastic half-spheres covered with knobs that stimulate and stretch the muscles in your foot which increase circulation. Because they’re waterproof, you can even use them in the bath, or you can clean them easily when used after a workout.

Pilate instructors have been key in opening the eyes of the public to this amazing little product.  The key to Pilates is balance and many instructors have seen injuries where one side of the body is affected while the other side remains okay.

You can do up to six months of physical therapy, or simply a few weeks of exercises with these foot wakers. The benefits just can’t be dismissed. You will increase strength and flexibility in your feet which will affect your spine and even the rest of your skeletal frame.

You can even use them during water aerobics in the pool!  They stay put and help enhance any exercise. You’ll actually be able to feel the improvement of blood flow to your limbs and the product is guaranteed to prevent tingling of the lower extremities as well as that “falling asleep” feeling you can sometimes get. By using this product, you’ll improve your flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and balance. It also helps alleviate the additional pressure placed on your knees, hips, and midsection. Overall a lot of benefits from such a small item!

And the size is just right. The diameter of the orbs are 4 ¾” and the height is approximately 2 ½” which make them pliable enough to fit small and large feet.  They come soft, but there is a port available so you can add or release air and customize the pressure to your liking. You can also add pressure based on the program you’re using on the DVD.

Comes with an instructional DVD

The DVD included is another tool to aid in your foot health journey. The DVD provides workouts that you can cater to your own routine or to cure whatever foot issue you’re experiencing. For example, if working out a bunion, the DVD will show you how to position the wakers to reteach your foot how to distribute weight on the outer arches. Slowly your bunions will start to disappear, and you’ll see your posture improve.

During the DVD you’ll go through stretches that target multiple areas of the foot that include standing on them directly, shifting your weight, changing the placement of your feet and sometimes even massaging the unit into your arch or under your toes. You can use them without the DVD, but it is recommended that you follow instructions for better results. The different programs allow you to “graduate” to the next level for a more intense stretch and healing sensation with feeling pain or injuring yourself.

Certified aides give detailed instructions on how to best use the foot wakers on the DVD and the protocol has proven to be extremely useful. Normally people who suffer from plantar fasciitis are told they have to live with the disease and get special shoes or the aforementioned invasive surgery. This isn’t an option for everyone whereas these wakers can be used by everyone, even diabetic patients. With diligence and tenacity, you will get tremendous relief and in many reported cases, get rid of the plantar fasciitis entirely.

Because of the wakers unique, but multi-tasking design, you can also use them to massage other problem areas. The nubs provide stimulation to loosen critical muscles in your lower back and buttocks, thighs, and calves. The material is firm but also slightly malleable so the experience should be a pleasurable one that gets you stretched out just right. Ultimately, of course, these are best used on your feet, but it’s nice to know there are other applications available if needed.

You’ll understand why these are called “wakers” after only a few uses. Your feet will feel much more alive, and you’ll have better range of motion in your toes and arches. It seems like such a small product, but the results are undeniable. Expect to add this tool to your home foot treatments and get ready to say goodbye to unbearable foot pain.


  • Made from a firm plastic, these foot wakers come with an instructional DVD to best show you how to maximize their use.
  • The plastic makes these easy to clean and quick to dry.
  • Orthopedic knobs allow you to pressurize sensitive nerves while massaging your muscles giving you a good stretch and alleviating pain.
  • Offers holistic healing. This product is a chemical-free, non-invasive solution to such ailments as bunions, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and general foot pain and strain.
  • Each program included in the DVD allows you to customize your workout based on your pain eradication needs. There are workouts to be done while standing or sitting. The amount of pressure is completely controlled by you.


  • Each program warns that you may feel pressure, but it can still be a bit overwhelming for some users.
  • Even at full air capacity it might not be firm enough for some users.

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who is experiencing a lot of foot pain then using these Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers is something you should look into. As mentioned, they are easy to use and come with an instructional DVD to help you get the most out of them. Furthermore, the size and overall portability of these walkers allow you to use them anywhere you want. You can take them to the gym or on your business trips. You can also use them when getting ready for a bath as they are water resistant. They are also durable so you don’t have to worry about them tearing.

Paired with hard work and diligence can provide your feet with a new lease on life.  Say goodbye to foot malady and hello to improved foot health and overall balance and inner peace with this little yet effective product.


About the Author Amanda Powell

Amanda has struggled with plantar fasciitis for many years until she gathered enough knowledge to manage the symptoms and rid herself of all the problems. As there are too few sources for foot health issues, she has decided to help others with her knowledge about this and other foot conditions.

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