Review of Zyllion ZMA-13 BK Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat

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Zyllion is a manufacturer who understands how stressful our lives can be. They’ve made it their mission to make innovative and therapeutic health care products that are affordable and obtainable by the masses. From head scratchers and foot baths to neck and back massagers, the Zyllion line promises products that bring the comfort and luxury of the spa directly to your home.

With a focus on quality, you will receive the finest and most technologically advanced products that will boast longevity with no loss of power. Zyllion stands by their products and the ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat is no exception!

For thousands of years and probably stretching back to the beginning of time, the art of massage has provided relief to poor souls who suffer from aching joints and tired muscles. Although the practice of Reflexology wasn’t fully developed until the late 1800s, massage itself has been practiced for thousands of years.

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The simple act of applying pressure and natural body heat to coax harmful toxins out of the body and making our muscles loose and limber was one of the first ways that we thought to take care of ourselves. These movements, when added with the advances in technology that have developed over time, make massage not only just a pampering luxury, but a need to maintain the wellness of our bodies and promote their care as we age.

In the last few decades, the introduction of homeopathic and self-care remedies has exploded exponentially throughout our markets. More and more people want remedies without the threat of harmful side effects or painful and invasive surgeries. They also want to have care on their say, when they want and where.

A need for a more flexible approach to wellness maintenance was needed and the answer was delivered in items that could offer spa or therapy like results in the comfort of your own home.

The Zyllion ZMA-13 can deliver these results and so much more! No longer are consumers bordered in by strict scheduling or having to deal with someone who may not understand their exact needs. With the ZMA-13, the keys to relief are now firmly in the hand of the consumer where they belong.

Features of the Zyllion ZMA-13

  • Offers a Shiatsu Massage

The ZMA-13 primarily uses Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu or “finger pressure” is applied to areas in accordance with the meridian system to release blocked energy and promote healthy energetic flow throughout the body. An imbalanced body can cause lethargy, sickness, and pain.

Shiatsu can boost your immune system, improve circulation and joint flexibility, promote muscle relaxation and rid your body of harmful toxins. With continued use, you’ll also see a decrease in your blood pressure and overall stress.

While most people don’t have access to a Shiatsu massage therapist, technological advances have made this innovative therapy obtainable in the comfort of your own home. An electric massager that saves you time and money is well worth the investment. And the control you get by being able to customize the most optimal experience for you is just one of the many benefits of using the ZMA-13 heated pillow massager.

  • Convenient

This amazing pillow lets you enjoy Shiatsu massage anytime, anywhere and on your terms. The ergonomic styling fits perfectly in the small of your back, on your neck, or anywhere you’re experiencing pain.

With its 4 deep-kneading rotating nodules, it will work hard to relieve sore muscles of aches, knots and cramps, and overall muscle fatigue. And that’s just the beginning.

The nodules on the ZMA-13 are three-dimensional, deep kneading Shiatsu nodes. This means they provide concise pressure at every point of contact where needed. It automatically changes direction every minute to keep your muscles limber and alleviate fatigue.

There is an advanced heating function which soothes the muscles as they are massaged and what’s best is that the function is completely optional, thus adding another level of customization to your routine.

And the pillow can be used anywhere: behind your neck, in the bend of your neck between your shoulder, on your upper and lower back or even your abdomen. It can be placed between your thighs, calves and even under your feet to take advantage of its reflexology features. This pillow really has it all.

With convenient straps that are adjustable, you can mount the pillow to the back of a chair or even your car seat.  Or you can simply use it freeform.

The pillow is safe and comfortable to use too. It’s coated with a leatherette material that’s soft and easy to clean and a mesh that helps keep the unit from overheating. There’s also a 20-minute auto shut-off feature in case the massage is too relaxing and you end up dozing off.

  • Portability

The portability of the ZMA-13 is another feature that makes it a standout. It’s light and flexible and comes not only with a home adapter, but a car adapter as well. You can easily use this to provide comfort during that long commute or a particularly uninteresting conference call. The convenience of this item just can’t be beat. And with an extended 90-day money back guarantee and an optional 1 year warranty, you can rest assured that your item is guaranteed to work for a long time.

The features of the ZMA-13 are vast.  We’ve spoken about the effectiveness of the 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes that automatically reverse direction every minute. This pressure can be applied almost anywhere as the pillow is extremely portable. Measuring at 13 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches and weighing in at just under 4lbs, you can literally travel just about anywhere with this genius tool.

The heating function will melt all of your stress away with the press of a button and give you lose and pliable muscles and relieve you from tension and pain. Again, the straps make it not only convenient to use in an office or car, or your favorite chair, but they can also keep the pillow in place while massaging different areas of your body. The leatherette is soft and easy to clean as well as durable to protect your investment for years to come. The AC adapter is light and long so you can travel anywhere with it, and the car adapter ensures you won’t have to have another car trip with stiff, aching muscles.

  • FDA Supported

The pillow will give you a sense of calm as it puts your mind at rest and it’s literally suited for just about anyone!  From computer users and office works to doctors or people with long commutes.  Even those who just seek relief from stress, fatigue, and pain from lingering back problems or poor circulation can benefit from this revolutionary pillow. And you’ll be even more excited to learn this pillow is FDA listed and approved.  That means it’s accepted and backed by the FDA guidelines!  Your body is truly in good hands with the Zyllion ZMA-13.

When you receive the package, you’ll get an instructional leaflet, the Shiatsu pillow and a car and home power adapter. It’s important to note that you should never use the pillow on bare skin. If you have a thin cloth or blanket to use on places like between your legs or under your feet, this would be the optimal solution.

Keep in Mind

Make sure not to use the machine on any sensitive, inflamed or infected skin areas, or anywhere there are open sores. If the cover becomes damaged, do not use the machine without it. Simply contact customer service to fix it for you. Also be mindful when using the heating function, if you are prone to overheating or have a sensitivity to heating, make sure to use the pillow smartly, perhaps with a nonflammable towel between you and the device as a way to limit your exposure to the heat. Furthermore, be aware of your limits, so this precious tool doesn’t become a deterrent to your physical health.

How to Use

Once you’ve determined the steps to take for safety, you’ll simply need to plug the pillow into a nearby power outlet, or using the car adapter; you’ll attach it via the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. Then you’ll press the ON/OFF button just once to turn the unit on.

At this point, the heating function will also be activated. If you don’t want the heat, then press the ON/OFF button again to keep the massage, but turn off the heating. When you’re finished with your invigorating massage, simply press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and the unit will power off automatically. Additionally, after 20 minutes of use, the auto-off feature will kick in if you happen to fall asleep during the session.


  • Durable, easy to clean leatherette material is soft and comfortable to use.
  • Auto-off feature prevents overheating.
  • Deep-kneading massage nodes delivery perfect Shiatsu pressure.


  • Not recommended people who’re sensitive to heat.

Final Verdict

The Zyllion ZMA 13 Shiatsu Massager Pillow with Heat is a perfect investment to help you relax in bed, while sitting on a chair, or even during long commutes. It’ll definitely help you live a healthier and relaxed life.

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